Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gordon Campbell is being told to resign.

Well well well, I see the worm has turned, the decision is not for Gordon Campbell to make, Campbell is being pushed out, the revolt led by Kevin Falcon, on Falcon`s team is Rich Coleman,Mike De Jong, and George Abbot. ( by the way friends,I have a new link on the right hand side of the page,it`s a link to the Hecate Strait weather from environment Canada, they update the latest wind speed and weather several times a day)

Yes friends, the internal revolt is on, I noticed over the week-end on CTV`s national (my channel 34) that runs 24/7 that on the "scroll" the popular news items on the lower news ticker, the ticker said...Gordon Campbell invigorated by the olympic games and states he will run for a fourth term rather than number 1 after the games.....

That`s what the ticker said, something is up, well I sent out some feelers, called my sources and indeed something is brewing, something besides another pitcher full of Gordon Campbell martini s.

Lets look at what is going on, first,Francis Bula, you know Francis, she is a BC Liberal booster who is on every week with Gordon Campbell`s friend Bill( lazy fatboy) Good, anyways she wrote a 5 page gag fest on Kevin Falcon,she called him a premier in waiting(I call Kevin Falcon a bug waiting to be squashed) http://www.bcbusinessonline.ca/bcb/top-stories/2009/12/02/kevin-falcon-rebel-cause?page=0%2C2&%24Version=0&%24Path=/&%24Domain=.bcbusinessonline.ca

And then I heard Rich(The tick) Coleman is launching a new web-site called Coleman`s world, I haven`t found it yet but I will, maybe it`s not finished yet, anyways, according to my sources Falcon wants Campbell gone by the end of the spring session and he is not alone,and apparently Campbell isn`t too keen on going, I was listening to CKNW on Monday Jan3/2010, ....Carole Taylor during the news was asked about running for the BC Liberal leadership, she is not interested(at all) she has a comfy position,she doesn`t need the stress or the money, and lets face facts, Campbell has ran the province into the ground, so I was thinking, why are they bugging Carole Taylor and Dianne Watts, that`s right, Dianne Watts, she is being bugged about running for leadership of the BC Liberals, and, she definitely isn`t interested in the job, according to my sources the names Carole Taylor and Dianne Watts are being bandied about by Gordon Campbell!....Why....Well, I can surmise, number 1.....Gordon Campbell knows that Falcon,De Jong, Abbot,Coleman are almost as disliked as much as BCers dislike Campbell, and that is true (read how every BC Liberal MLA and cabinet member are hated here) http://www.ipsos-na.com/news/pressrelease.cfm?id=4646

So Gordon Campbell is desperate to have Carole Taylor or Dianne Watts to take over, and since they are saying get lost gordoh....Campbell has put his back-up and said he`s staying....Why, why is Gordon Campbell afraid of an NDP or other government taking over, simple, He has so-cooked the books and added so much debt,so many bad contracts for BCers,bad deals for the public and the fish, deals that will bankrupt BC Hydro and the province,Gordon Campbell is afraid of fresh eyes putting all the dirty Campbell deals on display for the entire province and nation to see. So it is important that Campbell keeps the four musketeers in their place, all of them are so connected to Campbell that they will lose, for Gordon Campbell the most important thing is to keep the books buried, and that can only happen with a BC Liberal win, and that win will have to be orchestrated from someone,anyone but a BC Liberal in cabinet.

And there are more developments, the Wild Rose Alliance party has taken off in popularity, over the week-end two of Stelmach`s MLAs crossed the floor and joined this powerful upstart party, Stelmach is finished,and more importantly according to my sources that a giant under swell of defections are coming, MLAs are going to be defecting from McGuinty in Ontario....Shawn Graham will see defections and yes,there will be defections in BC, the 2 defections in Alberta have been treated well, the public, that`s what is important, the public in Alberta and in those riding`s are thrilled to death about Conservative MLAs leaving Stelmach for this upstart Wild Rose Alliance party, and, since they didn`t get lambasted in the press,since they have been applauded the other MLAs....The other MLAs in Ontario....New Brunswick and especially here in BC are buoyed by the prospect of defecting and being accepted. (read how unpopular those premiers are here) http://race42008.com/2009/12/20/interesting-canada-polls/

That`s what is happening,the BC Liberals are in tatters, the environmentalists, the industrial sector,even the media have finally come out and stated that Gordon Campbell`s energy policy is deeply flawed and will bankrupt BC Hydro and cost the province billions of dollars...Heck, even the Babbling trouser wearing gagglers on Sean Holman`s public-eye radio program(Jan 3/2010) were laughing at Campbell`s energy plan.

Anyways, I had a look at the Wild Rose Alliance party and they appear to have their act together,they have a message and they are sticking too it, they aren`t flipping and flopping and hemming and hawing like the Carole James led NDP......(Have a look at Danielle Smith(Wild rose Alliance leader) here) http://www.daniellesmith.ca/

Whatever you do don`t show that last link to Polakite or Joseph K.......She is a fresh new face and not hard on the eyes,a stalker Danielle Smith doesn`t need..

Anyways, the BC Liberals are in tatters, Gordon Campbell is hoping that a miracle saves his dying party,he`s praying that the NDP don`t change leader and keep Carole James on, right now the only thing keeping the BC Liberals together is Carole James.

If the NDP were smart(if they were smart) they would get rid of Carole James today, John Horgan....THE NEXT LEADER.....With John Horgan leading the NDP would gain 8% to 10% overnight and the party could build on the momentum,under Carole James the NDP have maxed out, what are you waiting for Carole James?

What are you waiting for Carole James? Are you staying on because Gordon Campbell is staying on?....Let me be frank Carole James, Gordon Campbell won`t be running, and when the BC Liberals change leader,at that time do the NDP change leaders? Again, Carole James, Gordon Campbell will be leaving, you need to leave, Carole James, you need to leave first, the NDP need to lead,not respond to whatever the BC Liberals do.......Moe Sihota, I don`t know why you`re president, are you a Liberal plant, a saboteur, a double agent.

We need action pre-olympics, a new NDP leader would put massive pressure on the newbie BC Liberal MLAs to cross the floor and defect, as soon as defeat is inevitable they will cross.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Hey Grant, have your heard about the lingering rumours that Gordo's annointed replacement is actually Shirley Bond?

That's a joke and good on the LIEberals. The Gordalion has probably seen too many James "Bond" movies while under the influence.

Ahhhhh hahahahahahaha ROFLMAO

Grant G said...

Ha Ha LOL LOL....Well, Shirley Bond is a Glug Glug Glug,in fact the rumour is Shirley Bond can drink all the boys under the table!

Never let a little bit of parliment time cramp your drinking habits...Eh Shirley!


Norm Farrell said...

I agree that Campbell is politically dead. His place is built on lies and cannot sustain itself. Rotten at the foundation, the Liberals will topple with the least shake. Lead pirates have been hiding treasure and rewarding close friends but the foot soldiers largely remain empty handed. Some of those recognize they have been facilitators of crime and fraud and the only thing open to them is to confess and depart. Salvage their reputations such as they can.

If we merely throw out the Liberals and reward the NDP, we'll have a reversal of 2001. A corrupt government will be replaced by an overly strong NDP, so strong that it too will turn corrupt. The worst government is the one with power to do whatever it wishes. No matter who is in power, we need a powerful group of independents who can ensure honor returns to government, people who will put the province before politics.

Leah said...

The NDP are already corrupt, or they'd actually be doing the job they're supposed to be doing: Oppose.

Time for the NDP to go the way of the dodo bird unless it can find a leader capable of leading when the going IS going to get much tougher. Who wants to lead a bankrupt province? And I strongly suspect that when the cooked books are thoroughly scrutinized by independent forensic auditors...BC'ers will find we are absolutely bankrupt..and have been for some time.

Grant, you're right about why it's imperative to the liberals to stay in power. When the "real" numbers come in, there are a lot more folks going to be answering the 64K question: Where did all the money go? Who really owns us now?

They're all in it up to their ears, they all have much to lose...including the NDP.

Evil Eye said...

It is well known that "Have you had enough" Falcon has long yearned to be premier. He was being supported by so many grass-root Liberal, that it got the wind up Campbell and he switched him to the career destroying Health Ministry.

Falcon has many skeletons in the closet and was the 'pointsman' on the RAV/Canada line debacle.

Also Flcon has intrigue with the BC Railgate fiasco.

Coleman is tainted goods, DeJong to right wing and 'bobble-head' Abbot is as stale as yesterday's toast.

If BC Railgate explodes into a criminal fiasco and the Olympic debt creates an Olympic backlash, the Liberals would look outside of the box for a new Leader.

Taylor is too long in the tooth to gain votes outside of Vancouver and Watts maybe the only shining light for salvation.

But if legal fiascoes reign supreme, Watts may sit this one out and one of 'guys' or 'gals' may run as a sacrificial party leader.

Of course if 'Carole (the inept) James stays on like a barnacle, leading the NDP into the next election, the majority of voters may just hold their collective noses and not vote, with only a 35% 50 40% turnout at the polls.

Then all bets are off.

Crankypants said...

I can see a few disillusioned BC LIberals walking out on Gordo, but I doubt any of them would join the NDP side. They would just sit as independents or maybe make overtures to the Greens or some other party.

I think the only reason Campbell increased his cabinet to over half of the Liberals sitting in the Legislature was to keep as many people as possible beholden to him so he could be front and centre at the olympics. Once the "Big Show" is over we should see the jockeying for position begin in earnest.

May they all impale on their own swords. They deserve nothing less.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Falcon? Phuleeeaaase. This guy has the most souless eyes in the political industry. All I can say is go away Kevin. We don't like you! Go work in the meat industry killing cows or something. As for Dianne Watts. Surrey is like the Toronto of Canada. Who in BC, other than Surrey likes Surrey for Christs sake?

Anonymous said...

Harper, Iggy, Campbell and Hansen, lied to Canadians, concerning, the HST, of which, the Four Horsemen, vowed the HST, would not be imposed on citizens, who, have no jobs, and have lost their homes. Harper, then, bribed Campbell, to force the HST, on these bankrupt, people of BC. regardless, of the fact, BC, is pretty much a dead province. Worse, BC, people are cringing at the knowledge, a criminal is hosting the Olymics.

Grant G said...

10:38...To tell you the truth...I think foreign dignaties are cringing over the thought of Gordon Campbell riding on their coat-tails!


Anonymous said...

I will never understand politics. Are Harper and Campbell, buddies or something? Mind you I am politically challenged, but it looks to me, as though, Harper backs Campbell up, no matter what, he has done to this province. I thought BC, was a part of Canada. It looks as though the, USA and China, own BC. Do not Canadian citizens have the right to good government? Does, anyone know where the Canadian Constitution, has been lost? Have our, Civil Rights and Liberties, been misplaced? What has happened to, Freedom and Democracy? I don't understand, how, Campbell has the right to sell, our BC resources and assets? Those assets belong to the people of BC, not to Campbell. Someone, please tell me, how can BC, get out of debt, when, there is nothing left to fight with? Our CNR was sold to the USA, the BC Railway, was sold to the CNR. My brother, was the electrical engineer, for the Royal Hudson, so, I guess, that is why, it is a sore spot, the BC Railroad, is no longer owned by our people.

Grant G said...

Gordon Campbell is a thief..Aided and abetted by leonard Asper and Canwest.

May they both disappear or die in a plane crash.


Anonymous said...

Speak you mind, have your say, but please stop pushing for Dianne Watts. I never liked her and never will. There are more than two parties in this province. Open your mind, not your legs.