Friday, March 1, 2013

Kim Haakstad Resigns, Breaking News..

Breaking News, 3 BC Liberal Riding Associations Just Quit On B.C. Liberals

It`s all coming apart at the seams for Christy Clark..

More breaking news....Kim Haakstad has fallen on her sword and resigned (5:40 pm)....Don`t know if investigation ends here..Stay tuned

It was just reported on cknw that 3 riding associations in 3 NDP held ridings have all quit in the last hour, this stems from the ethnic vote, quick hit planning document that was leaked..One of the riding executives that quit is the riding that Langley mayor Peter Fastbender is running in...

Riding associations are angry on 2 issues, this latest inside the non-elected premier`s office scandal and the un-Deomcratic process of parachuting candidates into ridings, shutting out the Democracy at the riding association level, jackboots dictation..

The email leak relates directly to the Fake Bollywood award show scandal ..And it is directly related to what happened with the Burnaby Hospital scandal..

A one Mr. Brian Bonney is linked to both the Burnaby hospital tragedy scandal and the ethnic vote getting planning document, that document also described creating "blockbuster events" ...The leaked document was written in advance of the Bollywood award show, these Liberals tried, and failed to persuade the real Bollywood award organization to move their traditional awarding date to just weeks before our election..

And it appears Mr. Bonney is also involved with something very similar to the Dirty Trick Scandal of the past,  involving letters to editors, NVG has the slick details..

This Brian Bonney fellow is leading a Dick Cheney-like election campaign, smear, trickery and guile..

Clearly this demonstrates that many parts of the leaked  ethinic vote getting quick political hit planning document were in fact carried out...

Will Christy Clark survive the weekend, stay tuned..

More to come..

(updated)...The below message just streamed in from the cknw newswire..

" BC Liberals riding association presidents in Surrey- Fleetwood, Surrey-Whalley, & Surrey-Green Timbers all resign in wake of ethnic votes scandal."

Remember the story linked below, .....We called this day many months ago..


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Anonymous said...

Seems like there is another old, tired, useless, corrupt, treasonous, over-paid Harper senator soon to be planned? The seat being left open by him to rub it in our faces once again.

Thanks for all you do again Grant.