Monday, September 14, 2009

The gullible BCers bought the carbon tax,hook,line and sinker

Gordon Campbell and Marc Jaccard sold gullible BCers a placebo disguised as GHG reducer.............(Part V and final piece in pollution series)

The carbon tax, sequestration, tree planting, upgrades to efficiency at industrial plants, have you heard a word from Campbell or Jaccard on any of these issues since the fraudulent election,nope,they`re silent,industry is silent,even Obama is silent,the united nations is silent, David Suzuki and Tzporah Berman are silent.

Well what the HELL.......I am not going to be silent,I am going to scream from the roof tops until I either get locked up or committed.

You see I have seen this pattern over and over again, when ever business is rolling along with full coffers the politicians attempt to prove their relevance,but they never do,as soon as business quivers the politicians go slither back under their rocks. In reading a story on CNBC financial web site there is an interesting story,it has nothing to do with my story but it`s the story of big business....Apparently all the wall street boys JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and the other big banks and investment firms have gone right back to the risky behaviour,derivative betting and iffy financial products,speculative trading, everything they did before,well we know what happened,these thieves decimated world markets, but the second mistake was bailing these entities out to the tune of trillions of dollars,because by bailing them out they weren`t taught a lesson, now in the back of their minds at these "to big to fail companies" they know if the shit hits the fan again they will be bailed out.-----Read the story here.

So here it is, a year plus of the carbon tax and there is another 130.000 vehicles on BCs streets,not a reduction of cars or trucks an increase....

I remind you of one Gordon Campbell`s lies regarding the carbon tax, this is a direct quote from Campbell ......" The carbon tax will take the equivalent of 400.000 cars off the road each year"

If that was true there should be about 600.000 fewer cars on the road,well,I just mentioned the numbers, 130.000 more vehicles on the road since the implementation of the carbon tax, success,hardly, I call the Campbell/Jaccard carbon tax a complete failure.

I know there are many of you out there that are in favour of the carbon tax, but your naive, you see if, if in fact global warming or GHG is the threat that many scientists believe it is, by wasting time on a useless carbon tax or a phony trading market for emissions all we managed to do was waste valuable time we apparently don`t have, our last federal election,our last provincial election the only discussion was about a green shift(taxing consumers) or carbon tax.

And now that the world is in recession there isn`t one big time politician who dare`s to upset the industrial apple cart about implementing hard caps and emission reductions, you see that tired old business mantra has come full circle again, the business and industrial sector is in a "Fragile state" you don`t dare throw those costs at business at this time, then the argument will follow that we don`t know how real the recovery is so we must wait,and on and on it goes,meanwhile a decade will have passed with nothing "REAL" being done, so Campbell,Jaccard and Weaver,stephan Dion have set the movement back.

If you read the first 4 parts in the series you should be quite disturbed with the amount of indirect polluting we do overseas, the emissions from our coal exports alone equal the emissions of 15 million cars yearly output of GHGs or enough emissions to heat 23 million Canadian homes,our natural gas flaring in BC wastes enough gas to heat 300.000 homes, meanwhile our piddly little useless carbon tax simmers on the back burner,accomplishing nothing.

If we are to have a carbon tax there should be no tax cuts associated with it, no pain no gain, just like wall street,they felt no pain,they got bailed out on the back`s of taxpayers, and not just current taxpayers but off the back`s off taxpayers who haven`t even been born yet.

Because until we have mandatory reductions for industrial emissions they won`t reduce,until we stop the practice of buying unproven carbon offsets all we will do waste valuable time we don`t apparently have.

I want to be perfectly clear, I am 100 % against the HST tax shift, that $2 billion dollar yearly tax shift from business to the consumers, because I know one thing for sure, the Oil and Gas industry will pass on ZERO savings to the consumer and I challenge anyone who lives to prove me wrong, mining will not pass on $1 dollar of savings to the consumer,the forestry industry will not lower the price of a single stick of lumber, but you know what, there is an opportunity here in Canada and BC to make a loud bold statement to big industry, if in fact we go through with the HST tax shift........

And if in fact industry will save those hundreds of millions of dollars on PST they won`t be spending, why not mandate that every dollar of savings that big industry makes on the adoption of the HST be put into mandated emissions reductions,sequestration,carbon capture,replacement of wasteful pipes,leaky water systems, pollution controls, more efficient equipment......

And every dollar that isn`t invested in these areas is taxed at 100%

Now that is a bold statement, the carrot and the stick, but believe me,this will never happen under Campbell or Jaccard or Weaver or any gutless politician.

No,you will only hear about these idea`s from a simple angry blogger from Garden bay.

Now not only is this an idea that could catch on,industries would create job opportunities,investment in new technology, put those tax savings directly into the economy or pay it in tax.

Meanwhile the gullible media, the naive supporters of the carbon tax, the phony Jaccard, the auto dialing Weaver, the compulsive liar Gordon Campbell will be fiddling while Rome burns.

The Straight Goods

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