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Gordon Wilson, Lost In The Wilderness or A Man With A Money Induced Agenda?

What Happened to Gordon Wilson

        Written by Grant G

There are times when stories need to be told, I had no intention writing about this political has-been, however when Gordon Wilson injected himself into the current political process, a few facts needed to be put on the record..

Gordon Campbell hijacked the BC Liberal party, a political party that Gordon Wilson resurrected from the ashes, at the time I thought Gordon Wilson was a decent man, perhaps I was wrong, Wilson was a man on the rise and maybe it`s something about politicians named Gordon, for a public figure and party leader to be having an adulterous affair and get caught, that transgression brought a quick end to his leadership aspirations...Gordon Campbell once he hijacked the BC Liberal party he maintained the Liberal banner for but one reason, to hide the infiltration of old rejected Social Credit politicos, the Liberal party was never Liberal, it`s as far rightwing as one a political party could get, ...I`ll bet Gordon Wilson has nightmares and fits of anger to this very day, he lost control of the party leadership over adultery while Gordon Campbell had a decade`s long adulterous affair in plain view of the main stream media and none bothered to report it, well, those now long in tooth political beat reporters of that era, who are now winding down their careers, they have nothing to show for the last 12 years of legislative reporting, no scoops, no blockbuster revelations, they looked left, looked right, looked at the floor, looked at glaring conflict and scandal then looked the other way..

From 1996 to present day the Baldrey`s, the Palmers, the Bill Good`s and many more failed not only the public but failed in ethical journalism, a cozy quid pro quo relationship for hire, a feel good club for the weak minded, money over truth, fame over exposure of sins, an old boys club where membership granted came only with a vow of silence....Or as I wrote before..

Conflict of Ethics

I have a feeling that recently Gordon Wilson in the back of his mind mused about a comeback, another leadership bid, another revamping of the BC Liberal party, or perhaps leadership of the NDP party, who knows what party Gordon Wilson wants to join, after all he was a member of both..however..

Wilson by way of his fat mouth burned any and all bridges back to the NDP and with the Liberal party on the eve of annihilation Gordon realizes he`s too old for the rebuilding long-game, likewise he has never possessed the skill of a trauma surgeon, and I don`t believe Mr. Wilson fancies the job of road-kill carcass collector, that leaves him lost in the wilderness, leaves his lifelong goals unfulfilled and that has left Gordon Wilson with nothing but bitter callousness, a name-calling partisan sitting alone with his wheel-barrel full of dung which he flings and has flung...

While no one is perfect and we all makes mistakes, a moment of passion with a one night affair is common, only those of low character continue to slink and slither behind the back of the one they made martial vows to, only real men with integrity and backbone face their significant other and face the music, file for divorce and move on, Gordon Wilson did no such thing, not until his sins were leaked to the public did he come clean, maybe it was karma, maybe justice but on that day his leadership aspirations disappeared for all time so did his sanity,  all now that Gordon Wilson has left is the bitter pill of failure and a poison mouth..

Jealousy, agenda, payment for spew, I`m not sure why Wilson crawled out from his rock but like most, we wish he had remained entombed, and silent..

Funny in a way, the very first guest Christy Clark had on air at cknw after Gordon Campbell resigned in shame was one Gordon FD Wilson..

"On the day that Gordon Campbell announced his intention to resign, the producer of the Christy Clark Show on CKNW called me and asked if I would be a guest on her radio show. I accepted and as soon as Christy introduced me on air I asked her if she intended to run for the leadership of the Liberal Party. She told me emphatically that she did not plan to run. Smart move, I thought, you will save yourself from a lot of grief."

In that post Gordon Wilson went on to give Christy Clark advice on how to win the election, but in doing so he described how the corporate BC Liberal party operated, how vindictive the party was, how their members turn on their own if they don`t cooperate, Gordon Wilson describes how Gordon Campbell had a scorched earth social policy..


"The powerful Vancouver business elite who represent the “coalition” will be watching the polls over the next few months as the NDP choose their leader, and as Clark starts to weather the political storm that is heading her way. If the polls look good they will do nothing to rock the boat, but if they don’t, they will withdraw all their support for Clark, hide their money, stop investing in the province and prepare for four years of NDP government by causing the economic landscape to look as barren as possible, something that they will later accuse the NDP of creating.

 Christy Clark will be relegated to the political scrap heap as they hand pick another Gordon Campbell who will do their bidding, and it isn’t at all clear if they will use the Liberal party to do so.

Clark needs to take a page out of the playbook written by the other Clark, former premier Glen Clark.

 She needs to do what he did in 1996 when taking over the leadership from Mike Harcourt...

 She needs to craft a careful agenda that reverses the slash and burn social agenda of Gordon Campbell. ....She needs to ACT in favour of children and families not talk about doing so. She needs to bring in a progressive budget and hit the ground running implementing it, and then call an early fall election and win a mandate from the people....

 That’s her best course of action if she wants to avoid the NDP snipers who will use her words to chip away her credibility and to avoid those within the coalition who are not happy that she upset their plans for their choice who is also the choice of the Conservatives: Kevin Falcon."

Don`t you find that interesting, on one hand Gordon Wilson is giving Christy Clark advice as to how to keep the BC Liberal/Social Credit party in power yet at the same time he describes how dirty the corporate party backers play, how nasty Gordon Campbell was towards the people, towards teachers and children, a party of big business and big business only...Why would Gordon Wilson want to have a political party like that in power, he obviously has an agenda that doesn`t include the well being of the joe average public at large, he seems very very confused, indeed..

In that post linked above is a very interesting bit of Gordon Wilson`s it is, below

 "Gordon F.D. Wilson was responsible for resurrecting the BC Liberal Party in the early 90's, only to be wrestled to the ground by Gordon Campbell for the top job as liberal leader. 
Wilson and his wife Judy Tyabji then launched another political party which wasn't going anywhere fast,...

 then switched sides and became a member of the New Democratic Party of BC. Under the stewartship of NDP Premier Glen Clark, Wilson was elevated into cabinet, holding the position Minister of Transportation and BC Ferries. 

These days Gordon spends his time blogging on his website

Interesting, the NDP gave Gordon Wilson a home, made him a cabinet minister, and now Gordon Wilson sees that the NDP are about to take power comes out spewing vitriolic venom and bluster and unsubstantiated character assassination..And what brought down the BC NDP, fast ferries, who was minister of ferries? Gordon Wilson was, interesting indeed..

 Gordon Wilson`s first verbal assault came when the NDP were having their leadership contest, Wilson playing coy was giving the NDP brutal advice while simultaneously slandering the NDP`s brightest star...That being John Horgan, ..John Horgan, the most respected politician in British Columbia today, by far.....Here was Wilson`s hatchet job in the form of his personal advice..


"Nicholas Simons, my MLA from Powell River-Sunshine Coast, is an intelligent, good looking, soft spoken, somewhat hip and openly gay musician who presented the best hope the NDP had for a really fresh face who could articulate a new vision for British Columbia.

Simons dropped out a few days ago and moved his support to John Horgan. That is really too bad. It is too bad because I believe that Simons, the only elected candidate who was not part of the NDP government of the 1990s, was the best chance for the NDP to beat Christy Clark. It is also too bad for the balance of voters because had he been able to get unfiltered media exposure, he would have provided British Columbians with a real, compassionate choice in the next provincial election.
But the NDP have a long history in choosing leaders who have no chance of winning a general election. Simons isn’t part of the NDP old guard, so his campaign was written off by most from the beginning. Certainly the media considered him a lightweight"

Wilson wasn`t finished, not by a longshot.. ...Let me say this, Nicholas Simons is a good man, he`s in my riding, he is however NOT leadership material, and there was no reason to highlight that Simons is gay, let me be clear, Gordon Wilson wrote that article for a reason, subtle and not so subtle smear...Let`s peruse it a little more.


"Over the course of several elections in my riding, I have come to know Dana Larsen as a candidate who is no fool. He has often been presented more as a caricature than a candidate who holds passionately to his beliefs. Ironically, through his four point campaign using the “sustainability BC lens”, Larsen has presented policies that would likely resonate with many British Columbians if he were ever given the chance to present them to the public at large. But Larsen’s passion over the legalization of Marijuana and some of his past publicity stunts have created an uneasy feeling toward him within the NDP establishment, which is one reason they tried to block his ability to run.
In many ways Dana Larsen stands like a mirror to the NDP brass presenting a “real” NDP image, rather than the more “moderate” image they would like to present.

 Larsen is unlikely to go beyond the first ballot and may do far worse now that he has already declared his support for John Horgan on a second ballot. Many of Larsen’s supporters may put their first ballot vote to Horgan, fearful that if they don’t there won’t be a second chance."

Do you see that, Gordon Wilson is suggesting that Dana Larsen is the REAL face of the NDP, perhaps Gordon Wilson didn`t see Dana Larsen video of Larsen driving while using a crack pipe, my gawd, the NDP would be laughed out of the political landscape with Dana Larsen as leader...And it has nothing to do with marijuana, it should be decriminalized like Washington state has done, it`s unfortunate that Dana Larsen made that video, that made him toxic..

But the most interesting part of Gordon Wilson`s strange brew screed is this, those two leadership candidates that he liked threw all their support behind John Horgan, what comes next from Wilson is just bizarre, actually it`s personal hatred towards one man, John Horgan..


"Horgan, who has been elected as MLA for Juan de Fuca on Vancouver Island twice during the Campbell years in government, is better known to me for his backroom role during the NDP governments of the 1990s. Then Horgan was a bombastic, somewhat ruthless and unprincipled backroom enforcer whose temper was only surpassed by his lack of diplomacy. Maybe he has mellowed somewhat, although you know what is said about leopards and their spots.

In politics there are those who are best described as “party hacks”, people who do the bidding of their political bosses regardless of the impact of their actions. Horgan made a career in politics as a party hack at both the federal and provincial level until he stepped up to run for office. In fact, one is hard pressed to know what experience Horgan has outside of the political backrooms and his two terms as an elected MLA.

Given his service to Ministers better associated with the governments of Mike Harcourt and Glen Clark, it is little wonder that NDP cabinet ministers from the 1990s Elizabeth Cull, Anne Edwards and Paul Ramsey have all provide support to his campaign. Outside of the ranks of the NDP, however, such endorsements are likely to go over like a lead balloon.

Dan Miller’s endorsement was fully expected. Miller and Horgan have a long history together in the Legislative Halls of power in Victoria. Miller was the NDP Minister of Energy and Mines and Minister responsible for BC Ferries, and was arguably one of the most incompetent ministers in the Harcourt and Clark governments.

One has to hope that Miller, who has been the loudest and most consistent voice calling for the removal of the moratorium on off shore oil and gas drilling in the Queen Charlotte Sound has limited access to Horgan if he wins. But I doubt that will be true. Horgan was Miller’s choice for Chief of Staff when Dan Miller was appointed interim Premier until Ujjal Dosanjh maneuvered his way into the office after the fall of Glen Clark. I can attest firsthand to the callous disregard for due process that was practiced by Horgan and his boss at that time. But then, perhaps he has changed."

What is clear to me in that Gordon Wilson post, Wilson as a BC Liberal and Christy Clark supporter feared John Horgan above all else, and to be honest I stumped for Horgan, in my opinion if Horgan was leader today the NDP would have a 50% percentage point lead, however, we can`t undue the past and to be totally honest, Adrian Dix has thoroughly impressed me, his no running negative attacks, nothing personal, policy first and policy second, good policy for the masses, not policy for the corporate sector which under the BC Liberals have scorched both our treasury and environment..

Rightwingers are terrified of Justin Trudeau and John Horgan, even Harvey Oberfeld went off the rails in an attempt to discredit John Horgan, all Harvey Oberfeld accomplished was in showing his simplistic mind


(MLA John Horgan sought guidance from a spiritual elder of  the T’Sou-ke First Nation who “looked inside my soul …and advised me that my cause was just and my heart was pure and I should take that journey. That was the turning point for me.”   Say no more.

Dana Larsen is a pot activist and MLA Nicholas Simon reportedly  thinks “all social policies should be seen through the eyes of a child”.  Right!")

 Really Harvey, John Horgan had a meeting scheduled with a First Nations community and they blessed him, and you Harvey throw him off the bus for that, maybe John Horgan should of cheated on his wife instead, like Gordon Campbell, like Gordon Wilson, you know, the rightwing thing to do..

A couple of weeks ago Gordon Wilson managed to get the Tyee to publish more of his NDP hate speech, in that article, where the commenters blasted him, in that article he brushed aside all the BC Liberal scandals in two sentences and promoted Christy Clark while tee-heeing and disrespecting the NDP, a very poorly written article with the same not so subtle messaging, that being NDP bad, BC Liberals and Christy Clark good..

"The Liberals' banner touts them as "Today's BC Liberals," presumably to contrast Clark's Liberal team from the decade of rule by Gordon Campbell. 

To be fair to Clark, she has reshaped the party considerably and there is tangible evidence that the BC Liberals under her leadership are a very different party from that of Gordon Campbell. She has removed Campbell's training wage, increased minimum wage to $10.25 per hour, and imposed a tax on those earning more than $150,000 per year, to mention only three out of many initiatives that would not have happened under Campbell.

The NDP, running under the rather lengthy banner of "Change for the Better – One Practical Step at a Time," is filled with veteran candidates who, to these tired eyes, are more a reflection of the past than a view to the future. MLAs like Leonard Krog, Sue Hammell, Harry Lali and Mike Farnworth, all running again, were first elected in 1991. NDP heavyweights Bruce Ralston and John Horgan, who weren't elected members during the 1990s, were omnipresent in Victoria during that decade. Ralston was NDP President/legal counsel and Horgan was a senior staffer. In addition, current Leader Adrian Dix served as right hand to Glen Clark during his years in cabinet and later when Clark was premier.


Do you see the continual slights against the NDP, he praises Christy Clark, and alludes to Clark raising the minimum wage therefor correcting all that was wrong with the Gordon Campbell era, forgetting about debt, BC Rail, BC Hydro, run of river robbery, tearing up contracts, he seems to have completely forgotten Christy Clark`s record in that same BC Liberal Government, Christy Clark took away teachers constitutional rights, a bill the Supreme court found illegal, Gordon Wilson seems to have recently developed a very selective memory, indeed..

Anywho, here I had thought we heard the last of Gordon venom spewer Wilson, I was wrong, I saw a Tweet by Diamond Isinger promoting an article in the Georgia Straight, an article with more inflammatory statements by Gordon Wilson..


New Democrats are promising change. However, the more that former B.C. NDP cabinet member Gordon Wilson looks at some of the familiar faces that may constitute an Adrian Dix government, the less he’s convinced.

It’s old and tired and bent and busted,” was how Wilson put it in a phone interview with the Georgia Straight.
British Columbians will be “reelecting, effectively, the NDP of the 1990s”, he said.
“Because I knew all of these guys when I was elected,” said Wilson, who was MLA for Powell River–Sunshine Coast from 1991 to 2001. “I don’t see too many fresh, new, bright faces.”

Wilson noted that he hears people say they’ve made up their mind that it’s time to change and dump the B.C. Liberals. “But then I keep saying, ‘Okay, we’ll take a look at who’s going to get in,’ and then I start talking about the people who are standing to get in. And the response is, ‘Oh, my God! These are the same old people.’ ”

(Carole James fired back at Gordon Wilson)

Former party leader Carole James was quite amused by Wilson’s opinion. “I have to chuckle because we did have two seats in 2001, and when we were elected in 2005, we brought in almost a brand-new team,” James told the Straight in a phone interview. “In fact, many people said some of the challenges we had in 2005 were because we had so many new people and so few were returning MLAs.”

In 2005, a total of 33 B.C. NDP MLAs—including James, representing Victoria–Beacon Hill—were elected. “Anyone who talks about a return to the ’90s just needs to look at our team and look at our numbers,” she said.
With 31 MLAs running for new terms and the balance of the 85 seats to be contested by nonincumbents, James said she believes that New Democrats have the right mix.

I think that’s exactly what the voters are looking for,” James said. “They’re looking for new energy. They’re looking for experience. They’re looking for a team that will bring new approaches and new ideas but also understands the real challenges that you face when you’re in government, and the tough choices that have to be made ahead.”


There is something very seriously wrong with Gordon FD Wilson, he admitted in 2011 that the BC Liberals only represent corporate interests, he stated the the BC Liberals had a scorched social policy, we know Gordon Wilson doesn`t believe in marriage vows, the mild mannered persona he once presented is now proven to be nothing but a facade..



  1. Come on George you are a better man than this. Never mind straw men, give us the specific NDP fiscal plan.
  2. Ralston's release thoroughly disapointing. Still we know nothing about NDP fiscal plan.
  3. and you say it with such conviction as though it were a fact, David. Still best to stick to your speaking notes.
  4. NDP don't release detailed financial platform. Instead, a straw man "real Liberal deficit" and their minions to set it on fire.
  5. You have your Star movie analogies mixed up Mike. In 1991 Dix was in early assimilation process with the Borg.


Anonymous said...

Great post Grant!!!! Glad you dont delve into the imaginary conversation game.


Anonymous said...

Grant the only person worth talking about is John Horgan.

You make some excellent points about Wilson. He seems bitter and old to me.

Anonymous said...

What I find upsetting is seeing and hearing m. brown on cbc and other media and being given cred. What's up with that?

Grant G said...

Martyn Brown is a dirty rat scoundrel..(read hypocrite)

The only thing I can say, I`d rather listen to Martyn Brown than Alise Mills and Phil Hoctein, two habitual liars..

Alise Mills, has there ever been a rightwing screeching shrew who got it wrong more often the she?


Anonymous said...

send all three to the corn field!

Gary E said...

Very interesting NDP rebuttals published in the Terrace Daily Online today.
Fact Sheets should have been published 3 weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Great! Another family values supporter for the Libs. Is this not the man who one was married while having an affair with a woman named Tyabji?

Hey, Gordo II, I remember the 90's. Savings accounts were offering 9% interest. Homes were affordable and rising in value. There was no smart meters, no carbon tax. There was a 1.6 Billion surplus. Gas was 60 cents/ litre. Car insurance did not need to be in installments. No bridge tolls. No Basi/Virk scandal. No foreign workers programs. Affordable ferries (not foreign built).Let's here more!
Anyone but the Libs, please!

Bluesborn said...

Wilson has turned into the multiple personality "Sybil" of BC politics which while kind of creepy in and of itself doesn't quite beat the downright chutzpah of the BC Libs for dragging this guy out of the closet NOW of all times.Shameless cynical BC politics.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he'll help to bring back women voters to the libs...NOT!!! What were they thinking of ? He has no family values .He punted them to the curb and hooked up with Judy T.

He just wants to get in there to pick up the pieces...ooops...I mean the rotting lib corpse.

William Blair said...

It takes a lot of guts to make negitive comments while hiding behind, Anonymous said. Makes you think Anonymous is to ashamed or trying to make themselves look more important than they really feel.