Friday, May 17, 2013

Electronic Zombies, The Disgrace of Today`s Youth

Written by Grant G

Kinder Morgan expansion, before we get too carried away, the Iron Workers Memorial bridge, also known as the second narrows bridge needs a real good look, with the prospect of multiple oil tankers daily..

Second narrows bridge is also a train bridge, this requires raising and lowering the lower train portion of the bridge everytime a vessel passes, with more and more trains, with more and more tankers a tunnel is required for the train section of the bridge, there is also major dredging required, in other words we need a new second narrows bridge, a widening of the channel and a tunnel under the harbour for the trains, this will make movement of these oil tankers easier and safer....Welcome to future of Vancouver harbour

Kinder Morgan`s expansion can`t be stopped, they have an existing right-of-way and a west coast tank farm, so since the expansion will happen the bridge issue must be addressed pronto..

This post may disturb many of my readers, but it needs to be said...

My articles on pipelines and LNG...These projects will create perhaps 250 permanent jobs(LNG plants), any wealth from these projects will be limited, a select few insiders and big oil will reap the rewards and fuel prices for both domestic fuel and domestic natural gas use will skyrocket for the masses, it`s already happened in Australia...

In my travels in and around the big city, that being metro Vancouver I can`t help but be amazed with how many zombies there are, they are everywhere, hundreds of thousands of zombies wandering the streets, the stores, just yesterday I pulled right up front of a bank, I wanted to drop off my mother as close as possible to the entrance, as walking is very difficult for her, where I stopped, on the adjacent sidewalk was about a 20 year old female zombie, she was standing beside a peddle bike, the bike was leaning on a sandwich board street sign, she(the zombie)was electronically leashed to her master, my mom couldn`t freely open her door as the bike and zombie was in the way, I opened the window and politely asked the zombie to move, all I got was a rude look and no response....

I yelled at my mother to push her car door open as hard as you can and don`t worry about the zombie..If she won`t move just door-her aside I shouted this message with the window open, hoping to get a response...Still nothing, the Zombie was clearly fully entranced and controlled by her electronic master...Me being a don`t-take-no-for-an-answer type person..

I got out of the drivers seat, went to the sidewalk and barged my way to the passenger door, I looked at zombie girl and said, what is wrong with you, you can`t see an 80 year old woman with cane struggling to get out of a car, you couldn`t move you and your bike a few feet.....She said nothing and begrudgingly moved, her eyes and attention never once left her master`s spell, she never uttered a verbal word..

In recent years I`ve been on ferries on stunningly beautiful days crossing the Georgia strait, I`ll be up on the top deck, watching for whales, porpoises and and other sea treasures, and I`m adept at recognizing the difference between regular commuter traffic and busy one-time seasonal summer tourists, years back the youth would look, notice and be engaged with their new surroundings but now that zombyism has captured their spirit, mind and soul they nary give nature a second glance, their electronic masters Facebook, Instagram and social media have an iron grip on every aspect of their lives..

My Enbridge articles, the realities of LNG and fish farms articles, stories about the need to preserve nature, to keep just a few parcels of pristine water, marine and rivers systems alone, my stories and battles are for the youth, dinosaurs like Gywn Morgan and Joe Oliver won`t be here on earth to see the destruction, they won`t live a lifetime with the consequences of their actions..The youthful zombies will, I see them going into coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stories, crossing the streets and even driving, their electronic masters have complete control of all their actions, they fall asleep with the I-pad and awake to Satan`s ringtones, ...

Today`s youth, the zombie era doesn`t read the Straight Goods or the Tyee, they don`t read Laila Yuile or the King of Bloggers, yet by the millions, or by the billions will view a picture of an A-list movie star`s baby, or view a fake youtube of a golden eagle snatching a baby, ..100,000 thousand metro Vancouver youth can head downtown for a pre-arranged hockey riot, they can go online and terrorize a fellow zombie for showing a breast online, they engage with sharing pictures and party, shame and disgrace, sex and tittle communications..These zombies cross streets with eyes and soul glued to the screen of control, in banks and bars, in libraries and line-ups, nowhere can the zombie youth go without an electronic leash lashing them to the inane..

It`s a sickness, a disease, an addiction, an addiction more hideous than the hardest heroin available.

In my youthful day, what computers, cell phones were available with a big backpack, most didn`t avail themselves or want to, we didn`t rush home from school to gab on a landline phones, we played sport and engaged in the physical world, and we survived!...

Also in my day, there really was no advance polls, you couldn`t vote everywhere, you had but one day to go vote, you made the effort, there was no Election BC advertising days on end reminding you to go vote..

They have mandatory voting in Australia, you receive a fine if you don`t vote, I was hoping it wouldn`t come down to enacting laws forcing people to vote, it should be a honour to vote, regardless of who you cast a ballot for..52% turnout in our last election, I`ll bet barely one-in seven youth bothered to vote, I`ll also bet that 99 out of 100 have Facebook and or Instagram accounts, they tweet, Twitter and play games...

How can anyone not take 10 minutes of time every 4 years to cast a vote..

Maybe the answer to getting the youth of today to vote is to have their internet devices go silent until issued an I have voted confirmation number after casting a ballot..

Getting a little tired of fighting battles for the youth of today while they play Zombie games and cheat at school.

We dinosaurs of the past survived without an electronic master, and enjoyed  ourselves too..!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


islandpapa said...

well said!

Gary E said...

Showing your young years there Grant G. In my youth we relied on CeeBee radios.
I had a experience the other day as well. Three little arrogant bitches were crossing the highway against the light. You should have seen how fast they began to move (backward) when they realized I wasn't going to slow down or stop.
When they get this arrogant I only hope that any cop who gives me a ticket also saw the whole situation.

krank! said...

Hear,Hear,PRP! As an old fart who's fought all my working days to make the next generation's time on this mortal coil better than mine,I'm P.O'ed with these zombies' apathy. Screw 'em! Nice reminder with the Ironworkers memorial.BTW, the 55th anniversary of the collapse is June. Thanks for the re-post of your NDP leadership piece. SHOULD BE FWDED TO ALL THE SLUGS IN THE WAR????ROOM!

Grant G said...

Thanks Islandpapa..

Gary E..Ahh, you`ll never change, a bull in a china shop, a bull with three horns!

Mr. Kranki...The Iron Workers Memorial bridge, time to put the old girl to bed..We can`t be oil tanker central with the lower train crossing in the way..

When that bridge collapsed, if I`m not mistaken one worker got his leg snared in a cable, there he was left dangling, his fellow workers crushed and drowned as he dangled precariously..

Woodstock and the 60`s..Clayquot sound..Acid rain, lead paint..

About time these well informed zombies got off their fat computer asses and joined the war..

Front lines are being held by the greys..

and the golden.

Good Day

Anonymous said...

All that infrastructure needed to accommodate those tankers will be born by the taxpayer of course. Gotta keep that corporate welfare trough full.

Anonymous said...

Agree with this. Every where you turn, go, look, someone is busy on the phone, laptop, IPad, IPod, totally oblivious to what's going on around them. Hooked, addicted to electronics. Can't/don't want to communicate, you know good old fashion talking to each other.
What a world we live in, to each their own and the hell with everyone else. It's all about "me" and "my" wants, not needs. Today's parents, imo, just give and give, take here there and everywhere. What has happened? I can't imagine the world in 10, 20 years down the road. I can't imagine it in 2-5.