Monday, November 23, 2009

Monte Paulson....Turncoat,sell out, Bill Good`s puppy

First off, I would like to wish Bill Teileman good luck,now down to business.

So here we have Monte Paulson,the "new" monday morning quarterback, the first thing I noticed is there was no fanfare from Bill Good or Norman Spector in saying goodbye to Bill Teileman, anyways,it didn`t take long to see the new format in full bloom, I have one thing to say...Disgusting,untrue, pandering,Monte Paulson....Yip yip yip,did I do "good" ....Did I,did I....Yip yip yip.

The show started with Monte,Spector and Good talking about the federal parties and...This quote from Monte Paulson..." The NDP never met a tax they didn`t like" really Monte,when was the last time the federal NDP were in power and raised taxes? And so the show proceeds,and at every turn,every thought Monte Paulson put out there for consumption was ..Yip yip yip...Ya ya ya..your right Norman,your right Bill,did I do "good" did I.....And the show proceeds with some more quotes from Monte Paulson about the provincial NDP " The NDP ran a terrible campaign" ...." The NDP are scary to business"...." The NDP need new candidates"...." The NDP need to rebuild".....and this "The HST was classic Campbell,bring out unpopular stuff early in the first term and by the time the next election rolls around their on top again".....And this quote from Monte Paulson .... classic yellow journalism...." Right after the provincial election a NDP MLA (anonymous) said to me, phew....Thank god we didn`t win the election,we were not ready to form government"

Not one word from Monte about any the Campbell shocks and nightmares,not one word about the 14 % percentage point lead by the NDP, not one word about anything anti Campbell,not one word about McGuinty dropping like a rock in Ontario over the HST,not one word of relevance from Monte Paulson,no clever remarks, no grand news from the federal Liberal convention in Whistler that Monte Paulson attended,not one word worthy of being put on the air......Nothing but PAP, yip yip yip,did I did I do "Good" Bill,did I,did I....

Classic Campbell eh Monte?.....Like slashing surgeries, 50 nurses laid off in the last week alone,MRI`s cancelled, school cuts,arts cuts,sports cuts, classic Campbell indeed...It`s too bad that people will sell their soul, sell their respect,sell out for a chance to be Bill Good`s lapdog and Norman Spector`s junior intern, perhaps that explains his "Not worthy of print" article in today`s Tyee! I would normally leave a link to the CKNW audio vault but in this case, spare yourself the dis-pleasure of hearing Monte Paulson "Panting like a puppy dog"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Grant, Monte is one of our own who does good reporting against the Gordo scum at the Tyee. If we continue to infight against our own are we ever going to win the battle against El Gordo??!!

Grant G said...

Gimmee a break....Monte`s biggest gig and....

A yellow journalism statement from Monte,not even a backed up statement.."A ndp MLA (anonymous) said to me,phew,thank goodness we didn`t win the election,we weren`t ready to govern"

If that is the type of radio you enjoy,have at her!

Here,you want some yellow journalism...A anonymous source in the Campbell government told me Bill Good is corrupt and paid by Campbell to say what he says! Just kidding,but unprovable either way.

With friends like that...You can figure out the rest Anon 11.41 am

Laila Yuile said...

Is Monte getting paid for his time on the show, or is he making free appearances?

Grant G said...

Well,Laila, Bill T states in his post today..."He couldn`t work anything out with the station managers"

So I imagine there is a "stipend"

Look people, Gordon Campbell`s brother is on the air every morning at,I think 8.25 am for 5 minutes.

Christy Clark,ex BC Liberal Cabinet member,and I caught her fabricating stories on BC Ferries finances.

The cutting ledge on friday is all right wing,,Good,Palmer and the apologist Baldrey.

Now the monday show,at least today is all right wing and anti-NDP.

Where is the balanced radio..Sheesh...Even Sean Holman,who does great work on his blog but his radio show features him and 4 guests that are BIG TIME RIGHT WING Provincial Liberals,I can`t listen to the Babble,trouser wearing babblers part of the show ANYMORE!

Just the Straight Goods here, no matter who it offends! If you can`t take the heat...Well,you know how it goes.


Bill Tieleman said...

Thanks for the kind words about my work on the Bill Good Show, Grant - I do appreciate it.

However Monte Paulsen is a friend and colleague at the Tyee and I am certainly not asking anyone to boycott the show. I have told Bill Good and his producers I am more than willing to be a guest on his show, as well as other CKNW shows, on an occasional basis.

Anyone can read my post about my departure at my blog.

BC Mary said...

Just for one horrifying minute, let's imagine what it would be like WITHOUT bloggers to speak the truth?

Special thanks, Grant.

Anonymous said...

Grant, ther is also good, independent, progressive, socialist radio on the dial and the hosts routinely go after and destroy Gordo and his cronies. You will love it!

Why bother listening to this CKNW crap if you don't like it... it's like listening to the sound of fingernails screeching across a chalkboard. LOL

Grant G said...

Well anon 5.27 pm....There are several reasons why I listen to cknw...

1)My dear friend bitter brian is a regular caller on the cutting ledge show on friday and weekends on the last decent show they have left, Sean Leslie show 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm sat/sun

2)I(did) enjoy listening to Bill Teileman on mondays.

3)I have Christy Clark over a barrell with the CBSC Canadian broadcast standards council...She,cknw has 7 days left to formally respond..I WILL Get my public retraction, Article 7...of the CBSC code of ethics(you can read about it on my post on this page titled,:David podmore man of fibs,eer,half truths:)

4)If I don`t get the retraction there will be a formal hearing with the CBSC and my ducks are lined up,my facts are verified,Christy,cknw will lose that hearing if it comes to that.

5)They,cknw know I`m listening and if they pull another Christy Clark fibfest they will feel the wrath.

Lastly,I`m a stubborn SOB and I miss Rafe Mair...Pat Burns...It`s personal,from a long way back.

Cheers-Ears Wide Open

Anonymous said...

I too tuned to listen to one of the few cknw shows that still has some balance to it only to find this shill, I also awaited to hear something about the cuts the closures the pay offs, govt .C.E.O.'s and their Huge salaries, I turned it off, I didn't check back did they bring up the fast ferries again..
Monty I wont be tuning you in anymore what a huge dissapointment, as seems to be the way things prevail here in beautiful B.C.
Nothing wrong here everything is great...move along... thank-you for your wonderful articals

Anonymous said...

Well done Saltery Bay! Good luck with Christy


Grant G said...
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Grant G said...

Thanks Frank....And a big hello from Quarry Bay