Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Protesters,prepare to meet LRad,sonic cannon

Fresh off the news wire,the Vancouver police have purchased the "lethal" crowd control device and they claim it has nothing to do with the olympics!

You know, I am just about at my breaking point, how can they continue to lie to us,con us, look friends, we all know the bill authorizing the removal of street people is olympic related,we all know the new provincial authority given to bi-law officers to kick your door down was olympic related,we also know the paramedics were ordered back to work (even though they never left work) because of the olympics.

But, just tell us the god damn truth, I am so sick of John Furlong with his rah rah rah, hand on his heart,the olympic spirit, fock his olympic spirit, this five ring circus is costing us billions with no benefit to average BCers, with absolutely no benefit to BCers east and north of Hope.

So the Vancouver police have gone out and bought a L Rad sonic kaboom cannon and they claim it has nothing to do with the olympics,bullshit, let`s have a look at this lethal cannon.

The Lrad, blasts out a sound wave,a high pitched sound wave of 146 DB(decibels) and the Lrad can cause death, it definitely causes hearing damage,permanent hearing damage,and it also impairs people`s vision, now this relatively new device hasn`t been used that much but, lets have a look where this device has been used.

Camp Bucca(Iraq).....Fallujah(Baghdad)...At the 2004 republican convention...Tbilisi (Georgia) ....It was also used by the sea vessel..Seaborne spirit to fend off pirates,and it worked.

The Vancouver police say, "The purchasing of this device has nothing to do with the olympics" A bald faced lie! (you can read about the LRad here) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_Range_Acoustic_Device

My advice to olympic protesters, bring metal shields on masse,because apparently the sound wave can be directed back to the source.

My friends, these confidential agreements between the IOC and the Province and the cities of Whistler/Vancouver and Richmond need to be exposed,yes,there was a referendum on having the olympics but nobody told Vancouverites that their rights were going to be tossed out the window,my friends,this device was purchased but for one reason, to blast olympic protesters off the street....Well, let the law suits fly, anyone who gets blasted with this sonic gun I suggest you sue, even in Bejiing they didn`t have sonic guns,but here? In Canada,shocking!

And David Eby has some excellent points about this military assault weapon ( http://davideby.blogspot.com/2009/11/vpd-media-lines-on-lrad-sonic-gun-fail.html)

You are a gutless Gregor Robertson, and I thought no one could be as bad as the NPA, I guess I was wrong Mr Happy Planet! (More on this story over at Great aunt Bertha`s place) http://eclecticeccentricity.blogspot.com/ Thanks GAB

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Anonymous said...

No words. Too angry.

Anonymous said...

Grant; please contact Mary at TLR re; this article.

Anonymous said...

What next? Water cannons?

Aunty Bertha said...

I don't doubt they will use it. I wrote about their use of waffle words to cover their asses when they do use it over at my place.


Gordo said...

I don't see why they bother to lie about it. It's not like they're trying to hide the existence of the thing. Sheesh.

Aunty Bertha said...

Check out what David Eby has to say on the subject