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The Great Shift. Also Known As The Great Snow Job. John Ibbitson And Darrell Bricker At Work.

This Year’s ‘Absolutely Must Not Read’ Book.

 The Great Shift. Also Known As The Great Snow Job. John Ibbitson And Darrell Bricker At Work.

Written by Robin Mathews                                             

To start, Darrell Bricker was Stephen Harper’s paid boy on Public Opinion Research.  John Ibbitson is and has been a front worker … forever …for the Stephen Harper-supporting Globe and Mail.

Canadians don’t really need to be told any more.  The book – as I see it, and I’ve only read parts – appears to be one of those fake Social Scientific (?) books that cooks up every glib seeming-fact into “incontrovertible” conclusions.  In this case, that Stephen Harper is God’s Natural And Ordained Destiny for Canada… world without end, amen.

To the charge that I have only read parts of the book, the answer is the old working class wisdom: “You don’t have to finish the whole keg to know you’re drinking green beer”.  Or – in this case - Fraser Institute-style, brain-paralyzing, liquid horse manure.

The fantasists are published by HarperCollins Canada.  That isn’t StephenHarperCollins.  But with the almost complete takeover of Canadian publishing by U.S. interests it might as well be.  Harper has presided at the last, final, total sell-out of major Canadian publishing to foreign holders. He could have stopped it, of course. He could have created a “Canadian publishing policy”. He didn’t. If you think that doesn’t affect what’s published in Canada … you are (I say it with deep respect) an idiot.

And so The Big Shift is being bludgeoned into place, as I see it, by all the Right workers.  “You should think this way because we say so” is the logic of their argument. Even The Hill Times seems to be taken in. (The obeisance payed to high-profile Rightest hacks by fellows in The Fourth Estate is … depressing.) The Harper Way is God’s way of change, the authors preach. As the writers have it: “Everyone must change with it or step aside”. (Doesn’t democracy provide a few other choices?)

[I watched, day by day, in the four years of BC Rail Scandal pre-trial and trial in the BC Supreme Court how top (?) journalists of the Globe and Mail and the rest of the Mainstream Media absolutely refused to publish facts that would tell Canadians the truth about the case and Gordon Campbell/Stephen Harper deceptions, let alone ever putting two and two together. The Rightest hacks are EVERYWHERE, all the time.]

That’s why I say The Big Shift is an Absolutely Must Not Read.

We get how immigration is transforming Canadian ideas (?).  We get how suburban and urban ideas are shifting (?), how a fantasized Alberta is taking over national thought (?), how Canadians are all becoming Harperites by osmosis and core values – without even knowing it - though only 39% voted for Harper in the last election!
Well … ignore that fact.  Ignore any fact that challenges The Triumphant Dominance Of Stephen Harper Forever.

Not having read the whole Pulp, I am taking wild chances in saying what follows.  But I am so confident of the Terror Tactics Of The Right – I bet I’m correct.

The authors will have spent little or no time on the rank dishonesty of the Harper Junta.  They will have written as if it is government as usual. They will have spent little or no time on the 2006 admitted election fraud by the Harper Junta, on the increasing evidence that the 2011 election of the Harper Junta may have been completely fraudulent – and so the 2011 election may not have been a Harperite win at all!

What does that do to the claim that the Harper victory in the 2011 election is proof of a fated and continuing change in the way Canadians think?

The authors will not have dealt with the recent Harperite intention to derail, besmirch, and invalidate the independent Saskatchewan election commission. Nor that Stephen Harper claims “robocalls [are] within normal electoral review process” (Maclean’ Feb 6 13) Evidence that Harperite dishonesty is organized policy, as the Saskatchewan event suggests, will not be part of the deep and searching (?) socially scientific ‘truth’ of the Ibbitson/Bricker work.

Nor will the calculated and continuing destruction of sources of information. That’s where Canadians can learn the truth about the rape of the nation by the Harper Junta. 

The authors will not have concentrated on the fact that deception, falsehood, manipulation of fact, and disinformation are a significant part of the reason the Harper Junta has any supporters at all … aside from the corporate backers who benefit from Harper Junta untruth.

Why go on? A book could be written about what isn’t dealt with in the Ibbitson/Bricker publication – even without reading it. 

The book tells Canadians a lot that probably isn’t true.  Most of all, as I see it, it says between all the lines “don’t trust the so-called Mainstream Press and Media … and don’t trust any Mainstream Press and Media ‘experts’”. 

Remember The Big Shift.  Remember NOT to read it.

Written by Robin Mathews


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Anonymous said...

The book will only be read by the believers anyway. Cementing his base is what Harper and his fans are all about. That is politics.
What I want to know is why the pic of Justin? This is just as damaging to Canada if he becomes PM. He is no different than Christy Clark, IMO. Shallow, protected and nothing of substance to lead Canada and nurture our destiny.