Thursday, November 12, 2009

Update....Translink`s Canada Line to lose 21 $ million per year until 2025!

Hello my friends,just off the news wire,the Canada Line P3....Is and will be losing money,lots of money,until at least 2025....The comptroller general has made the case, and the funny thing is....Everyone said the Canada Line was a money loser...Including Macolm J....I don`t have much too add except,read my back story and read the story from today`s Province newspaper.

Here is the link to my story that was titled ..."Why Translink is going broke fast" (

And a real good read from the Province newspaper (

Can anyone say....I told you so...Deja VU

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Anonymous said...

Might it surprise you to know that the Expo line 'lost money' for almost 20 years? And that 99 per cent of bus routes in the region also 'lose money?' Overall, our transit system recovers 55 per cent of its operating costs at the farebox...and that's one of the best recovery ratios in North America.

Ken Hardie, TransLink

Grant G said...

Well Mr. Hardie, I hope you read my story.."Why Translink is going broke fast..

Such as,The Golden ears P3...Will cost Translink a fortune every month starting in July 2010...To the tune of 1 million per month,then 2 million per month by 2011.

As for the Canada line,besides being WAYYYY over budget,it was a P3...

It wasn`t supposed to cost more,the private operater,was supposed to get their payback through the farebox,what kind of P3 has all the risk falling on the public,what happened with the ridership numbers....

It was said after 100.000 ridership no more subsidy! Translink is artificially bringing people to the Canada line,people with fare passes,transfers,monthly passes.

Ken Hardie,I don`t blame you,the province has downloaded things onto Translink that should be in the ministry of Transport...Like repairing the Pattullo bridge,overpasses,Golden ears bridge....

P3s...Gordon Campbell p3s are a joke, Malcom J has exposed the fraud of the Canada line,maybe the Canada line wouldn`t be the big money loser it if didn`t go 1 $billion over budget.

And Mr. Hardie....I am a advocate of the Campbell carbon tax going to Transit/Translink..At least then,the carbon would be useful,not just a money wurlitzer,not a phoney, or what does Campbell call the carbon tax..."A tax cut" Ha HA..

Good luck Mr. Hardie

At least you don`t have to deal with pip squeak Kevin (boo hoo) Falcon

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