Monday, January 4, 2010

Peter Christoph`s "technical link"

I was going to respond to you in the comment section,but second thought, I`ll respond to you in public........Here is your link

And here is the entirety of the story.

UK begins 100b-pound wind program

by Clean skies news,compiled from other sources,published: 01/04/10 1:41pm

The united Kingdom is about to make a major move towards into wind energy,with the British government planning the most ambitious goal for wind power in the world so far-a third of UK energy to come from wind by 2020.

The Times of London says that this week, Prime Minister Gordon Brown will launch a 100-billion pound initiative and calls it the most ambitious wind energy plan in the world.

The Prime Minister will award development contracts to build a new generation of offshore wind farms,with each site planned to be bigger than any currently operating.

The plan includes the construction of nine offshore wind farms on parcels put up for auction by the crown Estate,owner of the UK`s territorial seabed.

The British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) estimates the plan will create up to 60,000 jobs.

Industry experts do not expect construction to start until at least 2015.

Some question whether the UK should make such a large bet on an intermittent energy source such as offshore wind.

BWEA says worldwide there is less than 1 GW of installed offshore wind power-this would produce less than half the power from a similar-sized gas or coal-fired power station.


That`s it.....Hardly a technical piece Mr Christoph.....First things first, let me do what I do best, chew up the bafflegab.....

This fluff piece says nothing...Construction to start in 2015? Why....Answer--Politics.

Some question whether the UK should bet large on intermittent power? .....The experts say it`s foolhardy.

Even the BWEA says....The 100 Billion pound investment would produce only half the power of ONE coal-fired electricity plant.

There is talk of "New generation of offshore wind farms"? you mean like ones that work


Look Peter, this link is nothing, the story is nothing,it`s politics, if he was serious(Gordon Brown) construction would start tomorrow, obviously Gordon Brown is still feeling giddy from Copenhagen, but, in this link experts are saying wind power is intermittent power, and the BWEA is saying that this huge investment will only make the power of 1 coal-fired electricity plant.

Gordon Brown isn`t exactly a brain surgeon, but come on friend, cooler heads will prevail, elections will happen and that massive wind farm will still be on drawing board!

Your link Peter says nothing about ....Financial prospect....Financial viability....Power produced(estimate and real).....Maintainance...replacement.....Just like Arnold Schwzenegger`s hydrogen highway...or Gordon Campbell`s carbon tax taking 400,000 cars per year off the road,every year.....or Stephen Harper clamping down on the tar sands,anything to garner voters, think about it,construction not to start for 6 years, or Gordon Campbell`s 14 billion dollar Transit plan,the plan that so far they contributed nothing too,even the evergreen line has been tossed out,again.

In fact the MacKenzie pipeline was just approved, a 16 billion dollar pipeline from the Beaufort sea to the tar sands, 16 billion dollars to supply gas for extracting dirty oil from tar sands...China is opening a coal-fired electrical generating plant every 2 weeks.

Look Peter, I`m not against Green power, we can build site C.....Give first nation a slice of the action and BC has enough power for three decades or more, no need to bugger up hundreds of rivers and kill off fish habitat, the Haida, have no money, the Haida were a last resort financier of this project, Naikun doesn`t have any outside investment, certainly not 2 billion dollars.

For 2 billion dollars....800 million dollars from the Haida....The Haida will owe on that debt for over100 years, interest rates are low right now but they are going up, the Haida wouldn`t control the board of directors, they wouldn`t have control, there would be hardly any employment once it is built, if the project failed the Haida would be hooped...

And...Naikun from top to bottom is loaded with BC Liberal government staffers, these people have nothing to lose, a giant flock of directors,assistants, and everyone of them collecting big fat pay cheques off of this project, I also have been looking at weather Canada a couple of times per day....especially at 6.00 pm(dinner time) Looking at weather Canada(Hecate Strait) for the latest wind conditions.....I`m compiling facts and.....

So far, the wind is usually dead calm in the evenings, actually the wind in the Hecate Strait has been calm most of the day in the last week....So...How much money or electricity does Naikun or the Haida make when the wind isn`t blowing? Not much!

Yet,no matter how little money or Power Naikun makes all these government staffers have to get paid.

Look Peter, Chief Roy Jones Junior and I have talked, he`s against it, so are most of the Haida,they haven`t voted in favour of this project.By the way,I just checked the wind in the Hecate Strait....(latest marine report 3:00 PM Hecate Strait wind 5knots)

Peter,you being an expert and all, I thought you could disprove the 20% rule with windmills.....What is the 20% rule.....Windmills produce on average....Less than 20% of their rated capacity, which means the Haida can take the power estimates that Naikun is making and divide by 5 and the 20% number that remains, if the project is feasible at 20% than go for it....In this case, Chief Roy Jones Junior has come to the logical conclusion that it is not feasible.

Thanks for the link eh.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Evil Eye said...

Grant, not reported in the mainstream media is China's clampdown of exporting rare minerals.

"Neodymium is used to produce magnets for the electric motors found in hybrid cars and generators for wind turbines. China also accounts for 99 per cent of the world's supply of terbium and dysprosium, which help to maintain neodymium's magnetic properties at high temperatures."

What this means, there isn't the rare metals available to build all these wind turbines and the technology maybe made redundant due to lack of materials.

It seems the 'wind power' lobby, as you infer are scam artists.

Anonymous said...

Six months back I was told of China's abundance of this rare earth metal. My source of info couldn't recall the names of these rare metals. Now, thanks to the link Evil Eye supplied Im now more cognizant of what I was being told , thank you Evil Eye.
Henri Paul

Anonymous said...

Where's the link to this 20% rule crap ?

You're telling me that the 396 MWH Naikun farm can expect an output of 80MWH if they're lucky ?

Then it would be rated at 80MWH not 396MWH !!!

Grant G said...

Now now Peter....Don`t get testy, I`m just the messenger, you can argue the science with the scientists, I only report facts, I don`t make up the numbers..

Here`s a good read....Start with this link then get back to me.