Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gordon Campbell has turned the legislature into a joke

Bill 2-2009........budget measures implementation act (no.2) 2009

Lets talk about the BC legislature and how the Campbell administration has turned it into a sick joke.

This bill that is working it`s way through the legislature allows the government to run deficits until 2013.......And if you read the bill the first thing that comes to my mind is this.....On the top of the page on the right hand side it has...: Honourable Colin Hansen-Minister of Finance and Deputy Premier: ....I know there is protocol but that word Honourable needs to go, the honourable minister,the honourable premier, there isn`t any honour among the BC Liberals,John Les still under investigation,John Von Dongen had to step aside, Gordon Campbell is a proven liar and proven lawbreaker, Hansen and Campbell lied about the HST, they lied about the deficit, the honourable premier has lied so many times I have lost track.....If Gordon Campbell is to be addressed as honourable then so should Jamie Bacon, the cops who tasered Dzenski, Kenneth Lay of Enron fame because they all have something in common, they are bold faced liars.

So here this bill is presented so Campbell can run deficits and ministers don`t lose any pay but, these bills that the Campbell government bring in are never stand alone bills, you see this whole "LAW" that said BC can`t run deficits is a sick joke, every time Campbell and Hansen run deficits they run to the legislature and submit a get out of jail free card, because as you know the (no deficits allowed bill) was already repealed last febuary, at that time Campbell brought in an amendment to run deficits for two years, now he is re-breaking this law again by bringing in another amendment to run deficits for four years.....Sheesh......What I mean by a "Stand alone bill" is this, the NDP are going to vote against this bill and they should, how childish and immature can we get as a province, it`s like writing a bill that says Gordon Campbell is forbidden by law to shit his pants, well what happens when Campbell shits his pants again, hopefully he puts on clean underwear....This bill is a joke.

So the result of the NDP voting against this bill is this, the BC Liberals will be saying that the NDP voted against tax cuts for BCers....Because any putrid bill that Campbell brings forward there is always a teenee weenee little tax cut in it, the tax cut in this bill amounts to about 50$ per working BCer....yet there are changes to the carbon tax in this bill as well, changes that will cost people money.

The legislature-Question period, what is the point of question period when Liberal ministers won`t answer any questions, for example...Dawn Black asked Kash Heed if he would restore 44.000,00 $ in funding to a very successful group that helps prevent domestic violence, Kash Heed responded .." I have seen domestic violence first hand and it`s terrible" .......The supplemental follow up question from Black was ... I`m glad you care about domestic violence but will you restore the funding for this which Kash Heed went on about how he has entered homes of victims of domestic violence to see children crying and their mother laying there dead, but not one word in his response about restoring funding.

If these are the answers the public can expect to get from the Campbell government what is the point in asking questions, it`s childish and non-productive,now back to bill 2-2009 budget measures implementation act(no.2) 2009 ....(you can read the bill here)

What is the point of the no deficit law, the government has no control over deficits, I am totally offended by this bill, are we children, shouldn`t MLAs on the government side and ministers stand up and say this is stupid, shouldn`t the media be laughing over this bill

This bill wasted a week of legislative time already in this session, this same bill (act 1) wasted money last febuary, three days of arguing about a bill to break the no deficit law. How much money did it cost the tax-payer to call that emergency session last febuary, all the MLAs being flown to the island, all the legislative staff all called in and for what, would anyone out there let children get away with this let alone our elected leaders, yet bills that should of been debated don`t get debated at all, like the carbon tax bill, it was rammed through the legislature in the 2008 spring session in the last hour,along with 5 other garbage bills, 6 bills rammed through the legislature in one hour without debate and weeks of wasted debate on a bill that isn`t worth the paper it`s written on.

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Unknown said...

have you heard the latest from Gordo, about banning free-speech in BC regarding the olympics? can you say "violation of civil-rights"? can you say "NAZI/liberal police state"? this blog is absolutely right about forbidding the usage of "honorable" from the present crop of left-wing gov't ministers!

Grant G said...

Yea Thomas,I am aware,check out my story called...."IOC,Vanoc and the BC Liberals,bullies,cultural thieves and bastards"

I talk about Bill 13 in that story,it`s illegal

There is no honour amoung BC Liberals

Thanks for caring

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Anonymous said...

To imagine the gall to throw a loonie at paramedics stricking to have fair pay for being on call. Those paramedics are only paid $2.00 an hour. Campbell's behaviour is so bizarre, I am wondering if he has Wernicke-Korsacoff Syndrome. He also seems to be a scociopath, not caring about having the highest number of children living in poverty. He has no remorse of his $8.00 an hour minimum wage. There are single mothers with children, of whom have to rely on the food banks to feed their children, and those shelves are getting bare. Imagine when his HST rears up it's ugly face, those low income people will be homeless. The only emotion I have seen him express was, when he got caught in the crime of his DUI. You just can't rationalize some one who isn't rational.