Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Turn out the lights,the party is over

Having returned from paradise refreshed and angrier than ever.

I glanced at Vaughn Palmer`s columns,he`s been busy,I give him credit for finally writing something worth reading,but where were you last year? Where was Smyth,Baldrey,I`m confused,how can I of known about the 3.6 billion$$ deficit,rising unemployment,plummeting provincial revenues!

Here you big media types with research departments,access to politicians,expense accounts etc etc,and you all failed,yet I and many other cultists and internet readers were well aware of what was going on,I`m not going to rub your faces in it but.........Vaughn/Smyth/Baldrey/Vancouver sun editorial board,Global/CTV......Your all a bunch of losers!

The Blogospere had it right,Will McMartin had it right,the best and the brightest in the last few years were average joes.....Average Joes like G West/Ed Deak/Zalm/BC Mary/Shreck/Ross K/and hundreds of others who I have left out,explain to me how average people knew about what was going on but big media slumbered? Sorry Vaughn,a little late then never doesn`t cut it,this is life we`re talking about not some silly little game,and believe me,your all guilty of dereliction of duty,you should be fired for incompetence!

So what did I miss in the last week-Apparently Vaughn Palmer,Michael Smyth,Baldrey,and other media have been getting a rough ride from Campbell and his cronies,from what I have read is that the Campbell gang doesn`t like answering questions,and when the media persists Campbell has gotten unruly.............Is that so Vaughn,well too bad,Campbell hasn`t been answering questions for 8 years,question period is a joke,budget estimates are a joke,and the media in this province is the biggest joke of all,what the heck did you media expect,you have been doing nothing but licking Campbell`s boots for years,all of you have permanent boot polish on your tongues and it will take years for it dissolve.

So lets deal in facts,Campbell has doubled our BC debt(so far) Campbell has run the three largest deficits in BC history,9 of 13 years under Campbell will be deficits.

So what items stand out like a sore thumb(well everything stands out) --Let me be more specific,Colin(Campbell`s organ grinding monkey)Hansen,was asked for a list of all the groups that have had funding cuts,Colin Hansen refused to supply the list,Hansen told the media wait until july/2010/...........Sorry Hansen,that answer isn`t good enough,Vaughn,Smyth,I expect you to keep asking until he answers,until Campbell answers,and lets be perfectly clear,if Hansen and Campbell won`t answer that question today,you make sure Campbell and Monkey boy know that the same questions will be asked at every opportunity,including every olympic press conference,you can avoid the questions now or look red-faced with the world media here,call it a threat Vaughn/Smyth.....Because that is the only thing Campbell understands,well what is it going to be Vaughn/Smyth......Are you going to find your balls and pursue or are you clowns going to join the monastery,there is no middle ground.

What else---Vaughn`s colleague Craig McCinnes has

asked repeatedly for the hard data on the HST from Hansen and the ministry of finance only to be told no......This hard data about the HST would be ---Detailed tables of how much each sector pays in PST,how much each sector will save,how much will it cost the consumer,it`s time for the Campbell government to show us the hard data.......You keep asking Mccinnes,and Hansen will keep on stalling.

Here is the deal Vaughn on the HST.......Let me spell it out,remember the carbon/gas tax? Campbell`s phony earth shattering,world saving carbon tax.....Campbell didn`t bring the bill/legislation up for debate in the house,no sirree bob,what did Campbell and his cronies do,they rammed through 7 bills in 11 minutes without debate in the last hour of the last day in the 2008 spring session......And why did Campbell do that? Because Campbell had no data to back up his claims,no emission targets,Campbell didn`t have one shred of evidence to prove the carbon tax would do anything.

So let me layout the Campbell game plan on the HST........remember the carbon tax,Campbell will do the exact same thing,the legislation on the HST is not being brought forward during the fall session at the legislature,and here`s the news flash,the legislation won`t be brought in during the spring session at the legislature,it will be rammed through the legislature during the last hour of the last day without debate---The reason?---Because the hard data on the HST doesn`t exist,the big business saving are being exaggerated,the only data available is that consumers will be paying a couple of thousand extra each year and prices won`t drop,the HST is a fraud,so you keep asking Vaughn................Vaughn Palmer....I would like you to ask Campbell and Hansen a direct question ..."Are you going to ram through the HST via the guillotine in the legislature,without debate,?"

Because here we are,a province with a lame duck leader,a lame duck party,not one honest Liberal in the bunch,liars,con men,and muted zombies,that is the BC Liberal party,devoid of any idea`s,Campbell who is stuck on a treadmill,he is unable to create any new revenue streams,he is unable to deal with the corporate world,Campbell is a stupid man but a brilliant LIAR,the corporate world has bought the Liberal party,Campbell is not in control,Encana gas,teck cominco,Rio tinto are in charge.

The BC Liberals as a party are dead,Campbell is finished,a party that oozes corruption,Campbell and the Liberals are already dead on the inside,the decay and rot have not quite gotten through to the outside skin but believe me,the Campbell Liberals are a rotting corpse and the decay is affecting every BCer, a fraudulent election,the only commitment Campbell has maintained is his commitment to LIE,the olympic experience has been killed by Campbell,people are sickened by the mere site of Campbell,so for me,for 80% of BCers to have Gordon Campbell a proven liar,a proven lawbreaker,stand up and represent BC to the world and the media is a sickening thought.

You only represent lies,scams,crimes,you Gordon Campbell are the poster boy for corruption in politics,you will be remembered for nothing but harm,you are an empty shell,devoid of life,a cheater,a phony family,an alledged lifelong adulterer,a convicted drunk driver,the man who destroyed our salmon stocks,a premier of nothing,a sick twisted individual,enjoy your pension,enjoy a lifelong security team,enjoy looking over your back for the rest of your pathetic life! Remember your legacy on child poverty,minimum wage,your assault upon the weakest,the party is over,the wine glasses are empty and all the flowers are dead.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open
Grant G


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Yes Campbell and His Shit Tax will be the bestt thing next to sliced bread for us the great unwashed. We will get to pay more while nhis cohorts get rewarded for supporting his lies.

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Gary L. said...

Grant, a very good read indeed, but could you please stop fence-sitting and tell us how you really feel?