Saturday, January 9, 2010

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Good morning friends, time to clear up a few myths and de-bunk the BC Liberal propaganda.

I am in my 40s, my dad taught me well and I was a good listener, the 70s.....the 80s.....the 90s........Lets start with the 70s, a fantastic time,money went far, a 20 dollar bill and you could literally fill a buggy with groceries for a 20, fuel,boat fuel was 25 to 30 cents a gallon, up on the sunshine coast, in Garden bay, salmon were everywhere, the boats were everywhere, little boats, 20 footers,25 footers, 28 footers, there was 5 live bait wells in Garden bay alone, and 4 marine gas stations, for those who don`t know what the live bait wells are.....They are floating ponds, a netted pond with a dock and these bait wells were full of LIVE herring, boaters would pull up to the dock and buy live herring and put them in their boat live-wells, whether they be large green plastic garbage cans, hanging canvas sacks, or large coolers with salt water pumps.

And friends, the salmon were everywhere, the coast was alive, there would be thousands of boats anchored at fishing spots, you use a long flexible rod with light line and hook-up a live herring with small hooks, one hook through the top of the nose and one small hook behind the adipose fin......And the salmon, coho salmon everywhere, chinook salmon everywhere....Cod,rockfish, large herring balls, schools of hake, small sharks/dogfish.......The fish were aplenty and this scene was being played out from one end of the BC coast to the other.Today there are no bait-wells,one gas dock, no small boaters,no cod,no salmon,no hake,no small sharks, over fishing at river mouths by the commercial fleet, mining, and particularly logging and habitat destruction wiped out almost every small run, because back then every ditch,stream,creek, river, you name it if it had water flowing there was salmon.

Here`s the deal, in the 70s Joe average, gas teacher....bus driver....Everyone could afford to eat,to live, go fishing,buy a home, a man,a family didn`t need both parents working, most adults had large families(compared to today) I have 4 sisters and we are all less than 1 year apart in age, different times, simpler times, governments had money, people had money, governments had no debt/NONE/ZIP.....people had modest homes, the bus system worked even better than today, the bus fare was 10cents and there was no zones.

The 80s changed, actually the road to ruin for governments started under Pierre Elliot Trudeau, he started Canada down debtors road, money vanished,money went overseas, government waste was everywhere and government bureaucracy grew and grew under Trudeau, the 80s brought recessions and high interest rates, interest rates of 10% 12% 15%......Even your basic saving account got 10% interest, can you imagine, if you had a million dollars you could make a hundred thousand dollars a year by doing nothing, anyways, we survived the high interest,people bought homes,banks were super tight lenders, but all in all things wern`t that bad because hydro was cheap,cable was cheap,fuel was cheap and taxes were relatively low, but slowly things changed, taxation changed.

Bit by bit governments started adding fees,adding debt, governments over spent and stole, corporations got greedier and greedier, wages for the elite grew and grew, taxes rose and rose and about that time families size started to shrink and shrink and today in 2010 in BC families have never been smaller,people aren`t having kids, and if they do the family size is small, both parents have to work and even with both parents or with two adults working almost everyone is drowning in debt, at no time in the history of Canada or the USA have average people and families carried so much debt, back in the 70s and early 80s a person or family could live,rent a home or apartment,drive,eat, buy new shoes on minimum wage pay, and it`s not like everything was cheap back the 70s and early 80s a 26 inch TV cost a 1000.00$ or more, your TV of course you would keep for a decade or more, a decent car was 5000.00$ dollars or so, but, the necessities of life, food, and energy were very inexpensive!

Now we jump into the 90s, by now governments are broke and class warfare is growing, the distance between the haves and the have nots started growing by leaps and bounds, federal government were out of control with spending and wasting money on themselves,government growth and spending was on a steep upward curve and quality of life (IMO) was evaporating, and out here in BC I remember things very well, the 90s in BC we had a NDP government and no friends they were far from perfect, and yes many unions got carried away, especially the CAW...Although we had no auto workers in BC...Double time pay,triple time pay, nurses union, yes friends there was abuse of the system, but the biggest crimes were in federal governments, debts were growing and growing and the federal liberals cut transfers to provinces,....

Chretian and the Liberal doled money to Quebec and Ontario and Atlantic Canada because ....Because of the total mis-management of DFO the east coast cod fishery vanished and the sad part about that is.....DFO had reports showing and stating that the fishery was going to collapse and there were ways to prevent it but because of politics and corporate sell-outs that advice and mitigation efforts were all but ignored.....And what killed off the east coast fishery wasn`t so much how much they caught but it was HOW they caught fish......Commercial fishers from Canada and other countries who were fishing there were doing what they call Bottom Dragging.......

And what bottom dragging is....A large metal or wooden beam is dragged sideways along the bottom with a big scoop net in behind, the beam would scare the fish off the bottom and the forward motion of this contraption the fish would end up in the scoop, all fish,all species,baby fish, corals, but....This beam destroyed the nursery, destroyed cones, reefs, these beams turned the bottom into a sterile mud pit and DFO knew it was happening and sat on their hands over politics and bottom dragging is still happening today, right here in BC and DFO is as political now as then and recently with the missing Sockeye salmon that were killed by salmon farm sea lice Sheila Gail(Federal fisheries ministers) was quoted as saying....Maybe the Sockeye got lost, went to another river, maybe they will come next year! Snip.......A total useless political appointment,she hasn`t a clue, god, she is one stunned _ _ _ _ _ ....

Anyways, back to brainwashing, the BC NDP which wasn`t perfect had to deal with federal governments run amok and federal transfers were stopped, but even with that, in the 90s the BC NDP created more jobs than did Gordon Campbell did in 8 years, there was more net immigration to BC in the 90s than what came under Campbell, more houses were built,incomes were higher and OVERALL tax load on BCers was lower in the 90s, GDP was higher in the 90s under a NDP government than the average GDP under Campbell.

Yet the above entities,cknw, Global,and especially Canwest media and big business started the brainwashing, you all have heard it, BC Liberal are trained to say nothing but...."Fast ferries"...."Job Losses in the 90s"..."The dark decade"..."the doom and gloom of the 90s"....."the tax and spend NDP".......And on and on it goes,the brainwashing was/is very effective on the uninformed and uneducated, I hear young people talk, "the dark days of the 90s" They believe the bullshit even though they aren`t old enough to remember,even people who were here and lived through the 90s, these sheep have been brainwashed to believe stuff about the 90s that wasn`t true and.....

I would like to give you an example of brainwashing that is happening everyday on cknw.......Two days ago on the Christy Clark show, the topic was about the Translink tax to the parking spaces that went from a 7% tax to 21% taxation .......Christy Clark had open phones and people called in who were furious about the increase, the tax will cost people who use these spots about 600.00$ per year...and on july 1st/2010 the parking fees,the 21% tax,the whole kaboodle is going to get taxed by 12% under the HST, that`s right, the HST tax will be put on the 21% Translink tax,tax on tax....Anyways, caller after caller was furious, And lately on cknw I have noticed a trend on the Bill Good show,the Christy Clark show and others, no matter what the topic,subject, no matter what, once or twice per day they slag the NDP and continue the brainwashing......So anyways, caller after caller furious about this parking increase, and the very last caller before the news break said......" Christy this tax increase is crazy, we are getting taxed left right and center, everything is going up,tax this,tax that,the HST, pretty soon with all these taxes no one will have any money to buy anything or do anything and we will all be broke and have to go cap in hand to the government for help"..........To which Christy Clark responded....."You mean like when the NDP was in government" Snip....And then she went to a commercial break then the news,then a new topic, I sent her a nasty Email.....Everyday Bill Good and Christy Clark play the brainwash game.

So if I get upset because of people saying ....The fast ferry scandal....Job losses.......Doom and gloom....Fudge budgets...The dark decade....Because all of these thing were lies, no government is perfect, I want to quickly touch on the Fast ferries....Glen Clark should have built one fast ferry not three, But, Glen Clark should have built Spirit class ferries, they were/are the best ferries we have, but unfortunately governments always want to change things,build a better mouse trap, the spirit class ferries are the best ferries in the world, but there was no scandal, and at least the fast ferries were built in BC, the money went to BC workers and BC manufacturers, and lots of the money flowed back to government in taxes,pay role and other......And,Gordon Campbell and the media/Canwest played it to the hilt and Gordon Campbell deliberatley didn`t use the fast ferries for political reasons, he went out of his way to give them away for nothing in fact he even gave the Washington marine group waterfront property worth tens of millions of dollars on the north shore so they could park the ferries there like a political billboard!

And still on ferries, What Gordon Campbell did was try to break the union and destroy BC ship building which he did,all in the name of politics, Campbell should have had ferries built in BC...Spirit class ferries,they work,hold tonnes and get great gas mileage but no....Gordon Campbell sold BC Ferries and German entities own BC Ferries, the three German built ferries are gas guzzlers, they rattle, they hold less people and far less cars than the Spirit class ferries that were built decades before,our spirit class ferries get more use than the new German junk ferries, what a crime, Gordon Campbell sold out BC ship builders, and as you know, he has now sold out almost everyone,everyone but his rich corporate American friends. I would go back to the 90s in a heartbeat.....If I could, I would go back to the days when Gordon Campbell`s dad was a young man and tell him to wear a condom or get sterilized!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Evil Eye said...

Good post.

The Evil Eye likes this take on the parking tax.

As fro Christie Clark and the rest of the NW/Liberal cabal - You have lied too much to be believed; your propaganda is ignored b all but the most NAZI of listener.

I do not by services from those who advertise with you and NW. You are an evil little piece of corruption, oozing from the open sores of BC politics.

Anonymous said...

The Canwest 'Goebbels' Ministry of propoganda continues to spin out the lies to a populace that does not know the truth. As Goebbels famously stated:

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."

"The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over”

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”

And it's only people like you Grant that put out the truth. And that's a shame.

Anonymous said...

BTW Grant, you make a very excellent point. Why didn't BC Ferries just continue with the then 'new' Spirit Class and build additional Spirit Class ferries?

Even Dave Barrett's government continued orders with the mid-1970's C-class.

They had already built 2 Spirit Class ferries under the NDP in the early 1990's, it was a great design, and then we never would have had the media frenzy over 'fast ferries'.

Grant G said...

Well, governments always try to build a better mouse trap,but,the fast ferries could have been used.....
They could have run them in the daytime only,then they wouldn`t have kept sucking in logs...and..They could have run them slower, live and learn,at least they were built in BC.

Funny thing though, why won`t the Washington marine group divulge what they sold them for?

I heard rumours that they were sold for well over 100 $million, in fact I heard the number was 300 $million....If anyone knows fill me in.

Think about it..The voyage alone to transport the ferries across the pacific, the ship get flooded,then the fast ferries were placed over top of the flooded vessel,then they pump out the lower ship,it rises up and way the two boats went, expensive travel, if it was true...

That Washington marine group got a 100 $million plus would be news!

Anonymous said...

those boats were surveyed by a Philippine group at 100,000,000 a piece,and I think that's what they sold for,and then there's the land and the dock,that was to pay back WMG for the original cost of the boats which they payed 19,000,000 and for there silence,when you follow the money it all adds up doesn't it?,and yet to fund programs which we actually pay taxes for get cut over and over again but if there's a way to build something and skim off the top they'll do it for friends and insiders this party is out of control,and the entities with authority to stop it are aiding in the collusion,I think there skimming too!,and that's mho.

Anonymous said...

Seems like everyone's skimming,so there's no money left for the programs we actually pay taxes for.

Kim said...

Thanks Grant G. a great summary from my perspective. I think part of the problem stems from the laws of issuing the currency. When Banks started printing money, government debt rose immediately and ever since. I've seen a couple good youtube videos on the subject. I'll see if I can find a link.

Kim said...
This is one video that is credible.

BC Mary said...


I love it ... this column should be printed off and distributed to school kids, seniors, and everybody in between ... it would save so much heartache and confusion.

I keep telling myself that there are many British Columbians just like you ... but there are none precisely like you.

It would be wonderful to see you in public office.

Kim said...

Or as the editor of a newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Grant, I agree with everyone else here. You have a 'higher' calling of public duty ahead of you!

islandcynic said...

I totally agree that the 90's was a much better decade.

One other thing to note - out of control property taxes. This puts such a strain on our family to pay. All taxes should be based on income. Owning our home is becoming more unaffordable every year.

Anonymous said...

You know, Grant, if you don't like CKNW, you really shouldn't listen to it. I haven't for years.

And I would love to see Grant run for office. He'd get the crackpot vote in spades, all seven of them.

Grant G said...

11:30 PM...Not quite sure what your comment means, you know that old saying.

"Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer"

Hmmm,crackpot vote, sounds like something Wilfred would say, just a hunch.