Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kevin Falcon,Fibster and now he`s prepared to break the Canada health act

Just a few items I would like to mention,well actually I`m going to write out a couple of sections from the Canada health Act,because even I, after 10 minutes of reading the health act,the only conclusion one can come to is.....Campbell and Falcon WILL BREAK the LAW.

(Extra-billing and user charges) The provisions of the CHA,that discourage extra-billing and user charges for insured charges for insured health services in a province or territory,are outlined in sections 18 to 21. If it can be determined that either extra - billing or user charges exist in a province or territory,a mandatory deduction from the federal cash transfer to that province or territory is required under the act.The amount of such a deduction for a fiscal year is determined by the federal minister of health based on information provided by the province or territory according to the extra-billing and user charges information regulations described below.

Extra billing (section 18) Under the CHA (Canadian health act)-Extra-billing is defined as the billing for an insured health service rendered to an insured person by a medical practitioner or a dentist,in an amount in addition to any amount paid or to be paid for that service by the health care insurance plan of a province or territory,for example,if a physician were to charge patients any amount for an office visit that is insured by the province or territory health insurance plan,the amount charged would constitute extra-billing.Extra-billing is seen as a barrier or impediment for people seeking medical care and is therefore,contrary to the accessibility criterion.

User charges(section 19) The CHA defines user charges as any charge for an insured health service other than extra-billing that is permitted by a provincial or territorial health care insurance plan and is not payable by the plan.For example,if patients were charged a facility fee for receiving an insured service service at a hospital or clinic,the fee would be considered a user charge.User charges are not permitted under the act because as is extra-billing,they constitute a barrier or impediment to access.

Mandatory penalty provisions)-Under the CHA,provinces or territories that allow extra-billing and user charges are subject to mandatory dollar-for-dollar deductions from federal transfer payments under the Canada health transfer,for example,if it has been determined that a province or territory has allowed $500.000 in extra-billing by physicians,the federal transfer payments to that province will be reduced by that amount.(you can read those sections here)

So you see folks, Kevin Falcon and Gordon Campbell are talking about violating the Canada health act, we can`t as a province charge the province of Saskatchewan a premium,it violates the Canada health act, because in effect it allows people to jump the line and receive medical service, the same option would have to be offered to BCers,but that would be illegal to charge extra, of course private clinics are available to provide services for a fee but the province CAN`T....Do you hear me Falcon,it`s illegal!

Now some of you may think that it wouldn`t apply to Americans,you would be wrong,because by taking in Americans for surgeries, because they would be charged a premium that is in effect the same as denying access to BCers,because again,the option must be given to BCers, and the fact the province can`t charge extra-user fees to people in the province,any province........Because if Americans were charged fees to access the Canadian public health system,that would have the same effect as denying Canadians access to our own public system! LAW 101

You bunch of dumbasses who voted for the criminals known as BC Liberals,I hope you renounce your vote and join the fight,the fight to save all that is sacred in Canada.As for my regular readers,I know I can count on you.

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Anonymous said...

It matters not to the Campbellites whether something is illegal or not. If it is...they just have a law changed here and there, and Voila! there's no issue. Between Campbell, Falcon and Penner, there won't be anything left of this province by 2013.

If Carole doesn't step down, we can look forward to another 4 years of their specialty rule. Not that the idea of that will bother her, I'm sure it won't.