Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christy Clark unplugged

Just a little update, no response from JJ Johnstone(cknw station manager) yet,or Christy Clark or anyone from cknw.

Apparently JJ is in Toronto, maybe he has gone to the CBSC to plead his and Christy Clark`s case, the CBSC has ordered cknw to hold onto the master tape of Christy`s broadcast of november 10/2009.....And the CBSC has sent me information regarding my complaint against cknw and Christy Clark.

CKNW was given 21 days to respond to me,and if their response is not satisfactory,I can request the CBSC decide the matter, there is a code of ethics that all broadcasters must follow, article 7...has to do with corrections,when there is a glaring error or LIE made by a broadcaster or their employee the normal thing to do is...The broadcaster must quickly make a public retraction.

Maybe cknw think by ignoring me that this will go away,It won`t,I won`t

You see folks,bitter brian was correct, and I heard the broadcast live,and I had just written a post on BC Ferries financial woes so all the FACTS were fresh in my mind. Now maybe you think I`m being harsh, but.........I immediately after Bitter Brian`s phone call to Christy Clark started sending the facts to Christy Clark`s email address at cknw, I sent her my story first...No response back to me...I then sent her the BC Ferries annual report with all the financial statements,not my statements but stated facts from BC Ferries ....no response back....I then sent her Andrew Macleod`s story from the HOOK at the Tyee....no response.....I then sent her Hansard with the page numbers highlighted with all the pertinent data.....no response.....And just in case my information wasn`t getting through I sent the data to all the radio staff at cknw and even office staff....no response...And,I have sent many items in the past to cknw and have had many return responses back,but not this time!

At this time(november 10/2009) I wasn`t angry, I was polite in my emails, I said in more than one of them "Hey Christy, look,just say your information on BC Ferries profit was wrong, and regular caller Brian from Garden Bay was right"

But the "Silence from Christy Clark and CKNW was Deafening"

And I still kept my cool, I looked up the code of ethics for broadcasting and sent that to Christy and CKNW....no response.....I then sent another Email saying if you don`t respond to me I am going to file a formal complaint.....no response and the rest is history.

I have listened to the cknw audio vault over and over again just to make sure I wasn`t mistaken,I`m not...Christy said over and over again that the great one David Hahn was returning 1/2 billion dollars in PROFIT to the province...And she said under David Hahn that BC Ferries was returning 500 million dollars to the province in PROFIT....Now if Christy was only out a little bit,like say a hundred million, even 200 million out I wouldn`t be getting too upset but...in 2008 BC Ferries made 37.1 million and in 2009 BC Ferries made 9 million dollars...That is a WHOPPER of a LIE, she must have made Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen proud with her tall tales!

Here is the data from BC Ferries annual report.

Financial and operational overview

This section provides an overview of our financial and operational performance over the last three years.Year ended march 31 (In $millions)---------------- 2009---------- 2008

Total revenue ---------------681.8 ----------640.7

Expenses --------------------624.2------------ 569.6

Earnings from operations-- 57.6-------------- 71.1

Interest and other---------- 48.6---------------34.0


Net earnings ______________9.0__________ 37.1


Total Assets of March 31___ 2009_________ 2008

_______________________1.841.9________ 1.550.5


Total long term financial liabilities

_________________________1.369.0_________ 1.059.5


Cash dividends____________ 6.0____________ 6.0


(And this statement followed from BC Ferries in this annual report.)

"Our earnings from operations in fiscal 2009 were $13.5 million lower than in in fiscal 2008 as expected,these reductions reflect increased amortization and financing costs as a result of new capital assets entering service,as we near the completion of our fleet renewal program for our major and northern routes.

Our ridership has been negatively impacted by current economic conditions.The negative revenue impact of this lower passenger and vehicle traffic was largely offset by reductions in operating expenses from previously planned levels.

Net earnings in fiscal 2008 were $11.7 million lower than net earnings before extraordinary gain in the previous year.In fiscal 2007 we recorded an extraordinary gain of $61.3 million as a result of insurance proceeds from the loss of the Queen of the North."


Laughable, that`s what I think of Christy Clark`s assertions,Laughable and, I find the part in the statement about "Extraordinary gain" over the sinking of the Queen of the North Laughable,A Gain? What about the replacement cost,clean up costs,legal fees,settlements...Oh Yea,extraordinary gains...When pigs fly!

(Listen to the audio vault here) http://www.cknw.com/other/audiovault.html Cue up november 10/2009/ 12.00 pm...Fast forward to 12.37 pm.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Laila Yuile said...

Good for you Grant. My husband heard that broadcast while he was at work, and couldn't believe what he was hearing.It's a rather simple matter to say " I made an error" and get on with it.

Gary E said...

I was trying to listen from the vault and at 12:42 I lost the connection.

Did you copy the program just in case they have "technical difficulties" recovering it Grant?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your persistance here Grant. I see this as a deliberate lie in order to protect David Hahn from the fallout over his undeserved salary. When will CKNW get it? We are sick of being lied to. Lied to from Gordo, his friends and his puppets. Lied to from his cheerleaders, CKNW.

The Liberals would not be in government today, if it were not for the repeated lies and disinformation about their record of governing.

Grant G said...

Gary E.....I just checked,the audio vault for 12.00 pm november 10/2009(12.30 to 1.00 pm time slot) it`s there and yes I have the recording.
Maybe you encountered a glitch.

Christy was so over the top,such a blatant lie,like I said,if she was given false information she can come clean,but..I can`t imagine anyone giving her terrible,false,easy to check garbage.
A simple comeback then was what I wanted,now I want the BIG Public Retraction ...For the public,for the voters, for radio listeners in the future,and especially for my dear friend Bitter Brian!


Anonymous said...

If I were you I would call and call and call the Christy Clark show and bring it up "On Air" with her. Then the listening audience will hear about her big BOO BOO!

Anonymous said...

Christie is so lawyered up these days. Virk / Basi case, her pending divor..., and this fiasco, lies on line. What a disaster. Hell, she could be premier,... NOT! LOL, already have a great lier there.

kootcoot said...

". Hell, she could be premier,... NOT!"

Not so fast, hey, she has one of the primary skills down to an art it would seem. She already knows how to lie and what else does the premier of British Columbia do in the 21st Century?

Anonymous said...

I listened to the audio vault and Clark comes off as a shrill ..................

I do not listen to the pathetic '98 anymore as it is all Liberal promo and not worth my time.

Clark and her hubby are up to their collective ears in BC Railgate and one wonders why CORUS still employs her (what pictures does she have?).

Sadly, Clark and her ilk, feel that they can say anything, truth or fancy and get away with it. I wouldn't expect any more from this gang of confidence tricksters!