Wednesday, May 15, 2013

801 Club Was A Ruse Hatched Between Global`s Keith Baldrey and Jas Johal And The BC Liberals.

I have been informed that the story Keith Baldrey and Jas Johal ran about the 801 club gunning to stick a knife in Christy Clark`s back was a BC Liberal ruse, a ruse the media played up to get female voters, and other voters to vote for Christy Clark, the sympathy vote....!

As you know neither Jas Johal nor Keith Baldrey on Global or on CKNW revealed any names..They had a mere couple of 801 pins, they played it up to perfection...Not one person outside of the media personalities mentioned above admitted to being a member,,,Not a single person!

It was a BC Liberal-Media masterstroke..

It`s not the only reason the BC Liberals won but it was a huge part of it..

You have some explaining to do Keith Baldrey..You too Jas Johal..

Reveal the names or admit your part in the ruse..

Jas Johal and Global news played up the post cknw radio debate scrum with Adrian Dix where Jas Johal asked the same question to Adrian Dix 20 times, Jas was frothing at the mouth..

Keith Baldrey, Bill Good, Sean Leslie played up the Jane Sterk was great in the radio and TV debate...They played up how trustworthy Sterk was, and how John Cummins was bad, they also praised Jane Sterk for the TV debate performance, while continually dismissing John Cummins

I hope you are real proud Keith and Jas...For Shame.

As for the pollsters, I am still trying to figure it out, the proof I haven`t got, but a smart politico whom I had a conversation with told me...I`m paraphrasing here..This person believed the pollsters(who were polling for the big corporate controlled dalies, Globe n mail, CTV, Global and Sun news) deliberately reported the wrong numbers, the NDP never did have a 20% point lead at the start of the campaign, the NDP had a 7% point lead at the start of the campaign, combine that with the carpet bombing ads, 24 hour comeback kid ads, add in Vaughn Palmer and Michael Smyth tanking for the Liberals, endorsements for the Liberals by the Globe n Mail, the Province,.....While simultaneously not calling Christy Clark out on her endless lies...

And it was now a virtual tie...Then bring on the Keith Baldrey, Jas Johal fake 801 club satire, designed to get female voters riled up, and to bring traditional Liberal voters back, the sympathy vote back..

Baldrey, Jas Johal, Bill Good, Sean Leslie, along with Vaughn Palmer should be ashamed of themselves, but their not, their glowing over the success of the gambit..

All I have to say..Start building the LNG plants Christy Clark, prove us wrong, and, let`s get David Black to start spending on his mythical refinery, prove us wrong, the Kindermorgan pipeline WILL be tripled up..They have the rightaway and access already, can`t be stopped.

Enbridge can and will be held up by First Nations...

Last thing...If I`m still alive in 2017...I guarantee you we still won`t have one dime from any Asian Built and floated to Kitimat LNG plant..And the debt will be $25 to $30 billion more by then..And lastly, we will be told later this year that the 2013 balanced budget is really a $1.4 billion dollar deficit..

This post goes hand in hand with the below post on John Horgan.

And remember this..

 The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


kootcoot said...

R.I.P. - Honesty, Truth and Justice.

I woke up in a riding that was won by the NDP with almost two thirds of the vote, yet two ridings east, in the Alberta part of B.C. that slime ball Kootenay Bill won for the slime party with approximately the same percentage.

I fail to understand how Adrian Dix can be so stupid as to stand there and say how proud he is of how they campaigned and I'm with you Grant, if Horgan had been chosen leader we would be much happier and looking to a much better future for most BeeCeers.

I'm wondering if both the NDP and the Slime Party are actually run behind the scenes by the same assholes, just like in the US Obama and the ReThugs are just two sides of the same coin of greed and constant war.

I have my doubts I will necessarily be in BeeCee to experience the same four year onset of depression and frustration yet again in 2017. Besides after four years more of these thieves there won't be enough of BeeCee left to even give a shit about, and whats left will be toxic.

Unless the same foul folks in the shadows are running both (or all four) parties, it is virtually impossible to understand how 12 years of lying, stealing and out right criminal behaviour can be rewarded with not just victory, but even more seats than they had at dissolution.

Anonymous said...

Running a "high road campaign"and nice guy horse shit hasn't worked in BC, EVER. Whoever was in charge of the BC NDP campaign should have his ass kicked so far down the road that he is never seen again.
The NDP should have come out of the gate like junkyard dogs and kicked the living shit out of every Liberal sleazeball,corrupt, money stealing issue until they were in the gutter where they belong.
Dix should be the first to be drop kicked out right after the campaign dude.
4 more years of lies, cheating, corruption and theft.
Goodbye BC Hydro.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure a lot of what you say is true. The problem is the NDP should have known this is what they are up against. There's a root problem in how they pick their leaders. First let me say I'm from a union background and have served in many positions within a Union. I always realized that it was a big mistake giving Unions a voting block at the NDP conventions. What tend to happens is the leader that panders to this bloc gets elected. They don't look beyond that, which opens the door to weak leaders , think Skelly and now Dix. I cringed at the way Dix was running the campaign. I remember reading a blog by Raif Mair warning us that Dix had the potential to pull a Skelly unless he turned it up big time. Boy was he right on!

Anonymous said...

Either John Horgan or even Carole James would not have had their asses kicked like Adrian. I was uneasy with the guy from the get go and he was a bloody disaster. Now 4 more years and maybe 8 of those asshole Lyin Libs. I want to puke. As you say Grant, the First Nations will stop enbridge but Kinder will be going full ahead.

Grant G said...

Yes, Adrian Dix said no to negative, yet the BC Liberals attacked from the beginning, Adrian Dix didn`t have to go personal, he could of highlighted the BC Liberal record..

Adrian Dix and Brian Topp wear this...And I too was faked out by the media and the pollsters, for that I apologize..

One more thing, BC, our province is running deficits, Canada is running deficits, LNG revenues won`t arrive for a decade, probably never, the interior dead tree strewn on the ground forests are going to burn like like solar flares, huge expense coming..

Teachers contract coming due in 1 month, other unions too.

BC Liberals promised new hospital in Penticton, Cambell river, Comox, St Pauld in Vancouver, Burnaby general.

Evergreen line needs to be paid for..

Methinks that maybe the NDP didn`t want to wear the structural deficit..BC`s deficit and debt is going way up..

World banks, OECD outlooks, world growth, everything is supposed to be really slow, 1% growth..

Maybe the NDP didn`t want to wear it..

The only losers in this election are the smart concerned people of British Columbia, the environment and the salmon.

P.S.,,You will notice some changes on my front page, many links removed, like question period videos, link to cknw, kash Heed file, I also canceled cknw news alerts, radio is now set to FM rock...No longer going to use Vancouver Sun or Province for sourcing, nor Global TV..

The big media faked us out, the polls were faked, 801 was fake...Read my 1996 BC Liberal pact with the media story linked in this post.

Lastly, Asian voters betrayed B.C. and the youth vote stayed home again..


Anonymous said...

Everything I'm feeling today and meant to say here, kootcoot has already said.

scotty on Denman said...

I understood and approved of Carole James' resignation; I supported and voted for John Horgan; I accepted the members' selection of Dix but began to get nervous about his no-negative plan, my only consolation being the polls. Nevertheless I spent virtually all my time warning of complacency and of Green vote-splitting. I advised my candidate to be clear and aggressive--she seems that kind of person, herself. I convinced a few people to vote who hadn't for a long time and I enlightened a few first-time voters. Finally I voted myself. If I'm to continue supporting this party, I'm gonna have to be assured they'll be no more Mr Nice-guy stuff.

I'd heard the notion Dix avoided aggressive engagement because of his vulnerable record--as if he expected his rivals were going to be as chivalrous. If he'd known the BC Liberals would attack him on that account anyway, do you suppose he might have given as good? Or would he be as serene no matter how bad the beating? I'd need to know what the new leader would do to parry with negative campaigning, not to present an existential position about it. The topic was winning, not whether negative campaigning is good or not.

The party is going to be hearing a lot of this: "I've been an NDP supporter for a long time but..."

Grant G said...

John Horgan as leader..

Dix must resign as leader, period, not in 2 years, not in 18 months, today.

We need the best candidate for leader, not who plays the membership sign-up game the best..

Farnsworth has to recognize he can`t lead, and I am not racist, or homophobic, not one percentage of vote can be conceded, ...

Horgan lives and represents a rural riding, big city candidates can out membership-sign-up him.

We need concise thinkers in the party to decide the leadership.

Horgan had the most endorsements, he`s the best speaker, he shines under pressure, a sharp wit, he doesn`t jitter, stutter or stammer...

Unless a new outsider can come forward, there is no one withing the party who can be leader besides John Horgan..

Case Closed.

Good Day

Grant G said...

Lastly...The Asian Vote moved like a swarm of cicados..

On masse they all went BC Liberal..Even if that meant voting Susan Anton.

In 4 years that Asian demographic will only be bigger, caucasian vote demographic smaller.

Welcome to the new Metro Vancouver and BC

Asian voters casting ballots they way their homeland(china)wants and Alberta Rednecks in the interior.

NDP will never win again without the likes of a John Horgan swinging lefts and rights..

The NDP party needs to hire me as advisor to have any chance at all, or at least heed this little bit of advice in my posts


Anonymous said...

Whoever ran this campaign should have his ass kicked down the road so hard and so long that he never goes near another. Nice guys don’t win in today’s political society. They have tread marks across their forehead just like Mr. Dix does today. Dix was just another Carol James, this time with a penis.

My feeling all along was to jump out of the gate like junkyard dogs and rip the living shit out of every Liberal and every sleazy corrupt thing they ever did and keep beating away one them till election night..

Another four years of pillage and theft.

The NDP should start as soon as Christy Clark decides which sheep will be sacrificed for her try at getting re-elected. Start the campaign with why she suddenly resigned over the BC Rail deal and keep beating the living shit out of every sleazy, corrupt Lieberal deal after that. In fact be creative, add any outrageous bs that can be thought of and let them deny it.
Once the crap is spread its very hard to clean off. Just ask the NDP
They have absolutely nothing to lose now.

Anonymous said...

I fear you have it right there. Once a colony always a colony. Prepare to be harpers door mat. They should introduce a retro active head tax for all immigrants payable to Canada's Origionals in compensation for this monstrosity .bahh pox on all our houses.fuck life

Grant G said...

There is no melting pot in Burnaby..Janet Routledge NDP signs were everywhere, only a few Richard Lee signs..

North Burnaby is divided badly, I went to an all candidates meeting in North Burnaby(After the Kindermorgan flip by Adrian Dix)..

Richard Lee was almost booed out of the all candidates meeting, Richard Lee can barely speak English, he presented himself in English very very poorly..

The all candidates meeting was filled with 98% middle aged to elderly white people, only a couple of Asian people..

So I know the pipeline opposition WAS THE issue, and there were no Richard Lee signs in the yards of Burnaby`s Asian community..

Yet Richard Lee, the non-English speaking pylon was voted in easy, a pretty big majority..

He was voted in by almost the exact number of Asian voters versus white voters in North Burnaby. (percentage)

So the Burnaby Asians don`t care about the environment, pipelines or Democracy..

So what made them all go BC Liberal?

Burnaby North is very divided, white versus Asian..

There is no melting pot, only gated communities.

This isn`t personal racism..

Asians voted lock-step BC Liberals..Yet virtually none of them were willing to advertise publicly that fact.

Stealth voting block

Anonymous said...

It's flock to the free enterprise cash cow

Anonymous said...

I've seen them (probably rich ones) treat Ms Kwan like shit like they were afraid to associate with her. Yet if the saw a big wig so called communist from China they would line up to kiss their ass.

Crankypants said...

I think that there is something fishy about the results. No matter which polling firm and which methodology they employ, they all showed that the NDP was in front by various margins over the Liberals. I even heard that internal polling conducted for the political parties showed the NDP in a commanding position.

The results do not pass the smell test. A small majority maybe, but not a spread of 17 seats.

Could it be that the "quick win ethnic strategy" was discovered to late? Was it already implemented? The investigations that were supposedly carried out were inadequate and the key players were still working for the Liberals during the campaign.

I live in the Coquitlam-Mallardville riding which was contested by the Green Party, The BC Liberal Party and the BC NDP Party. The Liberal Party was represented by a candidate that was a virtual unknown, the Green Party was a ghost and the NDP was represented by a second-term councillor who just happened to get the most votes in the last municipal election. The Liberal won by only 105 votes but considering past elections it should have been a cakewalk for the NDP.

Then there is the Port Moody-Coquitlam riding where Joe Trasolini won a by-election with ease. This time he fell to the Liberal candidate who just happened to be another elected councillor in Coquitlam.

What do these two ridings have in common? A large Oriental population which brings me back to ethnicgate.

Another thing that comes to mind is were there any other "quick win" type of strategy concocted by Christy and her cohorts in the Premier's office at the taxpayers expense? While the MSM, the political pundits and the pollsters look for the easy answers, the real story may never see the light of day.