Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Desperate Christy Clark Liberals Play The Moe Sihota Card

 Wow, breaking news, controversy, shocking explosive news revealed, travesty of justice, Democracy crushed, the scandal of the year..

Breaking news on cknw, number 3 story on their 12:00 noon newscast..

Deathblow to the NDP, game-over for Adrian Dix...

Alright, have I got your attention yet, yesterday the Straight Goods exposed cknw for engaging in blatant yellow journalism, today cknw is at it again, here`s the startling statement from cknw`s newsroom......"CKNW has learned that ex NDP president Moe Sihota is embroiled in controversy down in Palm Springs....

Then cknw goes into more detail, they state that Moe Sihota is demanding monies from homeowners..

Well well well, in search of the story I went, and after reading the REAL story from the original source,(My I almost fell out of my chair laughing, for once you read the story, the controversy CKNW is reporting,  that Moe Sihota is demanding monies from people isn`t true, in fact the money is going to.. 

" The money would go to the city of Palm Desert and the city would police these funds."

Below is the actual story, can anyone tell me why this is news worthy of being almost the lead story on CKNW`s 12:00 pm  main news?..

I have it from a source that this story was sent to cknw from the BC Liberal Government public affairs department, they asked cknw to give it a thorough airing, cknw has willingly obliged..

You are one sick bunch cknw, your newsroom are gutless wimps, no morals, no ethics, a story told, and told out of context, I`ll nominate you for a Jack Webster award for hard-hitting investigative journalism!..(snark implied)

Below is the story, link provided..

"PALM DESERT — Hundreds of residents of the Palm Desert Country Club might soon have to pay a monthly $25 fee to help maintain the club’s golf course.
News of the possible fee has residents at a divide.
About 150 club residents filled the clubhouse on Sunday evening for an informational meeting on an impending assessment that would affect only those whose property abuts the golf course.
Though the golf course is privately owned by PD Golf Operations LLC, the corporation is requesting residents to help maintain the course by paying a monthly fee of $23 to $27, depending on frontage.
The fee would help pay for maintenance of the course, particularly water and electricity bills. The money would go to the city of Palm Desert and the city would police these funds.
Moe Sihota, one of the five or six Canadians who own the golf course, said they want to see a healthier course.
“We really want to get back to basics with this golf course,” he said. “As of right now we have a lot of work to do.”

But the assessment has to be approved by at least 50 percent of property owners. The vote can only be done by mail and will most likely take place in mid or late July, according to Sihota. The city would set up the mail ballot.
The larger a homeowner’s frontage, the heavier their vote will weigh. A resident with 20 feet of frontage, for example, would get 0.75 percent of a vote.

Need funds

“It would be very difficult for us to maintain it in the way that we do, without any additional assistance,” Sihota said of the golf course, which has had ups and downs in past years.
“We want to keep things the way they are and maintain them at very high standards.”
About two months ago the Palm Desert County Club surveyed the 850 residents that would be affected by the assessment. The club received a little over 400 responses.
About 72 percent of those surveyed said they would support the assessment and 62 percent said the monthly fee was reasonable, according to Sihota. Twenty-eight percent said they were against the fee."

Here is the cknw audio vault link.

check out the 12:00 pm news for March 27th, or the earlier news flashes on cknw today, it`s getting lots of play...Slow news day boys and girls or what?...

or perhaps you sold out ethics and journalistic integrity for a fistful of BC government advertising dollars!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Adolph Hitler, Tokyo Rose, and now CKNW.
Sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

You are very good sir, i`m not a fan of moe sihota but that news report by nw proves just how sad local media is.


Anonymous said...

I see Taskumis is dissing you again on this story, dissing Moe Sihota,Tsakumis obviously is not smart enough to realize this article isn`t about Moe Sihota one way or another,this article is clearly about a Liberal partisan radio station without journalistic standards.

Grant G said...

Thanks for that, AGT and I will never be personal friends...

That`s his problem, when he calls Justin Trudeau demon spawn, when he calls Sihota names, whens he disparages everyone in site he loses credibility.

He breaks stories, he writes very well, however, he can`t see the forest through the trees, Ala Faus news, ala Sun media news.

In his eyes It`s ok for cknw to drop all journalistic standards as long as the target is someone he doesn`t like.


Grant G said...

oops, disparages everyone in sight(typo)

Anonymous said...

I think that the term (slimey) is quite justified in the Moe S. case, but if we compare the 90's to todays criminals, well, there is MUCH more slime currently in Victoria than Burnaby and Deer lake combined.
AGT once again misses the point here that it's about falsehoods and downright lies blatantly being offered by Billy et al.
Something that AGT should understand. After all,he offers up a huge helping of his own, so he should be quite familiar!

Grant G said...

Absolutely, Moe Sihota is no saint, however, he had a TV show with Norman Specter, Moe spoke for the left of center.

Moe never gave railways away, never gifted run of rivers profiteers $millions for decades, never bankrupted BC Hydro..The difference is night and day..

Like comparing a cad(moe) to a serial public bank robber(gordon Campbell)

That said, my post is about cknw newsroom lacking journalistic integrity, they misrepresented the story, they spouted off because the BC Liberal Government media spinners sent them the story, asked cknw to spin it..

Do you really think CKNW found that story, or heard of it on a news ticker?

Of course not...

This post was meant to show how desperate the Liberals have become, this is the best they could come up with?

CKNW should bow their head in shame, what next, will they report that Moe Sihota failed to replace a golf divot?


Hugh said...

I want to go to Power Trading School! Where do I sign up?

Hugh said...

Wondered what you thought of this:

Grant G said...

What do I think...I think it`s exactly what I stated in my post on Cyprus two weeks ago..

Here`s my quotes.

"Cyprus, to get the needed bailout are making depositors pay for over half of it, they have no choice, and anyone thinking of pulling their money out are in for a surprise because.... a RUN-ON-THE-BANKS isn`t possible, the Cyprus banks have no money, it`s all been leveraged...Yes, theoretically a bank run could happen, resulting in Cyprus banks completely collapsing, if that happened most depositors would lose everything"

And here is another one

"Little Cyprus is but a mere preview of coming attractions, the big picture show is, think of all the other European union countries waiting for bailouts, the precedence has been set, for other BIGGER Euro countries requiring BIGGER bailouts will be asked to do the same, to get a bailout those with monies deposited will be forced to pay, meaning the INVESTOR CLASS AND THOSE WITH WEALTH WILL BE PAYING THE PIPER...

To which I say..

It`s about bloody time!..

This is a positive step for average joes and janes and a hit to the investor class, it`s an acknowledgement that continued austerity isn`t working, it`s an admittance that hitting the workers and students, seniors and retirees is having the reverse effect..

Euro countries need bailouts, they have no ability to pay back these bailouts, until now, those who haveth will now payeth..And thus panic has set in"

And I wasn`t done..

"This could finally be a turning point for the better, maybe, just maybe Governments will start making those who caused the problem pay..

Monday March/18th is going to be a painful day for the investor class..

It`s my opinion that what Cyprus is doing is the correct thing to do, when investors and those with lots have to start paying reforms won`t be far behind, this may even lead to the eventual debt forgiveness and a fresh start"

I`m not an economist Hugh, I am pragmatic, The Harper Regime has made this option available to Canada, whether or not he acts on it is unknown.

There will be pain, once real people start getting their clocks cleaned bank reforms, Wall Street reforms will be demanded, don`t look to bribed lawmakers forcing change for the better..

Look to the pitchfork and torches as the driving force for change.

Good Day

Grant G said...

Oops, forgot the link to my Cyprus post.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Cyprus seizures but do not agree with when they start it at. The threshold should be set much higher so as not to include a middle class. I just want to see the filthy rich pay. AS it stands it is penalizing those saving for their retirements or kids college funds.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the story about Christy Clark cursing like a trucker?

Grant G said...

I saw that Facebook page on Thursday night on Twitter, unfortunately the picture could be anyone, there`s ZERO PROOf that the picture is Christy Clark..IT IS Hearsay from someone in the film industry who is disgruntled...

There is no proof what Christy Clark said at that hockey game, no transcript, the Facebook page poster doesn`t even say what Christy Clark uttered..

It may well be made up bullshit, only a person with very poor journalistic integrity would even run with that story..

Amazing, the same thing with saying you received 17 emails from members of the BC Conservative party calling you Fag and a gay lover, unproven inflammatory innuendo backed up with nothing.

For someone decrying the poor journalistic standards of the Tyee...

Well, that king of blogger committed the worst of journalistic standards imaginable..

That`s why NOBODY with professional standards would run with that Facebook page.

Reeks of desperation, reminds me of The National Inquirer!


Hugh said...

CBC radio had Moe on this morn talking about the carbon trust thing. Why Moe and not someone in the Govt?