Sunday, March 3, 2013

Why Christy Clark Can`t Survive

You can feel the buzz, it`s in the air, change for the better and change sooner then expected, a emergency Sunday cabinet meeting has been called, there are a few glaring reasons why Christy Clark can`t survive this latest internal salvo fired at her..

First off, as far as I concerned this Government has done a 100 things more hideous, more scandalous, more hurtful than this latest misstep, and that`s what makes this episode so delicious, the outrage towards Clark has come from within the Liberal party, just imagine if the Liberal caucus revolted over the HST and saved us a referendum headache, or revolted over the sudden demise of the BC Rail trial , revolted over the payoff, or smart meters, even on bad fiscal moves towards BC Hydro...CLBC scandals, the last election budget lie, the $3 billion dollar budget lie..There has been so many opportunities for caucus to show it`s moral balls, they never did, til now.

This outrage expressed, calls for her resignation, are any of you really shocked this Government was plotting, scheming and spending to curry votes from all corners, it`s wrong, they got caught, there should have never been a paper-trail, email or not, on a fundamental level Governments always does things to curry favour with the electorate, at least some segment of it, bad policy gets promoted by public affairs bureau, just think back to the HST, our money, tax dollars directed be spent, all in the name of saving bad Government policy..

What I`m saying is this, without the visible display, the Rich Coleman acting job, the solemn group of bandits who finally found morality, after forest giveaways, gave away our railroad, assaults on seniors, on students, on the mentally and physically challenged, assaults on workers rights, on charter rights, gag laws, casinogatse, $7oo million dollar roof scandal, over budget convention center, Olympic boondoggles, IPPs, toll bridges, mistake after mistake, questionable decision after questionable decision, cronyism based decisions that cost $billions, so yes, it strikes me odd that this is the one issue (ethnichgate)  that drew moral outrage...After all this garbage tossed, these Liberal MLAs sat on their hands throughout.

This my friends is the result of the build-up, the cresting tsunami of blunders, bloops and Christionics, if Christy Clark was popular the Liberals would have fought tooth and nail to deflect this latest issue as nothing but a long forgotten ill-conceived planning document..But they jumped, their last chance to send Christy Clark packing, it`s now or never...They chose now.

This expressed outrage from within the Liberal party was planned and well-orchestrated..

Before this leaky ethnic-gate episode was conveniently hatched Christy Clark was already in the polling doghouse, bad numbers from Ipsos Reid, worse news from Angus Reid and sad numbers from Liberal friendly Mustel polls, a gaping hole with female voters, a whopping 20% percentage point gap, she, Christy Clark failed to fake authenticity, woman voters see the real fake Clark and as of late her gaffes are driving male voters away, the point being, even if Christy Clark could distance herself from this 1 issue, , that only brings her back to yesterday`s poll numbers, and they were bad, really bad..

If this leaky ethnicgate happened with a popular leader, or even with one polling 50/50 with the opposition would be one thing, but Christy Clark`s poll numbers over the last year are flat and bad, a deadly combination for sure, deadly for Liberals..

So not only was Christy Clark already in trouble with the electorate, this leaked ethnic planning document was seen by all her top friends, her inner circle, either Christy Clark was incompetent or complicit, it`s one or the other, if Kim Haakstad was fired, so to must everyone else who saw the document and didn`t tell Christy Clark...Everyone who saw that document, those who saw the email and  didn`t immediately inform Christy Clark of what they saw must be fired,..

Does Christy Clark fire everyone in her office and play the bambi defense, play like Sargeant Schultz, she sees nothing, she knows nothing...Hogwash.

Christy Clark had to have seen the planning document, if she didn`t, are we to believe all those who did see the document deliberately kept it from Christy Clark`s eyes?..Doesn`t make sense..

The bottom line is, Christy Clark knew, her closest confidants knew, her gal pals knew, her appointees saw the document, that`s why she can`t distance herself from the scandal.

Brian Bonney, the Burnaby hospital leaked scandal was identical to the planning document, involve high profile Chinese doctor, use the deaths at Burnaby hospital as an election issue, keep the opposition out of the process, a "quick hit" political winning issue with Burnaby`s Chinese voters....

Brian Bonney was writing letters to the editors promoting the Liberal`s balanced budget, the same Bonney involved in the Burnaby hospital scandal, the same Brian Bonney was CC on email,  the leaked ethnic planning document.

Christy Clark`s appearance at Filipino days in Vancouver, ..How can we forget such an embarrassment , "in my heart, in my heart I am Filipino"..Quick wins, quick political wins, gather up voter lists..

The fake Bollywood awards, the Government tried to bribe the real award ceremony to move their traditional awarding date to just before our election, when they said no the BC Government created a brand new Bollywood award show, the first ever, in the contract there are provisions for multiple political photo-ops..

Bollywood stars posing with Christy Clark wearing an orange sari..

This event is another "quick political hit" the planning document talked of creating "Blockbuster events" in ethnic communities.

So in fact the leaked planning document was not only implemented, monies were spent on ethnic based vote-getting issues...

Why Christy Clark can`t survive this Sunday, today 500-to 1000 Indo-Canadian members of the BC Liberal party are asking Christy Clark to step down as leader..(Breaking news)

Christy was very unpopular before this scandal erupted, at best, if Christy Clark survived this scandal she merely returns to last week`s brutal poll numbers, yikes..out of the fire straight into the frying pan..

Members, cabinet and MLAs within her own party are thinking real hard about self-preservation..

The planning document was in play, monies spent, Christy Clark in my opinion not only knew of the planning document she actually put it in play and endorsed it..

Any investigation that doesn`t implicate everyone in her office is a deflection, any ligit investigation would involve Christy Clark, Mr. Dyble can`t conduct the investigation, he is in conflict...Damned if they do, damned if they don`t..

And lastly, if Christy Clark was unaware..She must fire everyone who`s eyes saw the documents and..

Anyone that incompetent, who was that unaware, that person can`t be premier either.
(Updated here 11:46 pm)... ..... As members of cabinet started consuming spirits and meds, while others closed their eyes and covered ears, the Liberal Government movie of the week was starting....

Christy Clark stands before thronging crowds proclaiming her unfettered vow to lead "Today`s Liberals" to election victory, out in the streets cars by the 1000`s blocked traffic, honking horns, shouts throughout the city, shouts of Christy Christy, 4 more years, 4 more years, and on and on it went, into the wee hours of Monday, extra officers were called in to help corral the Clark boosters....

With that this week`s fantasy BC cabinet Sunday Matinee was over)

Just a little humour....

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

That's all well and good, about Christy's demise. However, many of the BC Liberal Minister are still here from, Campbell's lying, thieving days. Which ones of them even lifted a finger, to stop Campbell's treachery? All of them, damned well belong in the brig. They can all snivel and, point their fingers at Christy, all they like. They are every bit as bad as she is. We certainly don't want any of them, in Christy's place either.

Nor, should we forget Harper's part, in the destruction of this Province. Are we blind to the crap Harper is pulling right now? He is every bit as vile, as the BC Liberals are.

Anonymous said...

Actions speak volumes the Ferengi seek opportunity through chaos.

North Van's Grumps said...

And Finance Minister Kevin Falcon saw the 17-page document, and couldn't figure out to incorporate it in to His "Balanced Budget" so he up and leaves it to Finance Minister Mike de Jong.... as BC Rail Dan Murphy cartoon.. A.G. the ""de Jong and the Feckless""... to find the means to hide the discrepancy of the Ethnic-vote-getter-program-strategy in Balanced Budget 2012/2013.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Grant. I've said it before and I'll say it again, THIS IS THE PLAN, has been since Christy took over. But the whole rotten bunch of them, every lieberal, are as guilty as she is, not just the "ethnic vote" thing. They, all of them, starting with Gordo in 2001, every one of them has sold the citizens of this province down the river. Sold off our lands, forests, mills, roads, sold everything almost, to their buddies.
This party and it's "members" must be wiped from the scene forever. Falcon, Coleman, Les, Abbott, Chong, Bennett, ALL OF THEM, booted out for good.
the damage that has been done to This province since these hooligans have been in is atrocious. Their greed and corruption knows no and has limits.

Anonymous said...

Agree with 3:10. Harper is as deep into the shenanigans in this province as his buddies, the lieberals. Lies, deceit, fraud, you name it. they'll do "anything" to win. We see how he pays off buddies don't we?

Anonymous said...

From Agent K:

They're all the same. When will we see Diane's name? Oh, not for 4 years, she'll wait and gee it'll be a new party. NOT. Even with a name change. She too is a problem, just come and have a look around Surrey? ALR land disappearing like you wouldn't believe. Big rigs parked on ALR land. Clearcuts and monster houses. Traffic is insane and the roads haven't kept up even with the billions and billions being spent, with tolls. Gas taxes, levies, fees you name it. Absolutley disgusting.

And agree with NVG - Falcon is a poor loser hoping to make a come back down the road. But he is still the weasel and sleazebag he always was.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that the "ethnic outrage" comes only now when their loss of influence over this province and government is slipping away.In my mixed village only harper signs where visible in my local ethnic areas during the last election. As others have said where was the outrage when the province was being raped by insiders?

Anonymous said...

Loved the article and cracked up at `the solemn group of bandits who finally found morality`, but don`t know if you`r right that the party is trying to toss CC. Guess we`ll see whose eyes are seeing the truth.

Anonymous said...

Looks like her cabinet is united behind Christy.
Tomorrow, who knows. I'm sure the week will bring a whole set of new scandals.

Grant G said...

Well, she survived for tonight..

I say by Wednesday she`s gone..

However,...As a Big Orange member, I want her to run.