Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kirk Lapointe and the Vancouver sun are idiots

Is it too much to ask Kirk Lapointe (managing editor of the Vancouver sun) and the Vancouver sun to be able to do the simplest of math? I could see Bill Good(Gordon Campbell`s radio pimp) making these type of errors but shouldn`t print media fall to a higher standard?

Here I was checking out Canwest media outlets wondering what`s new, what`s going on in the world because when I slip away to go fishing I leave the world of news behind me, anyways, as I was perusing stories in various rags this little Vancouver sun story caught my eye....:Golden ears bridge a goldmine for Translink:

The reason the story caught my eye was that I specifically wrote about Translink and the Golden ears bridge several weeks back only my story was titled : Why Translink is going broke: So seeing the headline thoughts started whirring through my mind,could I have been wrong? I have been wrong before, I`m always messing up my too and to, so says my journalistic sister(journalistic,is that a word?.) Anyways I start to read the story preparing myself for probably having to write a new Translink story apologizing to my regular readers for jumping the gun on Translink.

So I read the story expecting the financial numbers to leap off the page but boy was I disappointed and exonerated at the same time, now I am not exactly a brain surgeon, school,well lets just say I never came close to a graduation party, apparently I was to disruptive in school and was told to leave,I obliged but I digress, back to the Vancouver sun, the author of the Canwest story was someone named Kelly Sinoski, there`s a perfect chance to do a Polish joke but with a (SKI) on my mother`s side of the family it would be like insulting myself, but cmon, Kelly are you stupid? Incompetent ? or just a Canwest stooge? OK, so simple math isn`t Kelly`s strong suit but surely Kirk Lapointe or Patricia Graham(managing editor and editor-in-chief) of the Sun would of caught the glaring errors or at least would of given a qualifier in the story but no,that would be professionalism and unfortunately the Vancouver sun and their editors aren`t capable of running a lemonade stand, funny though,the best and the brightest,dumb and dumber are more like it.

Here is the deal on the Vancouver sun story on Translink, presently 10.000 vehicles cross the golden ears bridge each day 10.000 one way and 10.000 the other way for a daily total of 20.000 crossing, that works out too 600.000 thousand crossing per month or about 2 million per month in tolls........Now presently Translink is paying to the private operator of the bridge 500.000.00 $ per month plus a monthly fee of 316.000.00 $ for maintenance,now if you total the two amounts together are roughly 820.000.00$ per month and Translink is collecting 2 million in tolls........

Now if I stopped right there the story would be correct but, in January 2010( 4 months from now) Translink`s payment to the private operator rises 1.5 million per month plus the 316.000.00$ maintenance fee,so 4 months from now the gold mine will only be breaking even,but it gets better because in June of 2010 the fee that Translink will pay to the private operator rises to 3 million per month plus the monthly maintenance payment,so in just a short 9 months from now Translink will be losing approximately 1.4 million per month on that bridge,and a year after that in July 2011 the monthly payment rises to 4 million plus the maintenance fee per month and then rising to 4.8 million per month plus maintenance in 2015.

Kirk Lapointe or Patricia Graham and to a lesser degree Kelly Sinoski you are idiots, Translink making a few bucks a month for 6 months then breaking even for 6 months the losing millions per month forever doesn`t qualify as a goldmine, journalistic trash, I would expect that from Campbell`s (PAB) public affairs bureau but don`t you have any integrity at all at the Vancouver sun.(Read their trash here)

Final point, The deal was structured this way for exactly this purpose,to spin a story making Translink look good,to make the Golden ears bridge deal look good,well the deal stinks,the golden ears bridge deal stinks,the Canada line stinks,and the port mann bridge deal will stink to high heaven, looks like Gordon Campbell,Translink and the Vancouver sun all went to the same school,and none of them could run a lemonade stand,a government,or even edit a can read my Translink story here.

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Crankypants said...

You nailed it Grant. I suspect that the BC Liberals do their accounting in the same fashion and thus explaining their gross mismanagement of BC's finances. Gotta love these P3s.

I'm sure that the Canada Line will yield similar results.

Anonymous said...

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