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Christy Clark and the BC Liberals Should Shut Their Big Fat Mouths

I was thinking a little bit about Christy Clark`s LNG prosperity dream and it dawned on me that these BC Liberals are a real stupid bunch..

Suppose you were a business, a fledging business planning on going into partnership with another company or entity, deals haven`t been signed yet, plans are in the preliminary stages, contracts haven`t been drawn yet and out of the blue your potential new business partner tells the world, tells its own family, tells 4 million British Columbians that we are going to make $trillions of dollars off of our new partner, not $millions, not $billions but $trillions, I think that is really stupid..

And more, we tell the players involved in making this $trillion dollar thingy happen, Shell, BG, EnCana, Chesapeake Energy, Chevron that not only are we going to make $trillions from our new customers we`re also going to place new taxes on them, the facilitators, that`s sounds like a really stupid thing to say to attract business, and isn`t that exactly what Christy Clark has done..

Japan has massive debt problems, Korea has issues and China is very powerful.

 Christy Clark is right about one thing, it is a new global world, no one is isolated anymore, things said in newspapers, in budgets and throne speeches are not just heard here in British Columbia but around the world, satellites, Skype, internet, 24/7 news channels, 24/7 business and investor channels, worldwide trading happens 24 hours a day, one stock exchange closes as another starts their trading day..

What do you think Japan and China think about Christy Clark`s plan to eliminate BC`s debt, eliminate sales tax, add $billions to health, education and social services and create a $trillion dollar prosperity fund for future British Columbia generations.

That is exactly what the big mouth has done, already the facilitators like Chevron and Chesapeake energy balked at the thought of any new taxes, after all, they had just started lobbying Ottawa for $2 billion dollars in annual subsidies and out of the blue Christy Clark starts talking new taxes, I would grade her an F for business savvy.

Because as you know, Qatar, Australia, Russia, Africa, USA, all those countries are in the fracking game too, and years ahead of us to boot,  and as reported here China itself has the world`s largest reserves of shale gas..

Would you as a business want to enter into a brand new partnership with someone who is proposing making $trillions off of you, would you stay on board or run for the hills, or would you look for a business partner who is willing to be a little more generous?

Christy Clark has a big fat mouth, so concerned with electioneering, spin and trying to trick the public that she has inadvertently chased our potential customers away before they even rang the service desk bell, we aren`t a little hick town, we aren`t so isolated that local domestic hyperbole uttered by our unelected premier stays here, rumour has it we have quite a few Chinese residents, we have Chinese nationals and Chinese tourists who indeed have functioning ears..

 Christy Clark has told those unsigned customers that we intend not to make a little money off  them , a quid pro quo relationship, a partnership where both parties give and take in a harmonious arrangement, no, Christy Clark told all of Asia that little ole British Columbia with our tiny 4 million person population is planning on taking them to the cleaners for decades to come, amazing eh..

Those Chinese people are quite industrious, they like to buy what they don`t have, or borrow and even steal and the number one Chinese acquisition as of late is something really special, that my friends is technology..

Have I got your attention yet?

There was some very shocking news from the world of business today..Chesapeake Energy, do you know that they have big-time financial problems, and I mean really big, the low price of natural gas has near bankrupted them, they need to raise money and raise money they did and guess who was the purchaser?

Sinopec to buy Chesapeake Energy assets for $1.02 billion


Now you might not think that`s such a big deal, until you read the details, this story must be sending shockwaves through Victoria as we speak, because what Sinopec bought wasn`t oil or gas, what they bought was technology, technology to be employed in mainland China, technology used in fracking, all those years of British Columbia developing fracking technology and in a blink of an eye it`s gone, secrets revealed and bottled genies running wild, China has bought fracking technology from Chesapeake Energy for use in China..

And in my opinion both Christy Clark and the Liberals Stephen Harper and the federal cons are to blame, in trying to con the Canadian public, in trying to spin and twist to get their destructive environmental ways approved they inadvertently signalled to Asia that we Canada are going to cash in on their misfortune, that being no domestic energy supplies in China, oh those silly uninformed Canadians, China is a big place with many natural resources, many indeed.

I give both Christy Clark and Stephen Harper a big fat f, a fail in business, they both have big fat over-bearing mouths, you can add Joe Oliver to that list too..

 Here are the shocking details reverberating through our legislative halls..



"The assets in Oklahoma produced 46,000 barrels of oil a day at the end of 2012, according to an e-mailed statement released today by Beijing-based unit Sinopec International Petroleum Exploration & Production Corp. Cnooc Ltd. (883), a unit of China’s largest offshore oil producer, has bought $1.65 billion of assets from Chesapeake since 2010.

U.S. energy acquisitions may soar after Cnooc this month won approval from the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment to buy Nexen Inc. (NXY) for $15.1 billion. Chinese companies are seeking energy assets globally to lock in supplies for the world’s fastest growing major economy and access technology to retrieve fuel trapped in rocks that has driven U.S. oil production to the highest in almost 21 years.

“While Chesapeake has many quality assets, Chinese oil companies care more about their drilling and shale-fracking technology,” 

Laban Yu, Hong Kong-based analyst at Jefferies Group Inc., said in a telephone interview. 

The reason Chinese oil companies have gone after Chesapeake in the past year was also because they wanted to apply the technology to tap the world’s No.1 shale gas reserves in China.”


 Fuel Fix » Sinopec to buy Chesapeake Energy assets for $1.02 billion


This is a brand new story, the linked above article about this latest acquisition was posted today, February 26th/2013...This is breaking news

Of course this Powell River Persuader has been writing on this for a few years now..Here are a few of those viral posts..




 In poker Christy Clark you don`t brag how great your cards are before the money is placed on the table, for when you open up your big fat mouth and start bragging about holding pockets aces and how you can`t lose..

You can`t tell your customers that we`re about to make $trillions off them .

The remaining players merely fold their hand and let you take the blinds.


You Christy Clark give new meaning to the phrase,..."Got the nuts"  

(This is not an endorsement of an LNG super industry, however, if I really believed this was a winning plan, if there was any real opportunity for the province to make a lot of money, in any industry, if we were trying to woo customers, why would we brag to them about $trillions?)

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Let's see how long Christy stays. Any bets?
And, anything to win and let's face it, the lieberals appear to be full of surprises, promises, money for advertising these days.