Monday, March 25, 2013

Sheila Orr, Christy Clark Apologist(practice what you preach Sheila)

Katie Hyslop had an article posted at the Tyee online news magazine, the gist of her column was that Christy Clark was being treated unfairly by media and in a sexual way, and today ex federal Liberal Sheila Orr on with Bill Good echoed those sentiments in a very partisan selective way...

Where to start, let`s start with Katie Kyslop`s article in the Tyee, as a longtime reader and commenter most of the names who commented on the story are familiar to me, and yes maybe those people dwell more on the left of center universe but for the most part they are fair with writers, stories are judged more on content, on factuality, on truth..

The comments were 100% against Katie Hyslop`s premise,  there wasn`t one comment that I read that believed Christy Clark was being treated unfairly, comments were like an echo chamber, commenter after commenter stated that Christy Clark isn`t being respected as premier designate because she`s a walking, talking national embarrassment, shows no leadership, Christy Clark`s huffs, puffs and blusters inane statements, Christy has been caught lying, cheating, she`s time and time again lacking in data, detail, her grasp of the English language, her phrasing and constant use of..

"Ya know, I think, I,...I...I...Ya know, I think"

I`ve heard better speakers aged in their teens than that of Christy Clark..

Katie Hyslop`s most overt error in her selective column was....

She failed to mention Christy Clark`s admitted love of the offensive show Manswers, a grotesque tee-hee show about farting in bottles and saving for a later date, a show about female breasts crushing beer cans..Katie didn`t mention other radio interviews on FM radio where Christy Clark talked about Mr. Skin(a nude celebrity picture web site), talked about strip poker in the legislature, topics of conversation that Christy Clark brought up herself.

Katie Hyslop mentioned Diamond Isinger, a 19 year young girl who was featured on Liberal friendly media a couple of months ago, Diamond was playing the same sexist victim card in defending Christy Clark, Laila Yuile put Diamond Isinger to shame.

 Laila Yuile called the young Ms Diamond out for failing to respond to Christy Clark telling a big audience that Mark Marissen had a weak limp penis, the crowd roared in laughter as Christy Clark suggested Mark Marissen was a bad lover, a limp penis and that was grounds for divorce, Mark Marissen is now known throughout the media and bloggosphere as a man(?) who not only couldn`t shoot straight his pea shooter is a Nerf toy, a disgusting thing for a premier designate to state in public, could you imagine Gordon Campbell or Adrian Dix stating their ex-wife was pathetic in bed, They would be lambasted in the media.

Katie Hyslop also failed to mention that Diamond Isinger has joined the BC Liberal election team..


20 Mar
Simply delighted to welcome to our campaign team! Thanks!!


Anonymous said...

Leave it to the desperation of a failed political party to play the victim game when they're swirling around in the toilet tank. I guess one turd (Sheila) deserves another (Christy)! and PS guess what - I'm a woman!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good post as usual GG, why you chose "The Straight Goods" for a blog name is quite apparent.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your many informative columns. Hopefully this dark decade of deceit and despair will be over soon. We have certainly had a good view of these power grabbers and their buddies. We'll remember.

Your work has brightened some pretty pessimistic days brought on by reading the pap in the MSM.

Its good to know someone else out there is outraged as well. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I give you full marks Grant, you come to the defence of Tsakumis, a blogger whom you jousted with several times.
You have grown very large in many eyes.

Grant G said...

Thanks for that anon 9:31 am.

I`ll defend everyone`s right to write or speak their opinion..

Sheila Orr attempted to run with Diamond Isinger`s and Katie Hyslop`s strawman argument, a deliberate dumming down.

Sheila spun, twisted and contorted, it was sad.

And, her biggest error was claiming political discourse had become nasty, sexist and unfounded, then Sheila Orr proceeded in slagging and slurring others.

That was indeed pathetic tripe.


Hugh said...

Off topic. I'm curious what you think of this. It's about the carbon neutral thing:

Grant G said...

Very interesting Hugh, it`s internal BC Liberal rats and hucksters defending the newest racket, carbon offsets.

The story today is an attempt to provide the BC Liberals cover.

John Doyle is about to release a sharp rebuke of Pacific carbon trust.

What a joke, giving money to EnCana gas or Lafarge cement, tow hugely profitable $billion dollar companies, paying companies for buying new equipment.

If you follow their pathetic logic..

Let`s say you own a 12 year old truck or car, a brand new model truck or car gets better gas mileage..

Theoretically you, the individual new car buyer should qualify for monies for reducing your carbon footprint.

It`s as simple as that.

This is an obvious attempt to discredit John Doyle before he releases his report..

Just wait, Terry Lake will be in full spin mode citing these carbon offset hucksters.


Grant G said...

Breaking news Hugh...Bill Barisoff is refusing to release John Doyle`s report on Pacific Carbon Trust..

Bob Simpson has a presser scheduled, now canceled..

Bill Barsoff strikes again, ..BC Liberal`s first scandal of the day..

Bill Barisoff should be jailed..

Report from John Doyle on Pacific Carbon Trust to be delayed until after election.

Un effing real..

How desperate Christy is, don`t they realize that withholding the report will only further damage the last remaining scraps of credibility they have?


Anonymous said...

What???? They still have some credibility!

Anonymous said...

What???? They still have some credibility!

Hugh said...

The Dark Woods of carbon offsets...

Anonymous said...

You gained a lot of credability (not the correct word) with your comment about Tsakumis! Your, comments, obsevations and research are above reproach. You are number one in my opinion!
Keep on keeping on.
John's Aghast

Grant G said...

Mr. Aghast, thanks for that..

I know that you readers appreciate my work..

Maybe one day others in the media and bloggosphere will acknowledge that..

That`s ok, my reward comes may 15th/2013.

We have a job to do, and damn it, we will persevere.