Thursday, January 14, 2010

Red tape run amok or should I say red lobsters

Well friends, time to lighten up the mood for a short change of pace, I read this story last week and I couldn`t help but laugh and get real hungry,mmmm Lobster!

In New Brunswick last week there was some vicious storms, and apparently hundreds and hundreds of lobsters were blown ashore, and from what I read this is not all that rare of an occurrence, but here`s the deal, these lobsters, unless your on the beach during one of these storms to throw the lobsters back they die on the beach.

So after the storm the local residents from the town of Petit-Rocher headed for the beach in pursuit of lobsters, and since it was such a violent storm there were lobster everywhere,fresh dead lobsters, and here is where the story takes a strange turn, a conservation officer by the name of John ST-Coeur after hearing about the bounty got in the face of the mayor and residents, he told the mayor that.....

You are only allowed to catch lobsters if you have a license, and you must use a boat and a trap, the conservation officer went onto say that a first time offence is a fine of 100,000 and or jail time...I think that fine amount might be a typo, I think they meant to say 100,00$.....Well, this is what the mayor Pierre Godin had to say to this conservation officer.

" We been eating lobster all week, if we don`t eat them they will merely rot" the officer was firm in his assertion that you can`t eat them and if you do you could be jailed, well, the mayor fired back and said "You better build a big jail because everyone in town is eating lobster" and the mayor went on to say "It`s an act of god" By mid-week all that was left on the beach was a few rotten dead lobsters and lots of shells. (Read the story here)

Well friends, I wish I was there,mmm lobster, but the imagery in my mind is still laughing, I imagine this Conservation officer marching into city hall to complain to the mayor about local residents eating these lobsters, only to find the Mayor and staff wearing Lobster bibs with butter dripping from their face and hands!

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Anonymous said...

From the sounds of it he most definitely is Mountie material. 10 to 1 says the Mounties hire this nut next week and supply him with a taser...
Henri Paul

Anonymous said...

Maybe a mountie? Maybe Barny Fife? Shows the mentality of some law enforcers.

Kim said...

That's DFO for you, protecting the dead things!