Friday, May 10, 2013

For the Children, (Why We Must Elect The NDP)

For The Children

Written by Grant G

Media spin, respected voices, subtle influence, propaganda on such a level that unless you are very strong, resilient and determined it will eat you alive.....

Occupy the world, occupy the universe, these words are meaningless if one can`t occupy their own mind first, do you believe, is the cause righteous, I get the impression that the contenders in this battle thought they would get approval or praise and when the going got tough or tougher that many contenders turned into but pretenders.

1000`s of injured workers beaten down by Worksafe BC, Community living BC systematically scared and frightened clients into remaining silent for fear of retribution, these battles are not won quickly, there are no hundred yard dashes or coin-flips, these battles are more like marathons, the ad nauseum will never stop and personal sacrifices are costs worth bearing...And the drum beats on and on, corporations and business elite complain on command, labeled socialistic wingnuts and destroyers of destiny`s enshrined right of rule, they decry the Democratic left and the drum beats on and on...

A minor memo mistake of yore is branded on one man like a Auschwitz tattoo while others tasked to care and protect the innocent and elderly Govern with blood stained hands, CLBC and germ filled hospitals, preventable death after preventable death are documented, studied and tsk tsk tsked, rugs lifted and dirt hidden, scandals of scale, lives snuffed with the appearance of willfulness and direction....

Yes indeed, I`m talking about c difficile outbreaks at Nanaimo hospital, Victoria General and Burnaby General hospital, hundreds slaughtered including my dad, routine hospital visit for a simple test turned into six feet under and pushing up daisies...

These preventable crimes were forewarned by the HEU, cleaning hours were slashed by 100,000`s of hours, a vital service outsourced to the corporate sector, hospital after hospital, care home after care home succumbed to deadly levels of germs...

The first c difficile outbreak could be forgiven but every other outbreak after that was cold-blooded murder on a Government assisted level...

187 seniors killed at Burnaby hospital with c difficile, not only did no family members receive an apology this BC Liberal Government under Christy Clark`s watch tried to turn this preventable tragedy into a political win, BC Liberal operatives Pamela Gardner and Brian Bonney, along with Kim Haakstad tried to use these deaths and the sorry state of affairs at Burnaby General as a vote getter for this 2013 election, that scandal was thoroughly documented here..


The B.C. Liberal government's drive to make over Burnaby Hospital was concocted by a trio of party operatives in an effort to unseat an NDP MLA, prop up a potential B.C. Liberal candidate and win votes in other key ridings, a newly leaked document reveals. 

The three B.C. Liberal Party organizers sent a letter to government staff late last year outlining a step-by-step strategy on how to use the hospital issue in Burnaby for maximum political gain. 

"Only Burnaby Hospital can deliver a new seat, (Burnaby) Deer Lake, taking out (NDP MLA Kathy) Corrigan and helping us win two tight (swing ridings)," read the three-page letter, which was obtained by the NDP and provided to The Vancouver Sun. 

The letter outlined an elaborate strategy referencing expected moves on the hospital issue by MLA Corrigan, her husband Derek, the mayor of Burnaby, and Kathy's sister, who is a doctor at the hospital. 

"If Cathy (sic) and Derek Corrigan act first we will lose this issue and never get it back. Anything we do at that point will be seen as reacting to the efforts of Cathy Corrigan." 

Moves by the B.C. Liberal government since that time show the strategy appears to have been followed precisely, including an announcement in April by then health minister Mike de Jong about a planning process for the hospital. 

"In my mind, it just explains why this government has no credibility, and why that credibility is so shot with the public," NDP health critic Mike Farnworth said Thursday. 

"When governments make decisions around infrastructure, it should be on the basis of good solid public policy, not on the basis of, 'let's determine whether or not it's a winning issue.'" 

The letter was written by Pamela Gardner, who has served as a B.C. Liberal Party riding president in Burnaby-Edmonds; Brian Bonney, who for five years worked as the party's director of operations and now works within government as a communications director; and Mark Robertson, the B.C. Liberal Party's director of field operations. 

The authors said they believe conditions in Burnaby Hospital are "much poorer" than any other in B.C., adding that on two floors "the stench of stale urine is extremely strong." 

The letter advised that Premier Christy Clark and others in government should announce "ASAP" an intention to rebuild Burnaby Hospital, even if they aren't able to make a firm commitment on any details. 

"This would keep the issue ours without committing $$ and buy us time to do some polling and confirm this is a winning issue," 

read the letter. 

The letter also advised Clark to launch a community consultation committee on the hospital, which the authors said should be led by Gardner as chair. They also suggested that potential B.C. Liberal candidates Dr. David Yap, or Jeff Kuah — neither of whom have publicly announced plans to run — be included on the committee. Yap is an emergency room doctor at the hospital. 

"(Clark) was born in the hospital. A (Clark) government delivering this will dramatically help our chances in Deer Lake where the hospital resides," said the letter, which made multiple references to the fact Clark was born in the hospital. 

"However, this hospital is an icon with all of Burnaby and it will surely help us re-win (Burnaby) North and (Burnaby) Lougheed too," it continued.
"Once more, if we can introduce a second-generation Chinese doctor candidate for Burnaby Deer Lake, to champion this issue, it would help us seal the deal." 

On April 27 — roughly four months after the letter appears to have been written — the B.C. Liberal government announced a "high-level master-planning process for Burnaby Hospital to develop a clear vision for the expansion, improvement and delivery of health services at Burnaby Hospital."
On the same day, the Burnaby Hospital Community Consultation Committee was announced, chaired by Gardner, and including Yap. 

Farnworth said that shows the process was purely political, and criticized the letter's suggestion that the decision be made on the basis of polling.
"Frankly, I think it's a disgraceful way to do public policy," he said, adding that he wonders whether the government would abandon the hospital issue if it did not poll as a "winning issue." 

"Fraser Health should be leading it (the consultation), the ministry should be leading it, not a committee that's getting its marching orders and has been designed by a bunch of Liberal hacks to make the government look good and to win a seat." 

Minister of Health Margaret MacDiarmid said she had not seen the letter until Thursday, adding the relevant announcements at the hospital took place under the former health minister. 

Nonetheless, MacDiarmid said she was not concerned by what she saw.
"We have strong supporters in Burnaby who at the same time as they are really supportive of us, they also really want this hospital redeveloped," she said. 

"People are passionate. They're passionate about their politics and they're passionate about their hospital," she said, adding that passion will have no impact on the final decision at Burnaby Hospital. 

"In spite of how passionate our supporters are, that does not impact on how decisions are made about hospital capital," she said. 

"Hospital planning will happen through the Fraser Health Authority and with the capital people in the ministry and in Treasury Board," she continued. 

"That is not a political process. We're guided by experts." 

A B.C. Liberal Party spokesman said neither Robertson nor the party would comment on the matter, and Bonney did not return a call for comment.
In an email, Gardner said she is "very proud of the 100s of volunteer hours I and the committee members put into this process."
Gardner added she believes the soon-to-be complete final report from her consultation committee "will speak for itself."


Yes Adrian Dix backdated a memo-to-file..A memo to oneself to try and help his boss Glen Clark, a silly move over a two-bit tiny little gaming license for the North Burnaby Inn...No one lost their lives, Rich Coleman has had his fingers in casino pies, liquor license pie, in fact just before the last liquor licensing  changes the booze industry gave Rich Coleman over $300,000.00 in cash, in one day..Rich Coleman also tried to conceal the criminal aspects of two preventable mill Explosions...Where people died..

Where is Rich Coleman taking responsibility, where is Christy Clark taking responsibility for the politicalization of the seniors they killed at out local hospital, killed with malice, with direct knowledge that the cleaning protocol was not adequate.. Not only was responsibility not taken but evil guile employed to attempt "quick political wins"...

Instant fame is hard to come by and banishment from the corporate world sticks forever, choices we make today can and will affect other decisions tomorrow, my dad used to tell me all the time...."In for a penny, in for a pound"  and what exactly does that mean.....

What is victory, Governments corporations politicians will never raise the white flag of surrender or concede defeat to the masses, change will be slow and nuanced and that`s ok....Media in Canada is a wholly owned corporate entity with the exception of a few on-line purists and we must remember that, all last week I heard CKNW, Global, even the CBC pose these questions.

"What is Occupy Canada"...."What does Occupy Canada mean to you" and when the answers from the masses were muddled the corporate dogs were let loose.

One time once respected but now bought voices pounced and played the game of minimalization and downgrading and a certain few internet creatures cherry picked photogenic scenes and engaged in name-calling gutter journalism, no, my mistake, that wasn`t journalism that was National enquirer smear, the lowest form of writing, the thrill of the buzz, Tiger Woods bedroom journalism, yes indeed, occupy Canada and occupy the world couldn`t readily be defined but the people knew in their heart that the system was/is broken, crony capitalism, corporate welfare and it`s true, so many who wanted to rise couldn`t afford even an hour off the treadmill for fear of falling further and further behind...

And our election 2013, a memo of nothing is the issue of scorn, the left`s Auschwitz Tattoo while the free-enterprise right has blood dripping from their fingers..

Issues of life and death, May 2013, record profits at banks, corporations flush with cash and rightwing media inundates us with stories that those same wealth beyond our means behemoth entities will flee our province if asked to pay a pittance more, well, begone I say, leave my province, leave my salmon and coastline alone and don`t you dare come groveling back once you poisoned and polluted your new home..

Canadian banks are fair, Canada is different, we are a wealthy nation, we aren`t like them other countries,.....We aren`t?

Let me throw a few items at you to chew on...Mulroney/Schriver inquiry.....Gomery inquiry.....George Bush war criminal....Vancouver Olympic village....BC Rail crimes....Not one politician in the advanced countries has ever been held accountable for GIANT CRIMES even with smoking gun evidence.....Sure there are some politicians punished for stealing pocket change but that is all part of the illusion of law, punish the shoplifter while blatant thieves empty the vault in plain view of corporate controlled media...

Gordon Campbell knew that if the Feds didn`t stop his theft of BC Rail before it happened the powers that be wouldn`t pursue a post crime conviction, history with Air India and Brian Mulroney and a hundred other examples bear that out...

What was Occupy the world all about......It was about bailing out Greece for $hundreds of billions more when they will default anyway.

It`s about the Quebec Provincial Government bowing to pressure on the corruption scandal and calling for an inquiry, an inquiry that requires criminals to volunteer testimony, an inquiry with no teeth, no subpoena power, a inquiry in name only meant to appease the masses.

It`s about the BC Liberals getting caught abusing the developmentally disabled through the crown corporation creation of a one Gordon Muir Campbell and when caught.....And when caught they hire the same corporate media to spin an excuse!

By inviting George W Bush to an economic summit in Surrey(or anywhere) legitimizes him, by building George Dubya a presidential library forgives the crimes against humanity, and one has to ask, was George invited to Surrey to tell the audience how to SCREW up an economy, or was he invited to create controversy, the latter I suspect..

How come Kadhafi was allowed by the banking world to invest $65 billion dollars in his own name, his family`s name, not a National investment but in his own personal name, how come Goldman Sachs looked the other way and took $tens of Billions from Kadhafi for personal investment?...And just where did Goldman Sachs think he got that money...They too(GoldmanSachs) are complicit in money laundering..

Canadian and American politicos wanted violence at occupy, the corporate media wanted violence and when this leaderless group resisted the clap trap Governments and corporations were stymied, dumbstruck and here in BC the corporate message has turned to the tiny financial cost of these protests as a desperate last resort to discredit...To which I say..

The protest creates economic activity, these protesters are buying lunch, coffee, yes even expensive Starbucks coffee, extra policing, porty johns, new tents, sleeping bags it all adds to BC`s and Canada`s domestic GDP and isn`t that what it was all about?.....The street goes both ways, the 99% are in favour of and support Occupy the world and just because they are stuck on the hampster wheel of life with no ability to attend in person does not diminish the efforts of the cause, most in Canada can`t afford even one day off without pay for fear of falling farther behind..

Our 2013 BC election is the culmination of the occupy movement, the bankers, the corporates, the Fraser institutes will steal from us again, recessions and depressions will be thrust on us and every corporate Government promise made will be broken, broken again..

Look at Adrian Dix`s memo to file, memo to himself over a two-bit casino in a two-bit pub and ignore your parents being slaughtered, ignore $hundreds of $billions of dollars stolen for BC Liberal Governments friends, don`t look at BC ferries and BC Hydro crumble under debt, ignore the imminent sale of all our crowns, our rivers, our treasures, don`t see the trees burning through the forest, look the other way while children starve, forget everything I told you and concentrate on ..

Adrian Dix`s memo to himself..

The time may come for violence but not now, but for now peaceful frustration is more effective..

Canada is cold and the occupiers will leave the cities but that doesn`t mean this movement, our movement wasn`t worth it.

Walk a day in my shoes before you judge and those that came for instant fame will be disappointed.

Occupy your own mind first and the world will soon follow.

Vote for Adrian Dix...Vote For Change..One Practical Step At A Time.

For The Children`s Sake..

Written By Grant G

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Amen brother.

Walter v E.

Anonymous said...

I voted on Wednesday. It felt good to vote. There were many older people at the polls. They understand the importance. But I saw younger ones too. A young man, either a welder or a mechanic in his coveralls was there with his elderly father. We be cynical, but it is still important to vote and hope for the best. I thought of Jack Layton's words: "Love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear". I thought of my father, now deceased, who fought in WWII and lost a brother in Italy.

Please, everyone, get out and vote. And take lots of ID when you go.