Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gordon Campbell killed forestry, ho hum!

Well well well, I see Gordon the liar Campbell has been spreading his smug Mugg shot around the Province, he was up in Golden with the olympic flame, he was on the stage as they used the flame to light another ground based torch, I was hoping for it to blow-up.....No luck.

Anyways, a few stories have caught my eye today, as you know I torture myself by listening to cknw, Bill(boring) Good and the teacher hater Christy Clark...Ugh....Anyways, I read a story about Natural gas auctions for this month, but here is the deal, the reason I mentioned cknw is...Because last year and other years, cknw had bragged up about the natural gas auctions, in fact last year on the cutting ledge with the three stooges, they did one of those "Breaking news" things during the program, last year (2009) the head stooge announced....." Near record auction..$370 million in sales" snip......

So today I don`t hear "Breaking news" about the auction, but I read the story and lo n behold it`s another record! ....Just kidding, It might be a record for the wrong reasons...It`s a whopping $13 million dollars. (read it here)---Actually read about the record from last year first

And here is the quiet little story today about this years whopper sale! (Here)$13+million?id=143&st=0

Today`s sale was $13 million, the amount of parcels offered was less..9,500 hectares, average price per hectare (1,372$).....Last years record averaged 5,625$ per hectare....At this rate, with the slashed natural gas royalties, expect a new record, a new record deficit, Gordon Campbell already owns the three largest B.C. record deficits, by the time he`s gone he will own the top 7 deficits all-time in B.C. history, so much the myth of great management!....The sad thing is this, there is a huge glut of natural gas in north America, Campbell put all his eggs in one basket, no silver lining coming from gas this year!

Anyways, what I really wanted to talk about was forestry, as you know the Eurocan mill in Kitimat is closing permanetly this month, 535 jobs caput, and there`s more, Catalyst announced that their Croften operation and Coquitlam operation are Caput as well, another bunch of jobs gone, today`s Crofton and Coquitlam closure has me baffled, these operations, the Coquitlam operation took used newspapers and de-inked the paper, then the pulp would go to Croften, the Coquitlam operation is but of only a couple these plants in North America, the story didn`t make much sense...

The story goes onto say that the newspapers people put in the blue boxes(recycling) is in decline, I can believe that but the part that doesn`t make sense is now all the used newspapers in B.C. is heading to China, that`s right China, China is going to de-ink the paper and use the pulp, now you tell me, how in the hell can newsprint get shipped to China,all that travel and handling and China can make a go of it but we can`t.....Unreal (read it here)

So lets talk forestry, Gordon Campbell the liar and con man was the special guest yesterday at a meeting of the Truck loggers association (TLA).....So I read this story and start laughing, then start crying, the part about 300 members greeted Gordon Campbell with a loud ovation, unbelievable, this was yesterday, let me share some of the verbal diarrhea highlights from Campbell.

I tell you friends this is rich, you can`t make this stuff up...Lets go...the story starts....

Gordon Campbell was talking in celebratory terms, as he noted...

"B.C.`s forest industry was the best in the world and ideally placed to take advantage of a changing landscape" and he said...

"I think there is a very bright light here for forestry" snip

I don`t know friends,the changing landscape he talks about must be the miles of clear-cut for transmission lines, as for the bright light, maybe he was reminiscing about last years forest fires!

A couple more items from this ridiculous story...The Truck loggers want the "woodworkers Lien" act changed....Here is the deal, small operators, truckers,loggers have been getting stiffed for payment from some pretty big forestry companies, they asked Campbell about changing the act and....Here is what the liar had to say..Campbell told the crowd the " Act is a priority" and "We expect legislation to be introduced to deal with that"....He went onto say "We hope the framework will be passed and we can get that behind us" snip.

What a load of bull, we hope? If passed? Who the hell is stopping him? He has a majority, he can pass any legislation he wants, his zombie MLAs will bend over and receive and smile while their getting it! Sheesh!

But friends, there is more, and believe me this last part is rich! Let me fill you in, one of Campbell slogan only schemes, the forest revitalization scheme, these truckers and independent loggers got most of their contracts torn up and shredded, these independents got a token cash settlement for having these contracts shredded, well guess what, the Canadian revenue Agency (CRA) wants to charge taxes on this money!

So lets go back to the story.......

The other pet issue of the TLA is resolving a dispute with the CRA over money logging contractors received from the B.C. forest revitalization trust and central coast trust in exchange for ripping up contracts, the loggers had been hoping pressure from the province would force the CRA to back down on demanding taxes be paid on the funds.

The TLA estimates there is $25 million dollars in capital tied up over the issue.

Campbell pledged his support.

And my friends here is where the story gets rich!...LOL.

Campbell said

" We agree with you, we are committed as a government to pressure this issue with the Canadian revenue agency, we`re going to do it on your behalf" and he went onto say

"We have been very clear that if they agree to waive the Federal taxes the Province will fore go any share of taxes we may expect to get" snip!

And with that folks the meeting was over, let me quickly dismantle that last part, Campbell said if the feds agree...if....If the feds fore go their taxes the province will fore go it`s share, well well well, and if the feds say no which they will....Not only will the feds get taxes but so will the province...That damn fool Campbell, he could of agreed to fore go all provincial taxes no matter what the feds do!...God are those truckers for real, do they actually believe a single word from the liars mouth and if they do...Well....."Ignorance is bliss" (read the story here)

The garbage that spews from Campbell`s mouth, amazing, he insults anyone with a brain, I guess we know why the media stays silent, forestry is a stinking disaster!...Baldrey/Palmer/Bill Good....You three fools will forever be linked to Gordon Campbell, I know not your financial connection to the most corrupt leader this province has ever had, but I`m looking and when I find it.....Stooges!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Gary E said...

First Grant, the people of BC have to learn to read Campbell. Anything that comes out of his mouth is a lie as you, myself, and others have stated.
So:"B.C.`s forest industry was the best in the world and ideally placed to take advantage of a changing landscape" means that it is not placed anywhere near an advantage.

"I think there is a very bright light here for forestry"means the light is out
" Act is a priority" means its not even on the list

Evil Eye said...

Gordon Campbell now appears to be a "tax and spend" premier with not a care for the taxpayer. He and is Fascist supporters have squandered a decade bankrupting the province, yet nary a peep from the NDP?

Is Carole James (maybe like Ujal before)on the Liberal pay? Will she get a safe "Liberal" seat when she is finally forced to step down?

James just can't be so incompetent, but if she is and the rest of the NDP just yesterdays sheep, is it not time for some one to start a "Dogwood Party", like the "Wild Rose" party in Alberta.

Are BC politicians of all corrupt parties, so constipated, that they do not realize the public hate them so. 50% of BC's electorate did not vote - did that register anything with anyone?

BC has turned in an Olympic sized nightmare and no one is waking me up.

Kim said...

"Dogwood Party" has a nice ring to it.

Anonymous said...

Grant - I couldn't believe the three stooges responses when Brian told them that BC Hydro did not pay a divedend to the BC government for the first time ever! It's even in BC Hydro's 2009 annual report if you look closely.

And then the two "so-called" reporters said that BC Hydro will be paying $1.4 billion over the next few years to the government. La di da. No that's not right!

I would have Brian call these clowns on there mis-information next Friday and embarrass them. Make them admit the truth!

Anonymous said...

Wrong thread!

Leah said...

Evil and Kim..I agree with both of you. Dogwood Party it should be...let's get to building it! It's time to annihilate all present political parties - and give the citizens of BC a reason to "give a damn" again.

I'm serious - if we don't create a new and "straight arrow" party very soon, with people of excellent vision and priorities...there will be a mass exodus of citizens from this province when the time comes to pay the piper for Campbell's complete ineptitude.

Let's talk about it, then let's do more than talk!