Saturday, May 11, 2013

Christy Clark And Mark Marissen Use Hamish To Knock On Doors In Point Grey

Knocking on doors in Vancouver Point Grey with Hamish. Lots of great response!


Anonymous said...

perfect ersthangI've always viewed Chisty Clarke as the "Mouth that Roared". All flash and no substance.aptroye

Gary E said...

The ultimate Low for a premier who couldn't even grant the constituents of that riding the courtesy of showing up for a all candidates forum.
And what is Mark doing there? Trying to show off Christies "families first" program.

Anonymous said...

These clowns are pathetic and I feel sorry for the poor kid being dragged into the Liberal gutter by his own father. Just disgusting.
Obviously CC knows she is toast in her riding and this is a last minute hail mary.

Grant G said...

Yes, I agree, I have no beef with her son, politics is a rough blood sport..

I worry for Hamish`s safety, lots of crazy people out there..

You can`t be with your kids 24/7..

Mark Marissen should no better..

I remember election canvassing a decade ago, people can be really mean, and personal.

I just think it was a real bad call by Christy and Mark.

There are some things you just don`t do, maybe if Hamish was 17 or older, but 11 years old?

What does Hamish no about the 90`s, about taxes, healthcare, about policy, platforms..

Something is very wrong there.

Good Day

Anonymous said...

Vote splitting is the issue now. I was shocked to learn that the Green vote got the NDP defeated in 11 ridings last election. You can see for yourself if you run down the riding count in the last election and add the Green votes and the NDP votes to see if they total more than the Liberal winning votes, which is here clear as day:,_2009#Results

Thus the big Liberal ad promoting the Greens.

It may have backfired though, showing the true alternative voters just how bad it is to split the progressive vote and let the Liberals slip in the back door.