Friday, January 22, 2010

Bill Good, the missing link!(UPDATED Jan/27)Bill Good responds

Well friends, if one listens very carefully you can really get a sense of the man,people like Bill Good usually guard their true feelings and beliefs but occasionally these people expose their inner vile and disdain for the masses, Bill Good of CKNW did that today in spades....In fact I would suggest on the above chart that Bill Good is maybe as intelligent as the second from the left!

UPDATED JAN 27/ Bill Good because of mass complaints to the radio station, because of all of you,Succumbed to pressure and had to do a 45 minute segment this morning with Adrian Dix, Bill Good had trouble not sounding angry(He Was,because he was forced to respond to the pressure) and acting like a BC Liberal, it just shows you friends, we are making a difference, Adrian was great,.......Just remember Bill Good, The Powell river Persuader is listening and will highlight any malfeasance, and that goes to all you RIGHT WING Gordon Campbell pimps!
(Listen to the audio vault here) cue up January 27/ 8:00 am the segment ran from 8:45 AM to 9:30 AM

(Updated January/23/2010.....By the way folks, elective surgery is...Galbladder/cardio vascular/brain surgery/cataract/back surgery/in fact Bill Good(Neanderthal)....Every surgery is elective, with the exception of car wrecks,gunshots,stabbings.....A nice sanitized phrase,elective...And Bill Good knows all that, say hello to your cousin Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson!)

Well, actually Bill Good is somewhat educated but his core beliefs would rival Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson, but, before I get started here let me say that in 2009 Bill Good had some sort of surgery, I believe Bill Good had elective surgery on his shoulder.

In listening to the three stooges today and an open line segment on the Bill (Neanderthal) Good show, all I can say is WOW, my friend Bitter Brian called to expose the almost collapsed BC Place roof.(read it here)

And to expose the FACT that BC Hydro for the first time in decades returned ZERO dollars to the Province, and he also mentioned the Eurocan mill closure and the Catalyst Crofton and Coquitlam`s permanent closures, all these closures while the Compulsive, habitual Liar Gordon Campbell was quoted(On Tuesday) saying....The B.C. Forest industry is the greatest on earth and very bright lights are shining ....YA YA..blah blah blah...Sheesh!.....Anyways, they blew off Bitter Brian(as usual) and took more callers whining about the tolling billing procedure with the money losing Golden Ears bridge, and the usual stacked callers who are so proud to be Olympic volunteers and are giddy with anticipation!

This Olympic hype, reminds me of history, reminds me of the crusades from centuries past, these religious bullies going from country to country trying to "Reform the natives" oh indeed, history records these events very well...Either they fully except "Their god" or feel the fury of the club, the gun or the sword, like Galileo who said the world was round and the Earth circled the sun, he of course was jailed, locked up for heresy!

Back to the Olympics, there was a Ipsos Reid poll done recently show the majority of British Columbians are against the games, fed up, and a large percentage that are downright angry about the 1000s of Olympic lies that have been foisted upon B.C.

And all week, all last week, everyday Bill Good brings on the guests and or "arranged callers" to tell us, to tell you, to tell B.C. that you WILL love the games, You WILL embrace the games, and these callers, telling us to shut up and enjoy it, telling us to "suck it up and take it" .....On a side note I learned something this week, the Olympic torch run, the torch run isn`t part of the ancient Greek games, in fact the very first Olympic Torch relay was invented, was enacted, was foisted upon the public by no other than Aldolph Hitler in the 1936 Olympic games, of course, it all makes sense, anyone who didn`t show up in Germany to watch and applaud the Hitler Torch go by was Questioned or rounded up as possible threat to Hitler`s agenda, amazing, so here we are in B.C.......The IOC, the grand Marshall, this group of thugs who have more power than our Canadian charter,or courts, a group of Elitist,pompous dictators who practice racism, totalitarianism, a group of smokers,drinkers, self appointed royalty......And by god "You Will embrace the Olympic spirit or else!"

Well friends, I won`t, damn the threats, well, anyways back to Bill Good, Billy boy would have made a "Good" little Nazi, and excuse me for using Nazism and Hitler for shock value but in this case it is appropriate, no, we don`t have to bend over and take it, and damn it, when I`m told I must, I Have to, I put my back up, people all over this province living on the margins who can`t afford to go to these so-called "People`s Olympics"....6 Straight years B.C. is leading Canada in Child Poverty, 9 years with no raise in minimum wage, a draconian $6.00 per hour starter wage, corrupt courts,corrupt governments, Oh I hear Bill Good and these rah rah cheerleaders say, you don`t need money to enjoy the games, there are all kinds of "Free events for you peasants" Free events that you can`t bring in a sandwich or water, free events that you have to get frisked,searched,scanned and poked, and if you want a sandwich or beer you better bring a good chunk of change, meanwhile the IOC Olympic Family are sitting in 5Star***** hotels smoking,drinking champagne, with escorts on speed dials, in fact we B.Cers are even paying for their condoms, and who else is referred to as "the Family" ....Isn`t that what they call organized crime groups, the family....Don`t mess with the family....

Where was I, oh yea, the neanderthal Bill Good, on an open line segment today,just before the news break, a caller called in and said "Did you see Adrian Dix on T.V. last night" at which time Bill Good chimed in (I think he thought the caller was one of his right ring Rush Limbaugh types) and said, Adrian Dix is always making an issue out of nothing......To which the caller said...Adrian Dix is the only one in the province doing their job, all these cuts to surgeries during the Olympics is hard to take, people don`t want to wait,they want their surgeries, they don`t care about the Olympics,especially when it means their surgery gets cancelled to who knows when!........To which Bill Good responded, like I said at the top of the post about occasionally people accidentally let out their true feelings and belief system for the world to see.

And what Bill Good said then shocked me, well not really because I know how Bill plays and what he thinks, Bill Good said....."These are elective surgeries, their not necessary, they can wait a few weeks"

I will put up the audio vault and time to listen but first, excuse me bill Good, your elective surgery you had done in 2009, was your shoulder painful, you didn`t need it did you? It was elective, you can wait eh!.....Well here`s the deal Billy(Neanderthal) Good....Your Friend and neighbor Gordon Campbell has cancelled over 10,000 surgeries, and cancelled even more surgeries during the Olympics,once a surgery is cancelled it isn`t rescheduled for two weeks later,it might be a year later,two years later, with 10,000 surgeries cancelled the backlog of surgeries is growing by leaps and bounds, seniors and other will DIE waiting for surgeries, and your callous remarks about "elective,not necessary" surgeries, well, you let the whole world see your true colours behind your death mask!.....If it was your mother Bill Good,your aunt,your cousin needing a hip, a knee, or eye surgery you wouldn`t put up with that would you, you would be calling your friend Gordon Campbell or using your unearned loot to go to a private(for the rich) clinics.....Yes indeed friends, 1936...2010...There isn`t much difference, just the names!(Here is the audio vault) Cue up 10:00 AM January 22/ fast forward to 10:55 am and be prepared to get angry over what Bill Good said..

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Ears Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Right on ! I support the athletes, but nothing else.

And just wait, March 2nd budget day. More layoffs in healthcare, tons more, more privatization of services and the list goes on. Government services cut back yet again. More closures of schools, mills, you name it. Why? Owelympics! Gordo's party!

BCers should be afraid, very afraid.

Anonymous said...

Herr Good - a Neatherdal Man? More like [missing] Link in Encino Man - Oo-oo-ee. - Oo-oo-ee. - Eh-ooo. - Eh-ooo. - Ooo. Ooo. - Ooo. Ooo. Ooo. Ooo. [Grunts] - Ooo-ooh-ee-ah-ooo.

Anonymous said...

A person like Bill Good has no shame. And you are right... IF his mother needed elective surgery and was in pain day in and day out, you can bet your bottom dollar... OLD Bill Good would pull a few strings. I too am waiting for so-called elective surgery ( hip replacement ) and after listening to this man, I can only pray that some day he is forced to WAIT.

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

Grant - I couldn't believe the three stooges responses when Brian told them that BC Hydro did not pay a divedend to the BC government for the first time ever! It's even in BC Hydro's 2009 annual report if you look closely.

And then the two "so-called" reporters said that BC Hydro will be paying $1.4 billion over the next few years to the government. La di da. No that's not right!

I would have Brian call these clowns on there mis-information next Friday and embarrass them. Make them admit the truth!

Grant G said...

Thanks 6:00....Those slugs,their not reporters,columnists, they`re Gordon Campbell`s stooges...

Bill Good went too far today January 22/---At 10:55AM

Bill`s true personality was exposed with all it`s ugliness, as for Baldrey...Have a look,the bags under his eyes,he doesn`t sleep with a clear conscience, Palmer, Palmer is weak,his fire was exstinguished many years ago!

And I know all about BC Hydro...I have the story on this page, just go down a couple of stories.


Anonymous said...

Bills surgery last year was, in fact, a hip replacement. He talked about it on CTV one night while hosting the news. And I've always wondered how long he had to wait, or how he would have felt if his surgery was put off for months.

Funny enough, I had surgery scheduled originally for last week,and my doctor called to see if it was ok to bump me for one of his other patients who had a new cancer diagnosis. Of course, I said yes, and was given a new surgery date within 24 hours.

I was shocked to realise when I heard the new date, that I have one of the few surgery slots during the Olympics, and will be going under the knife a couple days after Valentines day, right in the thick of the games.

One thing a lot of people don't know, and I don't know if this is true for all hospitals, but more senior surgeons often get more OR time than junior doctors.So,just like everything else, the higher the rank, the more priviledge that comes with it.If your surgeon is a newbie, he might not get a lot of OR time at all.

Evil Eye said...

Grant -

Bill sounds tired; he sounds like a man who just going through the motions; a man who has sold his soul to CORUS management; a dead man walking.

Baldry is a Campbell shill and Vaughn is just trying to keep his job.

I pity all three, their time has now gone.

This is how the media operates today in BC - Campbell runs the show and pays via millions of dollars in government advertising.

Lies deceit and corruption are the hallmarks of the Mainstream media.

Grant G said...

Thanks Evil....As for Bill Good`s operation,whether it was knee surgery,cataract eye surgery or hip, that isn`t the issue...

Laila, I`m glad you are getting your surgery,that`s not the issue either, the issue,this post, is about the VILE words from Bill Good, disparaging the caller,disparaging Adrian Dix for bringing IMPORTANT issues to light,for disrespecting everyone who has had their surgeries cancelled...

My friends, you can`t catch up to 12,000 surgeries cancelled, you create a backlog, for Bill Good to say what he did,the way he did, is/was totally unproffessional, I provided the vault for you all to listen...10:55 am today/22/january.

Bill Good showed his true colours today,sick!

Evil Eye said...

My wife has been told that the firm she works for will be closed for two weeks during the Olympics because customers do not want to venture into Vancouver during the event. Of course she will not be paid. This is happening to scores of people who can ill afford not to work, causing mass financial hardship.

The sneering attitude by Good and others with those who have legitimate concerns about the effects of the two week event on the lesser populations is indicative of an extremely elitist way of thinking. Has Bill boring joined the ranks of the creme de la creme?

So while the three stooges get paid shilling for their puppet masters, many others will go without.

So is the legacy of 2010 Winter Olympics - the festival of the rich, for the rich, by the rich.

Grant G said...

Yup,but you forgot one part...Paid for by the poor working class stiffs! The fat cats can write it all off!

I don`t think the working class are stiffs, the creme de la creme consider us stiffs.


Crankypants said...

Their performance on the postponed surgeries despicable to say the least. Our health system will never catch up, and the delays will increase the expenditures of prescription drugs these neglected patients will require to hopefully see them through their misery. And to make matters worse, when the next budget comes down in early March, Gordo's gang will be pleading poverty and continue underfunding healthcare. The future does not look bright unless one is either well-healed or well-connected.

BC the best place on earth--MY ASS!!!

Grant G said...

You are correct Cranky, Baldrey has been hinting about the massive cuts, a budget 2 days after the olympics....Nothing like trying to bask in the glow!

In a way,I can`t wait, the few olympic supporters are going to feel absolutely empty,hoodwinked, we will get blasted by the feds,the province.

Cranky...I prefer "Super Natural British Columbia"

Although that is in doubt too...I guess we`re now a petro state.


Leah said...

I've heard the phrase "be afraid, be very afraid BC" one too many times lately. It's time for us to STOP BEING AFRAID...and START GETTING MAD!!! Mad enough to stop paying taxes, put them in a trust until such time as politicians remember they serve US...we don't serve them...or their pals behind the curtain they're too damn scared to pull back and show the faces of those they really serve! ENOUGH.

Yes, let's suck it up...let's close the wallets...let's stop paying taxes...let's start taking care of one another! Let's do that for as long as it takes to send these creeps to their knees crying and p!issing like little puppies. No more! I'm sick and tired of this crap! Screw Campbell and every MLA on whose back he rides! Let's just order to START.

Leah said...'s my understanding that Good had his surgery at UBC...the same place politicians go for their medical care. No fuss, no muss, no bother. Very quick, and total privacy from prying eyes and curious questions. If you can afford it that is.

I wonder taxpayers pay anything at all for the private health care of a public persona, in a private clinic/hospital? Might be interesting to find out... .

jaydee said...

Looks like our medical will go "bankrupt" before even Hydro, the Campbell gang have been drooling after all that money for far too long, 3/4 of the budget or more? Created a B.C. wait list 12,000 long, sold, gave, took bribe from Saskatchewan to fill our B.C. taxpayer funded beds, 12,000 B.C wait list grows longer....longer....longer....desperation, absolute dispare....wait longer...

Leah said...

Jaydee, they've been actively working for years to bankrupt our social safety nets - medical first, because it's the most lucrative to insurance companies and medical personnel. You can't keep bringing 260 thousand people (on average) to this country every year, many of whom are coming from third world countries...add them all to the medical services programs, (and some to welfare roles for the length of time it takes to learn ESL and find a job) across the country, and not eventually bankrupt the entire thing.

I know it's not PC, and many consider it racist to even voice an opinion on the subject but it's getting to the point where I don't give a damn what those afraid to face the truth think. We all have a huge eye-opening coming, too bad it will be too late to make the changes needed to save what we knew as Canada.

Mind, it's not like ANY politician in Canada will notice a change in their lifestyle. The majority of them will probably be living in sunny climes elsewhere in the world - laughing about the predicament of those who paid their way.