Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dying Days of a Corrupt Government(How are you?)

It`s been a while hasn`t it, I mean since we last talked, how are you, how`s life, everything is well?...and don`t answer me with "great, couldn`t be better" isn`t that response standard fare, how many of us too stick to scripted answers rather than bleed your soul....

It`s not easy coming here, and it`s not easy answering "great, couldn`t be better" when you want to scream, want to cry want just to be held and comforted, weather`s getting cold, not ice cold but west coast damp, like the rain too, it soothes, being comfortably baked by summer`s warm friendly orange visitor or embracing with rain`s cleansing kisses to be held is to behold, for mother nature`s wrap and comfort comes no strings attached, it requires nothing in return, no bond is purer...

This town, like hundreds of little towns, its old, old and left to die, roads these days never seem to get potholes fixed, highway out of town is in good shape though, wonder if that`s a hint, old families and long blood lines dominate but every year even those legends fade, we had logging, wild sport salmon fishing and a commercial fleet, the relevant word is "had", we had it all, and then we didn`t, logs and logging went first, then our salmon vanished and with that so did world class fishing and a profitable commercial fishery, from teeming salmon all year round to maybe a few stragglers once or twice a year, where, what, when, how, why are they gone..

Most children left for the big city for work, services for those who remain are gradually removed and concentrated in city hubs, for to travel for healthcare is to dismantle the village, old men and old woman who bought properties and laid roots in the 60`s 70`s, 80`s believed in their town, believed in renewal believed in the common good, not expecting luck, irony or both to decide who won, and who lost..

He who resided in swanky Vancouver or she who raised working men in the hurtland, one home owner is now a millionaire the other a pauper, one with a way to finance a retirement the other trapped by economics, a lost world no one will buy into for half its worth, and to go, go where, to live in hovel near promised lands, town after British Columbia town neglected and left for dead and as much as it pains me to say it, it was deliberate guile and revenge that chose which communities were chocked, Vancouver island and its highways along with ferry rates, this happened at the ballot box, ridings that vote left are punished, ridings with no hope of ever turning BC Liberal in name only neocon-Socred red will always be left threadbare, free bridges and toll free roads for some while working stiffs pay and pay, and now as revenue streams dwindle to a trickle, future taxes for friends removed, from brewers to shippers to river destroyers, from subsidy to guaranteed long term public largesse, even our Crown corporations looted, BC Hydro, a company with a captive domestic customer, a company that never needed to look at debt, looted by BC Liberals, looted by $billions, energy buying contracts, energy that wasn`t needed, contracts guaranteeing huge profits for decades, profits for connected insiders and friends of the Campbell brothers, Smart meters too, another $billion dollar theft and assault on workers, that being meter readers, a gawd-ugly device that robs taxpayers on both ends, $ hundreds of millions in upfront costs building the devices and then monthly theft, real-time billing devices for local residents when we can`t give our power away to paying customers, that being the power we`re forced to buy at $140 megawatt hour...

Community, your town, my town, why wasn`t little town British Columbia offered up these glorious money stream guarantees, if ratepayers were to be gouged why not the benefit accruing to those towns whose rivers were taken, deliberate reckless acts were and still are being perpetrated upon us, foreign workers, labour shortages and the ever coming the sky is falling the sky is falling bullshit about needed future workers.. 14 years these temporary coal miners will stay, unless they leave in a coffin, energy projects are temporary, mines are temporary, LNG plants are temporary as are pipelines, if company X can get cheap labour they will, the rules removed, the continued assault on labour, nothing else can be outsourced, China and India make near everything so future outsourcing is in decline, the new booming industry taking hold is in insourcing resource extraction, can`t move mineral and gas deposits to China therefor bring the company here, bring the slave labour, sign agreements with complicit treasonous Governments and the last piece is in place..States like Michigan, people like Scott Walker, Phil Hocstein, Fraser institute and all federal Conservative MPs, our phony BC Liberal named neocons, the extent of revenue and  revenue sources given away ran so deep that even Conservatives themselves became targets....

Hit those Fraser valley working stiffs with tolls, they may be our voters but we need more money, more public revenue streams privately flowing to those connected, them bible belt thumpers will never vote for the Socialist horde, damn stupid hicksters...

 Crony capitalism disguised as free enterprise, LNG sellers waiting for guaranteed free power, miners waiting for free transmission lines and public built roads, river dammers needing guarantees for decades for merely placing turbines in rivers, even wealthy brewers get $millions in tax relief for the price of only $140,000..this isn`t free enterprise it`s Facism, Corporatism and it`s growing....

In Ottawa attacks on unions are constant, Caterpillar, Air Canada, Aveos and Canada Post are but a few examples.

Drive the people into overpriced cities and chain them to an unforgiving hampster wheel, tear down our diversity, choke off resources that once fed communities and when these towns die open the floodgates to temporary cheap labour filled foreign Government entities..

I mentioned how one can embrace nature without guilt or payment, children too, unbiased loving embraces wanting only warmth and comfort in return, mother nature and the child, purity without guile or want, to give one`s all in exchange for nothing but a smile and a raindrop...

Rich Coleman, Christy Clark, Pat Bell, $hundreds of thousands of dollars paid to liars and thieves, who elected Christy Clark, not the public a political party, a political party appointed a female facade to con us into believing there`s change, and all she`s managed to do is spend on personal friends, spend tens of millions in propaganda ads, ads of deceit and misinformation,... Rich Coleman who gave away vast tracks of Crown land to forest companies, his brother a CEO of one of those companies, Coleman working hand in hand with Patrick Kinsella, Coleman and casino expansion, Coleman and smart meters, Coleman attempting to giveaway our liquor distribution, Coleman for political donations gave a multi-millionaire brewery owner tens of millions in tax cuts..
Pat Bell, liar and spinner of facts, deny job losses and trumpet record raw logs to China, record export shipments of coal, record export of toxic farmed fish and there he stands, Pat Bell claiming all this success even though deficit number-5-in-a-row presents itself, where are the royalties, why are we still losing jobs, 5000 lost jobs last month and 10,000 lost jobs the month before and the propaganda ads continue unabated, ads bragging of huge LNG monies and countless new hires, and when questioned on validity and accuracy of said ads Christy Clark claims the ads are "feel-good messaging"..we will never get honest answers forthcoming from these habitual liars, they`ve dived too deep into the cesspool to ever resurface..

Christy Clark, a school drop-out, an intellectual idiot, a partisan women without enough qualifications to be hired as a pre-school teacher, the same teachers she screamed at on air for years, the same teachers whose contracts she illegally ripped up, the same teachers she now wants to sign a 10 year deal with, Christy Clark, spending $millions on personal friends and oyster bar junkets, Christy Clark`s revolving door spin the bottle game of  office staff gymnastics, all in the name of finding a better-liar, a better gimmick, a better make-up artist..

All in vain, job numbers, deficit numbers, scandal after scandal, deadly hospitals, corruption, cronyism, a Government caught in obvious lie after obvious lie and where are the public watchdogs, where is the media, where are the pundits, are they all too busy counting advertising largesse, counting deficit dollars, counting money borrowed from China....Where have the ethics gone, would Global TV and the Vancouver Sun publish things like $trillions of dollars for BC in LNG royalties...600,000 workers needed...

And when those ads fail will those same advertisers use numbers like $ trillions for BC in LNG royalties....4 million workers required....

How low with the media go, what lies will they permit, what lies will they finally draw a line in the sand and say...NO, we can`t say that, it`s false advertising, it`s a blatant glaring lie...I suspect Global BC and Vancouver Sun have no moral or ethical guidelines, what is their excuse?..They didn`t know better, they know not of job numbers, of deficits, of LNG prices, oh indeed, how could they know, they are but manufactured news media, propaganda long ago replaced factual reporting, when did selling provincial assets to claim balanced budgets become media acceptable...For shame on them all..

Kevin Kreuger, a drunken lout, Bill Bennett the racist red neck..Harry Bloy the spineless jellyfish, Kash Heed with electoral fraud, Jane Thornthwaite drunk driver, Don pharmaceutical Mcrae who can`t form a cognizant thought, script reader after script reader standing before us lying their faces off..

Scandal, crimes, $ hundreds of millions spent on lawyers, on spin doctors, on reviews, on audits and on settlements, deficits, debts and malfeasance and there stands our media, hands in their pockets, looking the other way, paid to lie to you, paid for with your money.

Fund our schools, keep the heathcare local and fix the potholes and maybe that highway out of town won`t be calling..

My town is your town, starved of nourishment and left to wither and die, a little human caress and motherly love required, my neighbors have no where to go, fix the holes and keep the clinics open, oh to create a home care world that gives life back to little towns and communities rather than systematically starve the seeds of renewal..

A BC Government laden with the scum of the earth, a sad media borne of the spineless.

How are you, how`s life, everything is well?...

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Hugh said...

I'm ok, thanks.

Something that's interesting is that the China-FIPA was signed but is not ratified yet. Like maybe the Govt actually read what's in it.

I wondered what you thought of Kevin Logan's recent article in Common Sense Canadian.

Grant G said...

The tar sands are a money loser, it`s negative energy (EROI).

Tar sand subsudies have made a false impression, ballooning labour costs, extraction costs along with serious environmental degradation..

Tar sands are an economic ponzi scheme.

China will bring in cheap labour to Alberta and drive wages down..

Alberta has been running deficits for 5 straight years..

FIPPA hasn`t been ratified yet because Harper wants as many deals as possible, Harper has calculated that there will be less political damage by delaying FIPPA, but..

FIPPA can run retro-active, meaning deals made before FIPPA is signed will still fall under the purview of the treaty..

FIPPA was designed for the Enbridge pipeline, unfortunately if China uses FIPPA to push that through BCers will enter the woods and fight tooth and nail, and it ends the Harper and Conservative regime.

Hugh, Harper sees the polls and he`s done, Justin Trudeau destroyed his plans..Harper`s electorate is dying off and the NDP will be in power come May..

If Harper pushes, just imagine Adrian Dix launching a $15 million dollar anti-enbridge ad campaign..

FIPPA has been delayed until Harper and the Cons figure out how and if they can retain power..

An election tomorrow Justin Trudeau and the Federal Liberals win, Conservatives fall to third place..

That`s the hold, F35s in trouble, ship building jobs delayed for years, Federal deficits and Harper broke all his commitments..

Healthcare, pensions and fiscal prudence, Harper is losing on all fronts..


Anonymous said...

People wonder why I am a Vancouver Island separatist;well good article why. 13 plus billion on lower mainland for transportation, service cuts on highway maintenance and winterizing highways. Cuts to health and education every corner of BC but the big pollution in the corner. Time to stand up to lower garbage heap.can't figure out characters.

Anonymous said...

How am I?

Oh, cynical, sick to death of seeing my people and my country hurt and mangled by corporate thugs and their conniving political servants, tired of being lied to by a gutless media and fed spin by tax-payer supported "communications officers". Tired of seeing my planet abused while real losers (I mean the ones running this putrid show) always seem to win. You know, the usual.

Thanks for asking, Grant. Another great post.

Hugh said...

Vancouver Sun regurgitates bogus claims of CON-ference Board about LNG:

Grant G said...

Hugh, that article by Scott Simpson, echoing what the conference board of Canada talking heads are saying, what a sad article, they go wayyyy out into the future, and..

And they even say, I`m paraphrasing here..

LNG production will wane and decrease because of a glut of gas, that decline will continue through 2019 and then.....???

What a load of rubbish, in other words Hugh, the game is up, Vancouver Sun and the BC Liberals have been caught peddling snake oil, no jobs, no royalties for a decade...

However, those sneaky bastards are now playing a new game..Here in a nut-shell is what they`re saying.

LNG might be slow off the mark but just you wait until 2020 and beyond, boy will LNG make us rich, it`s only a matter of a decade of waiting!!!!

What a load of rubbish...

Scott Simpson of the Vancouver Sun was a real good columnist and energy reporting guru, over the last few years he`s been put in the closet, muzzled, now he`s nothing but a corporate lobbyist disguised as a columnist..

What you say Scott Simpson, shrunken balls and vanishing backbone, are there no outfits you can write the truth for, are you that desperate..

Thanks Hugh, I needed a laugh, you too Scott Simpson, you missed your calling, that being a joke writer for the comedy club.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Campbell still works for Harper, to this very day. Campbell too, lied and cheated to win his elections.

Campbell too, gave our resources and resource jobs to China. Chinese are being brought over, to take BC mining jobs. To get a mining job, in our English speaking BC province, you have to speak Chinese Mandarin.

I really think China's takeover of Canada, began in BC, by both Harper and Campbell. BC had to be stripped and knocked down. BC is key as the conduit for, China's easy access into Canada. BC is fighting back, to save our beautiful province.

When Harper gives Nexen to China? Harper is giving China the right to sue, any Canadians blocking China's takeover of Canada. We will be living in an occupied country, with no rights, what-so-ever. Only the very wealthy and the very poor, will be permitted.

Anonymous said...

How am I? I am GD tired of Governments using taxpayers money to brainwash us into thinking their way. Tired of the Endbridge BS and badmouthing the both theOpposition Leaders. Mr. Harper makes me sick to the stomach!

Anonymous said...

And WTF. Those China companies are never gonna hire me anyway so let me just say this. They will be all onboard to hire you if you are young and malleable and non political and they can't get China replacements to do your job (within the law). Otherwise they will hire people from China. Sound good to you? Well, to me it just fuckin stinks.

Anonymous said...

One more point: I used to have a trucking company and I went to the Chinese and offered them the best rates. They never even returned my calls, because they already had it all figured out - they bought their own trucks and undercut everyone. They are not in BC to benefit the people who live here, they are in BC to only benfit themselves. So, if they should happen to leave my town of Tumbler Ridge I would pop a cork on a champagne bottle and tell them to go back and celebrate their own in China. Of course, our Canadian government is too stupid to see this, because they don't have to work for a fuckin livin.

Anonymous said...

And what the hell. Since I'm being here and being judgmental, just let me elucidate for you the political law of Campbell: 'When your government has seen that they cannot make further profits on your disbelief, they will retire to countries where they ignore the wrath of the people they screwed.
That could be a direct quote from Gordon Campbell, but it isn't. Wonder why not?

Anonymous said...

In one BC city. A Chinese person has bought up cheap duplexes and repossessed properties. There are hotplates and bare furnishings in basements. In some basements, three small bachelor suites. The Chinese are being brought over, to learn English. The Chinese are shipped in, then shipped out, then the suites are readied, for the next batch coming over.

Chinese will be coming here, by the swarms. China owns many company's in Canada. They own our resources, and our resource jobs. Canada no longer belongs to Canadians. We have traitors in our midst, selling us out to Communist China.

Campbell belongs in prison, as a traitor, giving China BC's resources and jobs. Harper would be a, perfect cellmate for Campbell. He has given Canada to Communist China, upon a silver platter.

Anonymous said...

Can't all this nauseating Liberal corruption and lies be summed up in one succinct observation. Lets look at the last two Liberal was caught drunk as a skunk driving down the wrong side of the road and the other was caught running a red light with her kid in the car. To think that there are morons in BC who voted for these idiots and intend on doing it again. Oh they say..but what about Adrian Dix not paying his Skytrain fare. The Horror !

Anonymous said...

I wonder why my comments are never published?
John's Aghast

Grant G said...

John Aghast...I have to moderate the comments, sometimes I`m away from the computer..

I used to have open comments..Spam and freaks made me change.

Lately the commenter, you can find him at AGT`s site, and on Twitter, his Twitter name is BCLib Fan..

He`s Joesph K from Langley..

He has been littering my comment thread with childish disgusting garbage, you can find Joe K these days stalking Alise Mills.