Monday, January 11, 2010

John Les, ICBC, Kash Heed, nothing to see here

Well well well, a face only a mother could love, how long has the John Les land fraud case been going on, about three years, no rush,no hurry, who even remembers!(read about the John Les allegation here)

There is something seriously wrong in this province, BC Rail investigation 6 years and counting,John Les case 3 years and counting, Kash Heed, the deal with Hash Heed is this, fellow officers in west Vancouver filed a complaint against for interfering in a child pornography case involving Jack Crone, a multi millionaire from west Vancouver, the accusation is that Kash Heed met with a woman who worked with Jack Crone at RBC securities, Kash Heed met with this person very early in the morning and informed her that the West Vancouver police force would be executing a search warrant at Jack Crone`s mansion in west Vancouver later that same day, anyways, Jack Crone was found guilty and.....

And Kash Heed resigned as police chief BEFORE he could be investigated, a legal loophole,because Kash Heed resigned he couldn`t be investigated, and, he resigned to join the Gordon Campbell crime family,(read about Kash Heed and Jack Crone here).

After all, Gordon Campbell needed a solicitor General(Top Cop) because, because John Les had stepped down as solicitor general because he was under investigation(and he still is) for land zoning fraud in Chilliwak, and, John Les`s replacement John Von Dongen was stepping down for his many excessive speeding tickets and other driving infractions(excessive speeding is 30 km or more over the speed limit) . In other words he was endangering the public over and over again, although, Gordon Campbell(the convicted drunk driver) forgave John Von Dongen and allowed John Dongen to hold his cabinet position of Solicitor General, ultimately after public outcry Von Dongen stepped down on his own accord. (read about John Von Dongen here)

The old Campbell gang, what a pathetic bunch of losers, look friends, the Solicitor General isn`t a mean nothing cabinet post, you know like the three separate ministers of sport, that`s right, three different cabinet ministers in charge of sports, that way each one of them got to announce massive funding cuts, can you imagine, three ministers of sport and three Solicitor general`s with a dark cloud hanging over their heads.

Anyways, I didn`t want to talk about them, today a ruling came down about ICBC, remember when Paul Taylor was the CEO of ICBC, there was the chop shop scandal, the rigged auction,ICBC management and insiders had rigged the bids and were buying these cars themselves, although, when the shit hit the fan Paul Taylor vanished from ICBC only to magically show up later as a wind power expert with Naikun, yup, now Paul Taylor was CEO of Naikun, Naikun has no money of their own for this 2 $billion dollar project, you betcha, no money but they got hot air experts, no worry`s for Naikun, bring in the Haida to finance the scam, ah but I digress, anyways, the RCMP said today that they and the crown will not be bringing any criminal charges over over the rigged auctions, now that`s funny, 7 people left ICBC over these activities, 3 left on their own, 2 were fired with cause and the other 2, well apparently they left but the details are sketchy, one thing I do know is this, this cover-up at ICBC cost the taxpayer 825.000.00 $dollars in severance pay, imagine that, people fired,people left over what I call insider crimes and we have to pay nearly a million dollars in severance pay, and,

Did not the top cop Hash Heed or the Attorney General Mike De Jong see fit to bring forth charges? Or perhaps they colluded to drop all charges (in a open and shut case) to protect the hot air expert Paul Taylor? (read about ICBC here)

Something really stinks in this province,there is no real justice anymore, the RCMP seem to be only able to shoot innocent people, another funny announcement today, the guy who was shot in North Vancouver on Sunday, last I heard on Sunday night he was in stable condition in recovery from surgery,he spoke to his lawyer and his family and then nothing, I heard tonight he mysteriously died,no details,from stable condition to dead,Hmmm, actually that deserves a double Hmmm Hmmm.

But friends, none of that stuff is what I want to talk about, lets talk about the alleged bomber Ludwig, like I said yesterday, "If it doesn`t make sense it isn`t true".

I was doing a little digging today, something is terribly wrong, the police, the solicitor general, lets review shall we, these bombings started about 18 months ago and, the first letter the bomber sent to Ecana was in early October 2008, the second letter was sent mid July of 2009, now why is that important, prepare to have your minds blown.

Like I said, Ludwig was the very first suspect Ecana and the RCMP had, they were watching Ludwig, they suspected Ludwig, now lets go to the statement from the RCMP yesterday, The spokesman for the police said that they had DNA on the outside of the letters that were sent, well, these must of been "Touch" cells,(I have been watching CSI) ...Why is that important, apparently when you touch stuff you leave DNA, well, obviously the police would have gathered DNA off of those letters, here`s the deal, Ludwig met with police and had a 90 minute interview in Dawson Creek in a motel room,they talked and Ludwig was offering advice to the police, guess what, this meeting took place in October 2009 ....Three months ago, are you trying to tell me that Ludwig met with the RCMP in a motel in Dawson Creek in October,the police already had DNA from the letters, that the police didn`t get a hair sample, a swab from his car,wear he sits in his vehicle, you mean Ludwig didn`t touch anything in the motel, they didn`t offer him water,coffee,juice,pop? (read about the meeting in October here.

Like I say friends,if it doesn`t make sense it isn`t true, there is no justice for people in this province, the government,the Solicitor`s Generals plural, I`m afraid folks that the whole province is being controlled by the Gordon Campbell mafia, and of course Gordon Campbell has appealed the gag law, Gordon Campbell wants people to shut the hell up, Leonard Asper,you can rot in hell, because of you we have a criminal running the province.

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Anonymous said...

Corruption corruption corruption

Gary E said...

"crown will not be bringing any criminal charges over over the rigged auctions"
Wasn't there ever a Special Prosecutor appointed to this case? If not, why not? This is a government run corporation. The leaders of which are appointed. ie: friends of the elected officials. Regulator prosecutors should not be used here. There is no sense in asking Heed or deJong about charges. It shouldn't be left up to them.
Then there is the matter of evidence gathered and put forth. Did the RCMP do their job? Or is there some shenanigans here like there appears to be with the BC Rail Scandal?
Yes Grant, there is something definitely not right in river city. This whole thing smells of a coverup.

Evil Eye said...

The entire Campbell era is one of utter corruption and deviance. Campbell follows the "golden Rule", he who hath the gold - rules!

History will look on the Liberal decade as a lost decade where the public good was sold off to the highest or most friendly bidder.

BC will suffer from Campbell deviant behavior for decades to come.

Anonymous said...

one day the people will rule again.the little misfits will get their can one drunk ruin a province? people are so gullible they believe up your eyes people.