Saturday, November 21, 2009

Meet the future in power generation

I first heard about this mini nuclear plant from Seth, a Tyee regular contributer, this little device will power 10,000 homes for seven years for about 300.00$ per year,per home, it`s the size of a garden shed and........It could well spell the end of Gordon Campbell`s private power disaster!

Look, I was skeptical at first, but the more I investigated the more I believe it`s the future of power generation, France gets all their power from nuclear energy as do many countries, anyways, this little plant has no moving parts, no big external heat, hyperion (The manufacturer) has orders for 100 units.....Hyperion expects to produce 4000 of these units between 2013 and 2023. Also,besides Hyperion, apparently Toshiba has a similar model coming out as well.

Thats enough power for 40 million homes, I`m going to leave you a couple of links,please read them and tell me what you think, first off, I don`t expect them ever to be in BC, not because of fear but because we have plenty of power presently online, but,these little plants will eliminate the need to run power lines across America, eliminate massive dams, and believe it or not, they purify water.

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Norm Farrell said...

Trouble is, I clipped a drawing of a nuclear powered automobile from a Vancouver newspaper, in 1957. I'm still waiting.

Here is a photo of Ford Motor Company's concept car:

The writer linked to says, "Ford’s nuclear automobile embodied the naive optimism of the era.

I suppose I was guilty of that back then. But, now I'm a skeptical pessimist.