Thursday, March 21, 2013

Christy Clark`s Goose, Cooked, Stick A Fork In The BC Liberal Party, They Done

 UPDATED, detailed tables are in, details below

Yes indeed, as Susan Lambert said last weekend...

"I might be a lame duck, but Christy Clark`s goose is cooked"

Kyle Braid`s polling outfit Ipsos Reid released a polled last week giving the NDP a 19 percentage point lead..And today Angus Reid has released a poll,

Mario Canseco`s polling outfit Angus Reid has released a poll today that has the BC Liberals below 30% for the first time in ages...BC Liberals...28%.


As for individual regions of the province..
Metro Vancouver...NDP 50%..Libs 30%

Vancouver Island..NDP 53%..Libs 20%

Interior.................NDP 39%...Libs 31%

North...................NDP 48%...Libs 21%

(Big numbers up north because of the Enbridge pipeline and LNG debacle)

A 20% percentage point difference, this is wipeout territory

NDP now has a 14 percentage point lead with men, NDP have a 2 to 1 lead with female voters..50% for the NDP among female voters against 24% support for the BC Liberals..

Male voters....NDP 46%....Libs...32%

Adrian Dix leads in all leadership categories..

Who would make the best leader for British Columbia.

Christy Clark 16% - 5...Adrian Dix...31% + 1

NDP lead the Liberals in all categories by large margins..

On crime..On healthcare....On economy..On education..On Environment..And on Federal/Provincial relations..

 Detailed tables from Mario Canseco are in the below links.....

Detailed methodology here...

Lastly...I wrote an article a couple of weeks ago titled...

"Why Christy Clark didn`t survive the ethnicgate"

It was true, she didn`t survive, it was the straw that broke BC Liberal`s back.

The Gabriel Yiu post from a few days ago raged through the internet, it showed the callousness of the Liberal party under Christy Clark..

The Brian Bonney post went raging through the internet too, an accumulative slow drip destruction of the BC Liberals..

It`s been a real pleasure contributing to the downfall of Christy Clark and more importantly, the downfall of the most corrupt party to ever Govern British Columbia..

2013 Throne speech was a bust, 2013 BC budget was/is a bogus sham..

Enbridge battle continues and ..

LNG superpower and prosperity fund has been whipsawed into the ground.

More posts that went viral in BC..

The BC Liberals should have started Governing when Christy Clark was granted the leadership role, instead she did nothing but campaign, distort and cheat, her modus operandi..

Christy Clark reminds me of the story of the frog and the scorpion..

The scorpion wanted to cross the river, he asked the frog if he could ride on his back and cross the river, the frog said no, you are a scorpion, you`ll sting me, the scorpion said to froggy ..If I sting you we will both drown, the frog considered the proposal and accepted, halfway across the river the scorpion stung the frog, before froggy drowned he asked the scorpion why, why would you sting me...Scorpion said, I just couldn`t resist, I`m a scorpion..

Christy Clark just can`t help herself, her natural nature and personality is one of conflict, one of divide, one of a petulant child...Christy Clark, woman of the 90`s..

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judi sommer said...

Also telling is that now 62% of voters believe it is time for a change of government, up 3%.That is the number that should really concern the Liberals as this number also includes disenchanted Liberals. Will they stay home or move somewhat to the Conservatives? Too many loose cannons there perhaps.
And for the gosse is cooked metaphor, one wag said "it's beyond cooked,these numbers show it's cremated"!