Thursday, January 28, 2010

Reading Between the Lines

Should anyone be surprised, I`m not, personally speaking I was awaiting this announcement, the habitual compulsive liar Gordon Campbell in our fraudulent B.C. election, during the writ period Campbell trying to save Wally Oppal`s butt in South Delta promised $17 million dollars plus of Provincial funding for a Whitecaps training center in Delta, the money is gone, the promise broken, the legend of British Columbia`s most prolific liar Gordon Campbell continues to grow.

Oh indeed friends, the images in my mind are quite clear, Wally Oppal sneaking through back doors in Delta to avoid protesters and criticism,that was standard fare all through the month May in Delta, Wally Oppal would "slither" his way into B.C. Liberal friendly events in Delta, yet regardless of the Canwest spin, despite the glowing Global coverage Wally Oppal was losing badly in internal polling numbers in Delta, the fine folks in Delta have lived through dozens of Gordon Campbell lies in the past, Robert Nuefeld lied about power lines, lies about Port expansion,lies about Gateway and the notorious South Fraser Perimeter road, the best farm land in B.C. being sold off to Gordon Campbell`s corporate backers, yes indeed, the people of Delta were well aware of the depth and scale of past lies foisted on them by a devious Campbell government.

Meanwhile independent candidate Vicki Huntington had proven herself as an ally of the people of Delta, a steady voice, honesty, upfront, she put her word and constituents before scoring political points, so the battle rages, :Wally versus Vicki: and we knew which way the winds were blowing, so bring in the Gordon lying machine, I remember several of the late in the game announcements, Wall y Oppal and Gordon Campbell flanked by Bob Lenerduzzi and many Vancouver Whitecap soccer pros....The Announcement! (read the election promise here)

Gordon Campbell pledged over $17 million dollars of Provincial funding for Delta to build a training center for the Whitecaps, what an announcement,great news for Delta, new soccer fields for the public and the community,work for local builders and certainly revenues from this activity would flow to the city.

Now lets clear up a few facts first, Lois Jackson the Mayor of Delta is a staunch supporter of Gordon Campbell and his loudest cheerleader, she`s even a bigger cheerleader of Campbell than is Dianne Watts of Surrey.

Yet the devil is in the details, for Gordon Campbell and Wally Oppal said the money, the bribe would only be available if they were returned to office, which to me, I found that statement to be offensive, for if this training facility was needed, if it was good for the community funding should have been nailed down, well we know what Happened, the people of Delta spoke and voted Wally Oppal out and sent him to the pasture where he can graze amongst the cow patties.

And friends, we know how the Habitual liar works, we are all too familiar with his Governing techniques, and even though Gordon Campbell won the election (allbeit through lies and fraud) you know, well at least I knew that Gordon Campbell would have his retribution and punish Delta for their betrayal against the Campbell crime family.

So low n behold there the story appeared, Delta has pulled the plug on the soccer training center, Delta and Lois Jackson(Gordon Campbell friendlies) are downplaying the announcement and are directing blame to the Whitecaps, well friends nothing could be further from the truth, there is no way the City of Delta would kiss good-bye over $17 million dollars of funding to build a modern training center with many community fields and having the Vancouver Whitecaps drawing crowds thus spurring economic activity!

And Bob Lenerduzzi isn`t going to say anything negative against the Habitual Compulsive liar Gordon Campbell, not when B.C. taxpayers are on the hook for a $600 million dollar retractable boondoggle roof on the old B.C. Place stadium, certainly Bob Lennerduzzi isn`t going to say squat, especially when there is still no funding in place for the retractable roof, no business plan, the retractable roof is far from a done deal so Bob Lenerduzzi will say nothing. (read about the cancelled training center here)

That folks is how Gordon Campbell operates, the fine people of Delta were very wise in not trusting Gordon Campbell or Wally Oppal.

There is no limit to Gordon Campbell`s lies, right now friends I can sense the fear he is living in, dis-mantling the freedom of information office, muzzling his Cabinet and zombie MLAs, a full frontal pimp job from Canwest newspaper, a mis-information campaign from local papers owned by the Asper propaganda machine, Prince George has to be the most manipulated people in the Province, the RCMP with phony arrest,phony investigations, Ludwig Wiebo comes to mind, I remember,the RCMP said they had the bomber, 150 officers and three weeks later nary a charge has been laid, Don Plecas with his stupid propaganda piece about snitches which has done nothing but re-start the shooting gallery on our streets.

The Vancouver Sun with nothing but Olympic feel good stories, the Conference board of Canada is in full pimp mode, making the wild claim that B.C. because of the Olympics will lead Canada in growth, the conference board of Canada is nothing but a whos who of business appointees beholden to their political master, Paul Taylor is a member,nuff said! (read what the conference board states here)

And what I find absolutely hilarious with the Conference board of Canada and Kirk Lapointe (Editor and chief) of the Vancouver Sun, is this, they haven`t a clue what is going on,Kirk Lapointe doesn`t know what his left hand is doing but I can imagine what his right hand is doing, and why would I say that? Well here`s the deal friends, on the same day the Conference board of Canada made that Claim about the Olympics Vaughn Palmer in his column stated....After reading several reports from proffessional audit and accounting firms,including reports from the B.C. Liberals and other studies that the Olympics are a net loss,no economic benefit, the Olympics will do nothing for B.C. but make some people feel good. (snip) (read Vaughn Palmer`s contradictory story here)

Hilarious, Perhaps the "Snake Oil salesman Paul Taylor" and the conference board should have checked with Vaughn Palmer and coordinated their efforts rather than making the Vancouver Sun look like a bigger joke than usual!

The scale of lies and spin from the Campbell government is staggering, as one astute contributor notes Lois Jackson and city council in Delta are nothing but Campbell stooges, and apparently there is more to the training center than meets the "eye" ...It`s alleged that small sports groups and community groups in Delta were getting pushed out as a result of the training center. Again with the Habitual Liar Gordon Campbell, there isn`t one deal that his government makes that is straight forward, there is always an angle,a catch, a poison pill, yes indeed friends, Gordon Campbell nothing but a "poison pill"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Evil Eye said...

Grant -

The "Eye" lives in North Delta and the "Eye" applauds the decision because that $17 million golden hand shake to the Whitecaps meant that amateur and children's sports would suffer.

That's right amateur and children's sports would suffer because Lenerduzzi and his mob would have taken over John Oliver Park and have kicked off other users.

There was a rugby team that invested over $1 million for two Rugby fields and dear Lois & friends tried to kick them out without compensation. Evidently a lot of lawyers play Rugby and the Mayor and Council had to back down and offer a refund.

Even Lenerduzzi was embarrassed by Lois & her crew treatment of other park users groups.

This isn't a beer league Rugby team but a kindergarten to adult rugby club.

Delta has few parks and with all the corrupt inside dealings at city hall, there is little park space for amateur sport except those sports who are Friends of council - Football, Lacrosse, Soccer and Slow-Pitch.

Of course hockey is in a league of its own with taxpayers heavily subsidizing ice arenas, but that is another story.

So the "Eye" is happy that the deal went South because it would have been bad for the kids.

Bur here is another "Wally Wowie" - Tsawwassen's "Wally Wagon", the 609 bus that trundles empty from Tsawwassen to the TFN every 30 minutes or so, seven days a week and (surprise, surprise!) trundles past Wally's residence at Tsatu Shores on the TFN!

The 609 "Wally Wagon", at best, carries 5 to 6 people a day; so there is Lois and her council's pay-off for supporting Gordo's newest toy train, the RAV/Canada Line!

But then the TFN and Gordo are good friends and Gordo's rule is: "Good friends must be rewarded!"

Grant G said...

Thanks for that "Evil".....I am aware of the "bussing games" being played in Delta.

Also, I agree with your summation of events,but..
I also believe the money was yanked, certainly Lois Jackson could have found several million for expansion for rugby and community, if you read the article from...PRE-ELECTION,the first link in the post..
Guy Gentner,the NDP MLA for Delta North is adament that "There is no deal,no firm committment, no money or funding locked up"

Mr. Evil...I hope the people of Delta have figured out Lois Jackson and send her out to the pasture where she can graze amongst the cow patties with her friend Wally Awful!


Evil Eye said...

A note from Delta -

Lois was the lesser of two evils in the last election as the hopeful contender for mayor, Viki H., beat Wally instead.

Trouble in Delta is that we have an incestuous political/bureaucratic alliance and if one falls, the other will fall too.

In Delta, the question is: "Is the real Mayor Lois Jackson or the City Engineer!"

The real scandal is the Toigo/Lois/Gordo relationship and as we all know too well, Gordo rewards his followers handsomely!

So much open corruption and deviant political posturing has made the municipality a "Banana Republic", within a "Banana Republic."

Anonymous said...

Another excellent article Grant! One possible correction though - that $17 million training centre for the Whitecaps was on the Delta North/Delta South boundary (Hwy 10/Hwy 91) and for all intent and purposes relates more to Delta North.

The residents in Delta South (Tsawwassen and Ladner) are a long drive away toward the west.

The LIEberals made this phony announcement in an attempt to knock off Guy Gentner in Delta North, rather than help Wally DOPEal in Delta South.

Grant G said...

Well you may be correct...that isn`t the issue,Guy Genter was relatively safe,Wally Oppal was in on all the photo-ops,probably so too was the Liberal Delta North cadidate...

No need to nit pick a few details...It was all phony electioneering from the Habitual liar Gordon Campbell, Gordoh is a vindictive little child mind, he needs to be spanked,I`ll bet Gordoh was a whiny little squealer in school!


Anonymous said...

Evil Eye- I hear that bus route was created just so Wally's daughter could get to and from school... And I'm with you on the soccer deal,for the same reasons, as were many parents in the region.

And yes, that Toigo threesome is one someone should take a closer look at. Especially in the area surrounding his golf course, and the deals that have been going on around there for some time.

Evil Eye said...

Laila, you are quite right about the 609, but the daughter doesn't take the bus, I have been told.

I gather from some transit types in South Delta that the 609 is like a phantom, a sort of Flying Dutchman of transit buses, wandering forever looking for a customer.

The golf course deal with Toigo and Lois is another item that deserves scrutiny, there is much questionable actions including some rather large financial donations to political friends and if that fails, send in the goons!

Delta is the small quiet and forgotten municipality, with some very shady political dealings and a lot of plain brown envelopes containing cash.

Wally was the seat not to lose, a rock solid Liberal seat with a star Liberal candidate which fell to a mere Delta councilor, sent a lot of nasty vibrations to the premiers office, but Gordo doesn't care, it's all in a days work.

Anonymous said...

You guy's are great!,keep shining the light on those pricks!May the snow melt!

Evil Eye said...


Another Delta story, an oldie, but goody.

During the power lines charade in South Delta two years ago, the "Eye" was made aware of the real reason for the power lines and their rights-of-way, through Delta. There was a plan to connect Vancouver island to the Washington State power grid via an underwater cable under the Straights of Juan DE Fuca.

Oh no the "Eye" was scare mongering; a liar; a propagandist, etc. It even went so far as the "Eye" being accosted by a drunken husband of a well known Liberal MLA.

Even on Bill Borings program the "Eye" was ridiculed by the 'three stooges' for inventing such a tall tale!

Well, well, well how things have changed in two years. In the daily Fishwrap is an interesting article -

Vancouver Island, Washington state power link primed for green light

It seems that the "Eye's contention that; "Sea Breeze Power Corp.'s plan to link power grids on Vancouver Island and Washington state with a 550-megawatt power cable across Juan DE Fuca Strait ............", wasn't so far fetched at all!

The power line issue in South Delta, was and still is a way to export BC power to the USA.

Grant G said...

Thanks Dr. Evil...I am well aware that you were ridiculed by the three stooges,you were bang on,Robert Nuefeld lied his face off,he(Nuefeld)was awarded a senate seat in Ottawa for his corporate sell out..I read the article, I get the impression that the "Link"/connection is dead, no private equity will touch it,they are "Pleading for government money" to fund it.

California is going to create tonnes of cheap power,Gordon Campbell`s energy plan is a bust,he knows it,as do private IPPs..

We must stop Campbell from selling us out..I have faith in the BCUC..They may get gutted...but one thing for sure,campbell`s big plan is caput,although....

We will pay a pretty penny with what he`s allowed so far..

Hey "EYE"....My friend bitter Brian from Garden Bay dominated the cutting ledge today with the stooges...Today you could of called the 9:00 AM Cutting ledge show..."The Brian from Garden bay show"

There was more great callers in the second half of the show all concurring with Brian.

Evil Eye...I appreciate your efforts,we need more "evil" and more Brian....


A direct link to cknw audio vault can be found in my updated Bill Good story.


Evil Eye said...


The "Evil Eye" is banned from NW.

Trust me; I am a persona non Grata.