Thursday, September 10, 2009

There is no one to vote for federally

I can`t remember any time in Canadian history (at least in my lifetime) where there is absolutely no one to vote for.

Lets go back to the last federal election, Stephan Dion,my god,the man couldn`t speak english, and his vaunted "green shift" are you kidding, nothing but pandering to the naive green,here we BCers had a useless carbon/gas tax jammed down our throat,a carbon that had no debate in our legislature and the carbon tax had absolutely ZERO data proving it would work,and here Dion was going to double whammy BC with a green shift.

Let me be clear,I am no federal Liberal fan, Chretian balanced the books by cutting transfers to provinces,the senate loaded with partisan appointees,the Liberals are just too entrenched in Ontario to give a rats ass about the rest of Canada.

Jack Layton,enough said........The attempted coalition government cost the BC NDP the provincial election.

Elizabeth May....Are you kidding me!....200$ a tonne carbon tax, no platform,and Mz May was willing to lay down with anybody for a cabinet seat, and she travelled 3000 miles to Saanich/gulf islands, anything,anywhere to get a seat---there is only one problem with may running there.....There is another green candidate in that riding----A Mr Hertzog----Well I listened to a radio interview on the Christie Clark show,she had on Lizzy May----Well Lizzy May said that she talked to local residents and they wanted her to run,when Christie asked her about the other Green candidate in that riding.....well

Lizzy May was very arrogant,she stated that they have internal ways of resolving who runs where but she was completely confident that she would get the nod to run there and Hertzog would be given the boot!

Gee,that doesn`t sound too democratic to me, sorry but Lizzy May has no back-bone,she would sell her soul for a seat in Ottawa, give up her principles,with Lizzy may at the helm the Greens are all but finished!

Stephen Harper, lets be perfectly clear,Harper and Flaherty knew Canada was going into a deep recession,they knew about falling revenues,they rushed the last election to try and get his majority before Canada went 200 billion into the red...

Well he didn`t get his majority(thank god) the man has proven to be a dictator,a one-man show,just like Campbell, and as far as I am concerned,Stephen Harper has no mandate to offer Ontario or BC transitional money to adopt the HST, that wasn`t on his election platform,and he is bribing provinces with their own money, and Harper/Canada doesn`t have any money! Why not give BC 50 billion to move to the HST or give Ontario 200 billion to switch to the HST,what difference does it make,Canada is broke,200 billion in the red over the next three years.

In the last election in my riding we had three candidates to choose from, we had a Liberal,no bloody way could I vote for a Stephan Dion government, we had a Green candidate,sort of,the Green candidate on the sunshine coast was no other than ex-conservative Blair Wilson,a man who was pushy,aggressive,and had many lawsuits filed against him,lawsuits from family,friends,everyone says he swindled them,where was Blair Wilson going to get millions to pay this money back? Maybe Blair Wilson figured once in office he would find a way to get money by hook or by crook.

So by default I voted for the Conservative,and boy do I regret voting for Harper!

Which brings me to a real problem I will be facing come this fall during the next federal election.

First off Harper wants a majority and he is going to use the attempted coalition government takeover bid as the key to his platform. read about it here.

So here as I am writing this post with the radio on, there was just some breaking news from Victoria in the lock-up....Jim Flaherty(according to Sean Leslie) stated that Canada will run a 60 billion dollar deficit this year, and deficits for at least 5 more years and growth will be much slower than expected, Flaherty went on to say the Canada is weathering the storm better than most countries(sounds like Campbell) and Flaherty finished by saying that in these uncertain economic times is no time to be playing politics. : I can`t make up this stuff, no time for politics,now that`s rich!: Read what Flaherty had to say here

Which brings me to the problem we will all be facing when we go to the polls next month.

Who the heck to vote for? There is no difference between the Liberal and the Conservatives,neither party will rein in corporate polluters,neither party will clamp down on tar sand pollution,neither party gives a damn about anything but power,Liberals/Conservatives are nothing but different sides of the same coin.

Slippery Jack,well,maybe I could cast a vote for the federal NDP, he better sharpen up his platform and kill the death tax,the Greens have Lizzy May who has no morals,she follows her nose,wherever it goes,and she also mentioned on her Christie Clark interview that federal parties "Should not run candidates against each other`s leaders --Leaders should run un-opposed"

Your a loser Lizzy May.....So there has never been a time in my lifetime when there is no one to vote for federally, I sure hope a good independent candidate runs in my riding, if not I may have to vote for slippery Jack Layton by default. But believe me,I don`t have any faith in any of the federal parties. They are all nothing but two faced liars looking out for themselves and big business.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Grant G

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget Iggy, that man is on record supporting GW bush and TORTURE!!! I agree 100%, the whole system does not provide a choice that is not corporatist. But then it occurred to me, have you checked out the Canadian Action Party?