Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tic Toc Tic Toc Tic Toc..Your time is coming Gordon Campbell

Well,here we go again, my hats off to Vicki Huntington of Delta South,she is fighting the SFPR and is opposed to gravel extraction from salmon bearing rivers,and as you know millions and millions of Sockeye salmon vanished, there are several runs of sockeye that leave the Fraser river..And, coincidentally the Sockeye salmon that went south after leaving the Fraser river were the fish that returned to spawn but,

The fish that went north, the fish that went north and had to pass through the "Gauntlet" of Atlantic salmon fish farms were the salmon that "vanished without a trace" of course Barry (The awesome one) is at a loss for words, at least coherent words!

Anyways, at a time when we should be doing all we can to protect salmon habitat why is Barry Penner and the Provincial (DICKtater) government allowing gravel extraction from the fraser, there is indisputable evidence that gravel removal doesn`t prevent floods, and coincidentally this gravel that is being removed is being used in.

In the SFPR (South fraser perimeter road), that`s right, regardless of all the studies that show the negative effect of gravel removal Gordon Campbell and Awesome Barry Penner carry on with their wave of destruction, and as for the SFPR, besides it going through the largest carbon sink in north America, endangering species, salmon, anyways,the anger of the public is escalating,Gordon Campbell`s time is....Tic Toc Tic Toc running out FAST.

And in case you haven`t heard, the David Suzuki foundation and Tzeporah Berman "Whose silence has been deafening" on Gateway project,fish farms, coal bed methane,GRAVEL EXTRACTION, these Focking green gurus who lambasted the NDP at the start of the last provincial election and put ALL their support behind Gordon Campbell well.(read about it here)

We all knew it was about the money,Tzeporah Berman(forests ethics),James Hoggan(suzuki foundation chair) have been appointed to Gordon Campbell`s resource development team, the financial terms,well I`m digging out those numbers,but now we know why Tzeporah Berman and David Suzuki sold out the environment and pushed mammoth run of river projects and ignored all the other issues!.....Show me the money eh Berman!

But people will only be pushed so far before they push back with avengence, and believe me,the people have spoken, the BC NDP has a 18 point lead over Gordon Campbell and his pathetic bunch of losers! And,unless those losers revolt they will be toast,forever hated in their communities, because none of them are standing up for their constituents, they are all avoiding emails, letters, they`re hiding from the public...Show your damn balls Liberal MLAs, or are you all as AWESOME as Barry Penner?(in fact,Barry penner is so awesome someone has dedicated a real funny,slagging website just about Barry Penner,have a look here)

And my friends,the anger is exploding, in fact if I had any advice for useless BC Liberal MLAs would be this.....Don`t show your face in public!, and, Gordon Campbell`s Liberals are so unpopular that yes,even Carole James could mop the floor with Gordon (Proven LIAR and LAWBREAKER)Campbell and...People send me items of interest, I received this little gem this morning,and I`m not saying that I agree with this tactic but, the anger towards Gordon Campbell is in full boil and people can`t help themselves,have a look at this link

Tzeporah Berman,James Hoggan, enjoy the heat, you phony environmentalists couldn`t hold a candle to Alexandra Morton (My Hero)...Tzeporah Berman, you were always about yourself and your ego, now your about the money,as for James Hoggan...He was always about the money, I feel sad for David Suzuki, the man did good work(in the past) but his people in the foundation are nothing but two-faced environmental sell outs!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Norm Farrell said...

Campbell, his underboss, consigliere and captains know how to arrange a business deal that cannot be undone. Two-generation long contracts with private power producers are a done deal. Want to reclaim rivers for the public? Get ready to pay handsomely to buy back the public assets given away. When we see the details of all the public private partnerships, we'll find the same lock-in clauses. These ideologues know and knew what they were doing. When the Iliberals are gone, the stink will linger on.

Leah said...

Exactly will be generations before the people of BC breathe clean air again...the stench of Campbell can't be cleaned by anything but time. We no longer have the money to buy back what he's given away.

Now let's keep an eye on the folks from China being flown over Northern BC today - with an eye to buying up everything that ain't nailed down.

As for these "greenies"...well, we all had to know they'd receive their just reward for backing Campbell...and they have. It will be interesting indeed to find out what they sold their souls for!

kootcoot said...

Back when David Suzuki treasonously gave his support to the BC liaRs of Gordon Campbell because of their "green policies," I suggested over at the House or at WaterWalk that Suzuki could have a good case to sue for his educational expenses spent in acquiring his degrees - obviously they didn't teach him some critical aspects about reality!

Grant G said...

Ha...Great stuff Koot...

I`ve Emailed Suzuki and Berman..Their silence is "deafening"


Anonymous said...

suzki is a puke and a traitor,and thats just the nature of things.