Friday, November 20, 2009

Gordon Campbell`s HST gamble comes up snake eyes!

Yes indeed friends,we all know Gordon Campbell is a snake in the grass, but, the news is great, the McGuinty Liberals in Ontario are on the ropes, Tim Hudak and his Ontario Conservatives have come from 16 points behind McGuinty to pull even, McGuinty is in free-fall, and the Campbell Liberals are spiralling down the same toilet bowl.

(UPDATE to this post,another poll out today,Ipsos reid...Jack Layton`s federal NDP have surged 6 percentage points, according to Mr. Bricker of Ipsos reid,the reason Harper and Ignatief both lost ground to the NDP is......Anger Over the HST! You see folks, as I wrote in a previous post,all roads to victory go through an ANTI HST about this latest federal Ipsos Reid poll here)

Are the cracks forming in Campbell`s "rain,reign" of terror ? You betcha...In fact Norm Letnick(new BC Liberal from Kamloops) voted against bill 14 in the BC Legislature, no BC Liberal MLA in years has voted against a Campbell bill, and for a newbie to do that...Well, who`s next..Donna Barnett..Don McCrae....Stephanie Cadiuex...These new BC Liberal MLAs have a choice to make, either they fight for their political futures and revolt against Campbell or they will be one term politicians never to be heard from again.....My bet is they turn on Gordon Campbell(proven liar and lawbreaker)

Here is the story from LEE GREENBERG,The Ottawa Citizen(read the full story here)

Here are a few highlights from his article.

  • Nanos`s last poll,in may,had the liberals at 47 per cent support,16 points ahead of the tories.

  • Successive scandals,a historic deficit and an unpopular new tax have taken a heavy toll on Ontario`s liberal government,according to a poll released tuesday,which shows support plummeting.

  • The Nanos poll also shows premier McGuinty`s leadership numbers in free fall,sliding to 26.9 % popularity from 42.1% in may.

  • According to Frank Hall,president of Holinshed research group inc....Hall released a poll tuesday showing 76% of respondents disagreed with the imposition of the HST"This is a decisive number," he said,adding respondents believe they can stop the tax.

So my friends, The Ontario liberals are in complete free fall,and, despite more and more exemptions being added,despite the 1000.00$ dollar bribe every family is getting as a rebate to help offset the HST,despite McGuinty spending every dollar and more of the HST bribe money from the federal government(4.3 billion $ dollars), despite all the spin doctoring from the Ontario Liberals the government is in desperation mode!

And my friends, the knives are being sharpened in Ontario, survival mode will kick in and defections,betrayal, and self serving survival will be the order of the day...The Hst will be stopped, trust me,these politicians don`t give a rats ass about you,me or anyone,they care about the money, all roads to political success go through an anti-HST platform.(read the Nanos poll here)

And my friends, the good news keeps coming, we had another poll just released today, a Mustel poll, and the numbers are great,and,remember this,Mustel poll(Evi Mustel,friend and ex-business partner of Joan Mcyntire(BC Liberal MLA) are always skewed towards the BC Liberals(IMO),so if the Mustel group has Campbell in free fall it really is bad news for all BC Liberals)

Gordon Campbell HST gamble is coming up snake eyes,there will be no olympic bounce, maybe in Richmond,Whistler or point Grey,but the Liberals are always strong there, no one from Kamloops,Vernon,the Comox valley, or most ridings in BC give a hoot about the olympics,and it won`t matter if we win 1 gold medal or 30 gold medals, and the cracks are already forming in the BC Liberal party, there are only closet liberals left, individual donations from real people have dried up, my secret sources have told me that at least 6 BC Liberals are going to vote against the HST, it`s called survival mode, it`s called..."I need a second term for a full pension"

Gordon Campbell, the LIAR is leaving the party within a year, reality is slowly sinking in, " I need a second term for a full pension"...."Why should I sacrifice my political future over Gordon Campbell when Campbell will be gone within a year!"

Yes indeed my friends, the BC Liberal knives are being sharpened, norm Letnick,Donna Barnett,Don McCrae, who will be the first BC Liberal MLA to Thrust the knife into Gordon Campbell`s back! (read the Mustel poll here) Lastly....As I reiterated in an earlier post,all successful political campaigns go through a ANTI HST Platform...Read it here

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Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Grant G said...

I suspect John H ....To take over as NDP leader, Campbell will be gone by recall in Point Grey....But according to my sources he will resign before he gets thrown out.


Gary E said...

Donna Barnett is all ga ga over Campbell. I don't think she really knows whats going on. She doesn't answer emails or dispute letters to the editor. She only attempts to refute accusations by other MLA's. And she's wrong when she does.

Anonymous said...

LOL - Angus Reid also has a new poll out with the NDP ahead by 14%. ROTFLMAO. Good-bye Gordo!

Grant G said...

Thanks Gary....She also only won by 60 votes.....She would lose by thousands if a election was called.

And she will not have earned a pension in 1 term.

Falcon..De Jong...Abbott....Bond...Coleman...They will go down with the ship,but the newbies....The knives are being sharpened as we speak.

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Anonymous said...

How do you come up with this stuff faaaaaaantaaaaaastic!I can see scampbell sweating,daggers from the feds ,gordo e tu stephan?

Anonymous said...

BC,has been gutted so badly by Campbell. I am afraid that will mean, BC citizens will still have more taxes laid upon them, because, it will be said, Campbell, left such a financial mess, more taxes will be needed to clean up. What natural resources do we have left? Campbell has sold a lot of them to the USA, and has shipped our mills to China, those jobs will never come back. What does BC have left to recover with? BC is pretty much an empty shell. Even the gas fields in the north are capped. They say Canada is short of technology workers. My son is an Electronics Engineer Technologist, he has to try and get a job overseas, maybe thats why Canada is short of technology personel. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

I am sooo fed up with our government NOT being held accountable... I dont understand how they can boldly lie to us and get away with it... shouldnt there be some sort of babysitter for these @-holes to make sure that they can no longer scam us? I feal defeated! I feel cheated! how can they give them selves raises while the majority of us are barely making ends meet?? How can they continue to tax and then retax and then tax some more?? How can we stand up to the bully?how can we fight back?? if any business were to behave the way these crooks do it would be out of business and have its ass in court.