Sunday, January 10, 2010

One man`s terrorist is another man`s freedom fighter

Well friends, something isn`t right, Ludwig I mean, the RCMP can`t be trusted and what they are saying doesn`t make sense, and, like I was taught a long time ago,if it doesn`t make sense it isn`t true.

Information, spin, obfuscation, well, how about outright lies, I have been researching this topic for sometime now and, the things I am learning are downright terrifying, story after story of the dangers of natural gas drilling, fracturing, chemicals, where to start, well, lets start with flaring, first off, Gordon Campbell and the phony Marc Jaccard attacked the NDP over their stance on gas flaring, oh yea, Marc (Jackass) Jaccard came out with a phony paper just before our last BC provincial election, he claimed that we would lose jobs and there was no point stopping gas flaring,he claimed a public carbon tax would be better, well Marc Jaccard, YOU WERE WRONG...BC is the only province in Canada that has had a massive increase in Greenhouses gasses, why, because of gas flaring!....Marc Jaccard,drop dead! your a political loser, your credentials are tarnished,you`re not fit to teach students anything, well, maybe you can teach them "The art of lying".

Flaring releases toulene,benzene, into the air, and SOUR GAS, rotten egg smelling sour gas, would any of you want standby busses at your children`s school, what am I talking about, well these gas wells are everywhere, within 100 meters of homes,business and even schools, the busses are on standby to bus children to safety if a sour gas smell should occur. I ran across a story last summer ...

And, people in Dawson Creek have been living in a police state, interviews,multiple interrogations, searches, heck, say anything in the bar or in public against Ecana gas and next thing you know, knock,knock,knock on your door,intimidation, threats, you see folks, Canwest Global, they only talk about one side of the story, they don`t report that more than half of the town`s people don`t agree with flaring,drilling, there are fears of leaks, contaminated well water,contaminating the aquifer, polluting ground water, there have been hundreds of law suits from all over north America suing Ecana gas for poisoning well water,ground water, gas seeping into basements and blowing up,especially this new fracturing of shale,the new rave for getting natural gas out of Shale rock, here`s what they do, they pump chemicals into the ground, Ammonia bisulfite, ethylene glycol (anti-freeze) , isopropanol, fomazdean/methyl-4-isolthiazolin, and dozens of other chemical and fracture the shale rock and, these chemicals are showing up in wells,rivers,streams,ground water, Ecana gas has been sued over and over again but big media never reports it.......

And these chemicals are linked to cancer,respiratory problems, reproductive problems, brain and nervous system, kidney problems, immune system,,stomach cancer,endocrine development and many other health concerns, and, Ludwig`s daughter has had MULTIPLE MISCARRIAGES, and Ludwig blames the toxic chemicals, and so many other problems are associated with fracturing shale, such as methane escaping and migrating into well water (read about that here)

Like I said,Ecana gas doesn`t care, they have been sued for shorting locals on gas royalties,under reporting the true numbers,in 2004 Ecana gas was sued by the Colorado oil n gas conservation committee (COGCC) ...They fined Ecana Gas 371,200 dollars for contaminating water in West Divide Creek, the water supply contained methane,benzene,toulene,and mpxylenes, look folks, from state to state and town to town and wherever they drill for natural gas there are problems, minor and major, even in Pennsylvania, methane gas bubbling up into creeks and wells after drilling started

Yet Ecana gas and other drillers have done a fantastic job of not connecting the dots, from town to village to city no one seems to know what is going on, sound familiar, Canwest Global, they won`t connect dots, Leonard Asper isn`t interested in reporting news he`s interested in controlling the news and controlling who gets elected,thank goodness they`re broke, media should never be that concentrated, no where in north America was there a concentration of one person controlling so much media as here in BC. Here is a real good read,technical but informative with many links,including the ones above everything you need to know about the dangers of natural gas plays, friends,there is so much money available in energy, the money trumps people`s right,trumps the public`s safety, yes indeed, Gordon Campbell has been secretly turning BC into a petro state, fish,people, human rights,first nation`s be damned, it`s all about the money for Gordon Campbell`s friends.

Anyways, lets get back to the phony public relations game being played by the RCMP,the Province and Canwest Global, let me first state that I don`t know if Ludwig is guilty of bombing pipelines or extortion letters but one thing I know for sure that the facts the RCMP have been saying on TV and radio about the investigation and evidence is as phony as an American two dollar bill!

Lets break this down shall we, these latest bombings started 18 months ago, the very first person Ecana gas and the RCMP thought might be guilty is Ludwig, the police have letters from someone, the police and the Ecana gas goon squad has been terrorizing these northeast BC towns, so the other night they arrest Ludwig claiming they have evidence, that was false information, the next morning he was released, what the hell, if they had evidence he wouldn`t have been released, the RCMP spokesperson made a pathetic statement that the crown didn`t think their evidence would result in a conviction, meanwhile the police obtained a search warrant to search Ludwig`s homes and farm, something doesn`t add up here.......

You see folks 18 months ago the police were watching Ludwig, following him,spying on him and his family, and,about 6 months ago it was reported in the press that the police had asked Ludwig for assistance in catching and or stopping the bomber, they met,they talked, now remember that ludwig had served time years earlier for messing around with Ecana gas,surely they had DNA on Ludwig, surely when Ludwig had met and talked with the police 6 months earlier the police got DNA, surely since he was initially a suspect in this police state /company town surely his vehicles had been searched for DNA,or a delivery person to his farm gathered up DNA, apparently the letters from the bomber had DNA on them, if that was the case the police would have gotten Ludwig`s DNA by hook or by crook 18 months ago.....Why is this important, because last night when Ludwig was arrested the police said they had evidence against him, yet, yet why did 30 police/secret service/Ecana gas company men wearing camouflaged clothes search his home? If they had evidence why was Ludwig released the following morning?

The statement after the police arrested Ludwig was he was being charged with extortion,the following morning Ludwig was released with no charges? Why, the police spokesperson said the "crown" didn`t think they could get a conviction? Funny stuff, so they released him yet meanwhile 30 people are searching his home and out buildings etc etc, now the latest from tonight`s evening news, the police spokesman said they have obtained DNA from Ludwig and it will "probably" connect him to the letters "and" they have found "other evidence" on the farm that has been seized and this new evidence will be given to crown for consideration of charges,snip.....Meanwhile Ludwig is still free, not in custody,something doesn`t make sense, and,if it doesn`t make sense it isn`t true!

Remember friends, 18 months ago Ludwig was the prime suspect, do any of you believe when the first letter Ecana gas received early this year which (allegedly) had DNA on it ,that the police, secret Canadian spy agency, Ecana`s paid goon squad didn`t or couldn`t get a strand of hair from a long haired 67 year old man? Ludwig met with police months and months ago, you mean no one went to the farm and got a DNA sample, a phony delivery driver needing to use the bathroom in Ludwig`s home, or someone breaking into Ludwig`s truck or vehicles and getting a DNA sample or even getting a DNA sample from Ludwig`s children which would have proved there was at least a family connection but.....

But,the most disturbing thing about this sham news release is the police statements, would the police being telling the public their checking DNA, would the police be telling the public that the crown will review the new evidence and decide about charges meanwhile Ludwig is at home and the way the press conference came across is that he is guilty but he will be allowed to stay at home is absurd! The police would never give that much information out unless he was locked up and charged.....

Folks, I may be wrong, but I will bet dollars to doughnuts that they have nothing on Ludwig, nothing,it was a fishing expedition that failed,the story got leaked and the police and the local mayor jumped the gun and claimed "they got the bomber" meanwhile nothing could be further from the truth and now.......

And now the police is back peddling,refusing to acknowledge they were wrong,or acknowledging that they have no evidence and now they are saying....The crown this and the crown that but we think he is our guy, meanwhile Canwest Global (an Ecana friendly) doesn`t want to bail on the story just yet, the police will play this up for a couple of days,the police will say Ludwig will remain free until the DNA evidence comes back and the story will quietly go away and sometime down the road there will be a little blurb about Ludwig`s DNA not matching and no charges are forthcoming!

Friends, there is something wrong with this story and the police have botched up so many cases, the airport tasering of Dzeinsky, Monty Robinson walking for killing someone while drunk driving,the homeless guy who was shot in downtown Vancouver, the Ian Bush killing,the other people shot,police resigning to avoid investigations, drunk cops beating up newspaper delivery guy, drunken driving cops every other week, the failure to stop gang violence,the raging drug trade, botching the Jamie Bacon case(he will walk) listening in on calls between Bacon and his lawyer and getting caught doing it, meanwhile Kash Heed resigns before complaints against him are heard in west Vancouver,John Les case sits idle, BC Rail the police have shut up, on and on the police have shot and killed innocent people in lock-up,in fields, and big cases flounder, the RCMP were looking for a game changer and all they have managed to do is start a lie fest, Ludwig, in my opinion will walk, this case stinks, "What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive"

Meanwhile, one man`s terrorist is another man`s freedom fighter, would Ecana gas be able to get away with endangering people and water supplies in a big town like say Langley, would you allow natural gas wells in Point Grey....In West Vancouver?....Would schools and teachers and the general public in Metro Vancouver put up with busses on standby to save children from a sour gas leak? I don`t think so.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Evil Eye said...

Wasn't it the RCMP that dynamited a barn and pretended it was someone else who did it in the FLQ days in Quebec?

Murder, corruption, ineptitude, this what the once hallmark men in serge have evolved to? Sad to say, I do not trust the RCMP.

Grant G said...

You are correct Evil Eye.....It was a frame-up in Quebec,samething I believe is happening to Ludwig, he may well be guilty but the RCMP have nothing on him,fishing expedition,it doesn`t make sense....And don`t expect Canwaste Global to do any indepth story on gas flaring or fracturing or methane leaks or sour gas...That would be too newsworthy!

Anonymous said...

Grant, natural gas wells drilled in Steveston (Richmond) fueled street gas lights in the earlier part of the last century and natural gas drilling was also going in Boundary Bay (Delta) during the 1980's.

Ludwig comes across as one of those wacko right-wing survivalists from Idaho. The last time I heard of the name Ludwig was Daniel Ludwig who was also a kook. He had a tropical tree farm in the Brazilian Amazon for a billion dollar pulp mill that flopped.

The last name Ludwig has historical associations with kooks.

The RCMP, on the other hand, are useless and are only good enough for giving out speeding tickets and only if they can read the measurement on their blow-dryers (radar guns) correctly.

And as for 'sour gas' why do we need to drill in the beautiful Peace region? We have enough 'sour gas' coming from LIEberal politicians in Victoria to supply BC households. Oh, and I forgot about the cows in the Fraser Valley!

Grant G said...

Ludwig may well be crazy, crazy like a fox....LOL HA HA...Indeed,hot air and sour gas aplenty in Victoria and point grey.

The point is, the RCMP or any force doesn`t release someone and hold press conferences saying they believe he`s guilty,just waiting on crown, he may well be guilty, I would like to see both sides of the story told.

As for what was once done in the past, they also burned witches,thought the world was flat( Thomas Freidman still does,think the world is flat)....Mercury,lead, abestsos, just because things were done in the past...well,you know!

Anonymous said...

Grant, point well taken.

BTW, did you know that Alexa, the web information company, has seen traffic on your blog increase by an astonishing 1,900% over the past 3 months? Congratulations!!!

Now, you must again think about pursuing a 'higher' calling of public duty!!!!

Leah said...

Public Duty? Or the voice in the wilderness yelling the Truth?

I think Grant does a greater public duty letting us know about the things government wants to keep thing you can bet on for sure...they're more worried about him out here telling it like it is, than they would be in the Leg.

Thank you Grant!!!