Thursday, November 19, 2009

Translink`s spokeman Drew Snider says ; Drivers are unaware of where the golden ears bridge is;!

Well my friends, more laughter inducing statements from Translink.

Here`s the deal, fresh off the airwaves, Drew Snider, Translink`s spokesman stated there are 24,000 crossings per day on the golden ears bridge, and he can`t understand why drivers still line up and wait to use the decrepit old Port Mann bridge.....Drew Snider goes onto say "Drivers are creatures of habit and Translink hasn`t done a good enough job in letting drivers know where the golden ears bridge is and how it can improve their commute" and Drew Snider goes onto say....." It`s just like the Albion ferry,most drivers are unaware there was a ferry"

Well my friends, The Golden ears bridge is a financial boondoggle,by July 2010 Translink will lose 1 million per month on that bridge,by 2011 that number rises to 2 $ million per month in losses, by 2014 the Golden ears bridge will cost Translink 4 $ million per month.

But, the one thing Drew Snider said was true...."People are creatures of habit" In fact I would hazard to guess the reason for people avoiding the golden ears for but one reason..People,drivers,families, workers can`t afford 200.00$ a month, 2400.00$ dollars per year on tolls.....That`s a lot of money, 2 weeks pay...3 weeks...a month of pay for some workers!

Hey,but what do I know, maybe Translink needs to leave a trail of bread crumbs or footprints to lead drivers to the lost bridge! (read why the Golden ears bridge boondoggle will cost taxpayers a fortune here) And here

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Anonymous said...

Drew Snider - "Translink hasn`t done a good enough job in letting drivers know where the golden ears bridge is".

Hmmmmm, when nobody shows up for the Owe-lympics, John Furlong will say - "VANOC didn't do a good enough job in letting people know where BC is". LOLOLOL

Laila Yuile said...

Ohmygosh.... I can't stop laughing.

This is classic! Outstanding post Grant.

Just like people will crowd the Patullo and the Alex Fraser when the Port Mann tolls kick in.The traffic through north Surrey is going to be a nightmare, and we all know it. What will Drew say then?

Anonymous said...

Drew is towing the gordo line. He is a "bobblehead" for the king.

Ian said...

It's $.69 an hour. So, if you take a job across the bridge, you need to increase your hourly wage by $.69 an hour just to break even.

Anonymous said...

this government has gone tax and fee crazy!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gotz no money for fees or extra taxes,el gordo I'm broke,you broke me couldn't cross if I wanted to,got a layoff and the company I used to work for won't hire till after the I owe limp dicks,hope you're happy mother fu####!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

TransLink is broke and need every extra penny they can find, problem is many Valley drivers are broke and using the bridge daily can be crippling.

Bring back the Albion ferry.