Monday, September 14, 2009

Gordon Campbell,a small petty incomplete man

Many people find power in giving, not so with Gordon Campbell, his power comes in the form of taking, not only on a financial level but this mouse of a man has taken the spirit of BC and flushed it down the toilet.

I believe the word "man" in describing Gordon Campbell is a mistake, Campbell is a weak, puny vindictive child masquerading as a man. I have a smorgasbord of items to talk about, lets start with the gag law.

I was shocked today to find out that the Campbell gag law is not dead, remember the supreme court BC struck down the gag law just before the last provincial election, well, I listened to Mike De Jong (attorney general) trying to explain to John Macolm why the Campbell government have appealed the decision to the BC court of appeals, his argument was thin, his entire argument was based on fixed election dates.

Well, lets clear up a few facts, the gag law is repugnant whether our election date is fixed or not, secondly with all the cuts to sport,environmental,and arts group to spend tens of thousands or more to appeal a decision is nuts, because I will bet the farm that Campbell will lose his appeal, so then what, It will go the next step,it will be appealed next to the supreme court of Canada and how much will that cost the BC taxpayer? Probably a million dollars or more. So why is Campbell doing it ? There are several reasons, none of which will make you feel very good.

  1. The first reason is this,somewhere in Gordon Campbell`s deranged mind he believes he will run again in 2013 and he must pull out all stops to control the message, but there is so much dirt on Campbell and his party that if groups can advertise will surely hurt his chances.

  2. Campbell hates to lose.

  3. Campbell is such a small petty child mind that this is nothing but being vindictive,how dare anyone challenge his authority.

Well all I have to say is this, I don`t care who or what you gag, I don`t care what happens with the economy,Gordon Campbell and the BC liberals are done, the depth and scale of betrayal,lies and corruption follows Campbell and his party around like a shadow.

There is something fishy going on with federal infrastructure money for shovel ready projects, and I believe I have the answer.

Let me explain, Harper announced federal infrastructure money for all provinces last spring, but that was before the 2010 olympic security budget was announced, now from what I gather is this, to have Ottawa pick up a large chunk of security budget we in BC have lost part of our share of federal infrastructure funding, but there is more to it than that, there are several criteria involved in accessing this money.

  1. First off, any project to receive federal funding must be COMPLETED by april 2011,not started but actually completed,so why is Campbell dragging his feet?

  2. Stephan Harper did a smart thing(forgive me for saying that) -Another criteria to get this money was this....Harper wanting to maximize the amount of money getting spent on infrastructure required that all three levels of government must contribute equally to receive funds----To give you an example of this, lets say Victoria wanted to build a sewage system and the cost was 150 million dollars, Ottawa would kick in 50 million/the province would kick in 50 million and Victoria would have to kick in 50 million.
  3. The reason Harper went that route was this, our share of infrastructure funding from Ottawa was 500 million dollars,by having three levels of government having to spend equally would mean 1.5 billion in infrastructure spending.

But, something isn`t being told in this story, I read a story last month about Bill Bennett,the BC Liberal "bigot" MLA from the interior,Bennett said that time was running out on accessing this money,the story went onto say that the government was trying to speed up the process of getting these shovel ready projects going, I knew something was up, today on the radio news the union of BC municipalities are getting nervous about STILL nothing happening, Bennett today on the radio news admitted that there have been problems in going forward,but he was elusive with his response, but,in the same news broadcast it was reported that BC is last amongst all provinces in accessing this money.

Which brings me back to the olympic security, my photographic memory tells me that with Ottawa picking up a substantial amount of the 2010 security bill that BC lost 265 million in infrastructure money from Ottawa, now at the time I was shocked that the stooges in the BC media didn`t pick up the story,so you faithful readers of the Straight goods heard it hear first,Gordon Campbell government is not coming clean on the status of BCs share of infrastructure money from Ottawa,mainly, of the 500 million BC allotment how much is left? Anything,some,nothing? And why won`t the Campbell government come clean on this issue,meanwhile municipalities have been ready for over a year,they remain twisting in the wind.

I am saying this, BC cities are going to be sadly disappointed,Campbell will stall, the olympics will get closer and municipal infrastructure will be all but forgotten, because at most, BC has only about 100 million dollars left of federal money, 265 million has been put towards the 2010 security. (Read the story here,or should I say a piece of the story)

Today Rich Coleman announced another 10 million in gaming grant cuts to sports groups and environmental groups.

Rich Coleman said that groups with three year funding promises from the province will get their money but groups that don`t have those agreements will get NOTHING, thats right,Coleman must be getting a little testy,he didn`t soft peddle it he just said these groups are getting NOTHING.......And the only reason Campbell hasn`t reneged on the three year written funding promises to community groups is, they have been given a legal opinion that these groups will sue the province and win,costing the government money, you can bet that Gordon Campbell "The child" will make these groups pay a heavy price for threatening the government.---(Read the story here)

One more subject to quickly touch on.

Gordon Campbell has killed the forestry industry in BC, it will never recover, BC is now nothing but a raw log whore.

I found out today that......Remember the softwood lumber agreement that was sort of resolved 18 months ago, the Americans were holding billions of dollars that rightfully belonged to forest companies, BC forest companies share of that money was about 1 billion dollars, the money went to Canfor and Timberwest and a couple of other forest companies,guess what they did with that money?

Did they hire loggers? Nope, did they keep workers in BC employed? Nope.........They didn`t do much of anything but they did something that I would like to share with you.....

The big three forest companies spent 700 million of those dollars to upgrade mills, not Canadian mills but 700 million spent upgrading American mills, meanwhile our raw log exports continue to grow.

Your not a man Gordon Campbell, your a vindictive little child, you need your mouth washed out with soap, you need to be spanked and put in a corner for a time out, and believe me, I am being kind, personally I would like to spend a day with you Gordon Campbell, in private and teach you about life, the school of hard knocks, and believe me,you would be crying like a little baby.

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Anonymous said...

The Gag Law again?

The gals in the San Fernando Valley would say: "Barf Me Out" or "Gag Me With a Spoon"!

Anonymous said...

When Campbell was first elected, I predicted that he will go down as the worst premier in BC history. He is well on track for that title.

Thank you for your blog. It is bar none the best opposition to this incompetant man and his party available anywhere. You outdo the whole NDP opposition.


Anonymous said...

I'm 61 years old.MY heroes were THE BEATLES,BOB DYLAN,GHANDI,JIMI HENDRIX etc etc.Gordon Campbell didn't notice the 60's at all,if he did he hated hippies,rock n roll and grass,He probably never had a blow job or gave a woman an orgasm.These things are important.They shape your character and can make a great deal of trouble for everyone if gone neglected.