Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How much food is in your freezer Gordon Campbell?

Well my friends, time for a happy post.
1 Million Canadaians used the food bank in march of this year, food bank use is up a staggering 20% year over year.
According to the bank of Canada....The recession is Over
And the recession is over,investors,bankers, the big boyz have gotten back most of the money they lost when the financial markets crashed, summer in the Hamptons and winter in the Caymans will be back to normal, JP morgan and AIG bonuses have returned, well actually they never left, in fact,JP Morgan has put aside 80 $ billion dollars for bonuses this year, down a small tick from the 2006 bonus total...Now Barack Obama has displayed anger towards these bonuses,or has he?
There are two ways out for the players, half of the companies/banks that got bail-outs to avoid a hassle over bonuses raised salaries by 200 %... and then gave tiny bonuses,JP Morgan and AIG said...Go to hell,we signed agreements and we`re paying bonuses, and my friends they all use that same old argument.
"We have to pay well to attract the best and the brightest"........Everyone is using that line of argument, Gordon Campbell used that same argument to justify his pay raise and the massive pay raise to senior civil servants, including the 104.000.00$ raise to Jessicca Mac Donald bringing her pay package to 348.000.00$ per year plus expenses, Ontario Liberals say..."Look what they are paid in BC" So the Ontario Liberals raise their pay packages, then BC says " Look what they are paid in Ontario,we have to keep up or everyone of our best and brightest will leave"....HA HA....What a sick joke.
The best and the brightest that led Ontario to a 24 Billion dollar deficit and BC to a 5 $ billion dollar deficit and the bureaucrats in BC never even saw the deficit coming,well,according to Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen nobody knew the deficit was coming,I guess we didn`t pay the best and the brightest enough money to buy new GLASSES! And, this "thing" this comparator game only works with politicians,it doesn`t work for regular workers or minimum wage..
Because as you know,our BC Paramedics are the lowest paid in Canada, BC minimum wage is the lowest in Canada, and quality results aren`t a factor in determining wages, here we are paying the CEO of BC Rail over half a million$ per year to run a short spur line with no rail cars, WOW,imagine what we would have to pay if they actually had trains! And then there is our 1 million $ dollar man,David Hahn....Who cares if the CEO of the Washington state ferries makes less than 200.000.00$ per year......David Hahn...Under his management BC ferries made a whopping 9 million dollars,after 150 $ million in taxpayer subsudies, I wonder what Ontario`s CEO of ferries makes..HA HA. Yes of course I`m being silly, David Hahn must be worth that kind of money, after all David Hahn has the ability to hypnotize Christy Clark and make her say anything,including Christy Clark saying BC Ferries made 500 $ million dollars in PROFIT, too bad it`s not true, every year the subsidy to BC Ferries goes up and any dribble of profit goes down....What is the going wage rate for radio talk show host hypnotist?
A jobless recovery,wages are falling,pensions are being gutted and meanwhile we keep importing toxic goods from China,goods made by slave labour, and Stephen Harper and Barack Obama because China is willing to buy up debt(Lend us money) both leaders are prepared to look the other way with human rights, dangerous goods,slave labour, environmental degradation, both leaders are willing to sell out future generations for a temporary fix...Yes indeed my friends, Thomas freidman was wrong ,the world isn`t flat,the world is round,covered in mountains and obstacles, there is no such thing as free trade, Ed Deak up at big Lake knows what he is talking about, giving away resources is a false economy.
Can you imagine,more than a million Canadians using food banks, and....The Recession is Over.(Read about the spike in food bank usage here) http://www.theprovince.com/life/Canadians+turning+food+banks+record+numbers+2232484/story.html
So what am I talking about, I mentioned that this was a happy post,here`s the deal folks, we don`t live in China, we won`t be put down,we won`t be held down, Gordon Campbell,Stephen Harper, how much food do you have? What`s in your freezer? You might have steel shutters and cameras,you might have body guards and pit bulls but they won`t stop a hungry mob, and my friends,when your hungry go to the legislature in Victoria, knock on your BC Liberal MLAs door, ask for food at your local BC Liberal constituency office. Maybe,just maybe if every hungry person, every hungry child walked into Gordon Campbell`s office,his front yard,the legislature and asked for food. This is Canada, not Chinada, not Russanda, not Afcanada, Hunger will end in Canada, even if it means politicians feeding the hungry one at a time.
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Yep - "Let Them Drink 'Campbell's Soup'" as Marie Antoinette would say.

General strike I say. Oops. There already is one - The NDP opposition is nowhere to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Now I read that NDP Nova Scotia and NDP Manitoba had higher food bank useage increases than BC. What gives?


Grant G said...

Anon 6.40 pm....

Statistics, if one person in Alberta was using food banks last year and two people used the food bank this year the increase would be 100%

In Nova Scotia the NDP JUST got elected,But,BC has the highest food bank usage BEFORE the RECESSION, so a 18% increase in BC is huge.

BC has led Canada in child poverty for 7 Straight years, Ian Black, that Dweeb from Coquitlam (BC Liberal) was on Bill Good show last week saying how great everything in BC is, "The Recession is over"

I wonder if the recession is over in Kitimat, or the hundreds of workers in Burnaby that lost jobs with Ebay and EA....

And Anon 6.40 pm...How many other provinces are borrowing 700$ million for a retractable roof, the liberals had no answers in question period today, Mary Polak`s only answer about food bank use and child poverty today was..."it could be worse"

Anyways Anon 6.40 pm...I want to start a new program,.......I want hungry people walking into politicians offices and asking for food,everyday to have unkept,dirty,cold,hungry,smelly,clean,drug addicted,waiting for EIC,denied EIC,waiting for welfare,denied welfare,welfare all spent, I want these hungry people camping out and walking into politicians offices everyday until the problem is solved.


crankypants said...

Grant, we in Coquitlam prefer to refer to Ian Black as the dweeb from Port Moody so as not to confuse him with Dawn Black from New Westminster/Coquitlam.

Anonymous said...

This is not just happening in Canada my friend. It is happening the world over. The working class has been put in charge of taking all the hits with the financial meltdown. And now our cowardly leaders are in China and India all wanting a piece of the action, after decimating our Canada.

The problem is Korporate Kulture. The likes of Campell and Harper are drinking way to much of its' juice.