Thursday, January 28, 2010

40,000 Atlantic Salmon escape from Fish Farm

(The above picture are Wild B.C. Salmon)
Well well well, another escapement, actually this escapement happened on Ocotober 21/2009....And guess what,it wasn`t reported anywhere, as an avid reader who looks at almost every local rag in B.C. I didn`t spot the story, the only one who had the story was Alexandra Morten, and guess what, she has some great pictures.

(read her story and look at these fabulous pictures here)

Anyways, here`s the deal, on October 21/2009 at Port Elizabeth in Knight inlet 40,000 Atlantic Salmon escaped and Commercial fisherman two days later and 40 kilometers away were catching them, and Alexandra Morten took some great photos, and they gutted one and lo n behold guess what was inside, a B.C. wild Salmon smolt. A baby wild Salmon, the thing is with our native species of Salmon they don`t eat each other, but Atlantic Salmon will eat everything.

Two years ago 25,000 Atlantic salmon escaped from a fish farm near Campbell river, but the thing is with Marine Harvest and others it`s up to them to report problems and I can tell you first hand that "accidents happen" frequently but rarely are they reported! So how come this story didn`t make the radio airwaves or the Canwest media fish wrap newspapers?

In fact friends I have a very close friend that works for DFO in the food inspection agency,specifically monitoring fish farms, and the things I`m told would rock your world, the heavy "illegal" chemicals that are used for lice infestation, and other antibiotics, in fact the federal Government (DFO) is complicit in the illegality of these farms, but....what DFO has done to cover their butts is this....."They stopped testing for these chemicals" snip,"Chemicals that are banned in Canada"snip

That`s right friend, the department of fisheries and oceans have stopped testing for these chemicals but for one reason,to cover their asses because if you don`t look for certain chemicals you sure aren`t going to find them! A gift from the Federal Government to the Norwegian fish farmers...."My source is guarding this secret but it can be proven"

And as you know farmed Salmon are killing off smolts with sea lice and predation when these baby wild salmon get attracted to the lights and food in these Atlantic Salmon Fish Farms, and.....And who knows how many hundreds of thousands of these ALIEN salmon escape to prey upon baby wild Salmon? I can tell you this, we had a fish farm in Agamenon channel and it killed off our local Sockeye run out of Sakinaw lake, the farm has long since been removed but that run is caput! And there was another fish farm in the Alberni Canal near China Creek but after the Sockeye run was almost wiped out they were forced to move, but who knows where they have moved to, wherever they have gone you can bet wild Salmon are dying!Since it left 5 years ago the Sockeye this year have returned in sufficient numbers to allow a limited First Nation`s and Sport fisherman catch.

The fish farms in Chile are in total collapse from Salmon Anemia, and these farmed fish are wreaking havoc with natural fish.....But don`t expect Leonard Asper and his chain of garbage newspapers (fishwrap) to report anything, a pathetic newspaper,more like a comic book..And guess what, a story in the Vancouver Sun tonight with a phony title,misleading, propaganda crap...and why would I say that, because the title of the story is (B.C. puts moratorium on aquaculture licenses),what a load of bull, the story is true but if you read the story you will figure out why, the Province of B.C. had no choice, a B.C. supreme court decision has banned all new licenses until the federal government takes over jurisdiction, oh yea, Kirk Lapointe again trying to make Gordon Campbell APPEAR like he`s doing something when in fact that again it took a court of law to stop that madman! (read the story here)

And what`s happening in Chile is an environmental disaster brought on by the same Norwegian fish farmers(read about it here)

I am getting so sick about Atlantic Salmon fish farms, they over exaggerate the economic benefits, the dollars go over-seas, they are destroying our wild Salmon and Gordon Campbell is fully aware of the damage these alien fish are causing...In fact there was a bi-partisan legislative committee on these fish farms done four years ago,a group of BC NDP MLAS and a group of BC Liberal MLAs that studied the problem and guess what, both sides agreed that the Alien fish farms had to be removed,get land-based, or removed all together, what a rarity, BC Liberals and NDP agreeing on a topic but guess what?

Gordon Campbell tore up the report and filed it you know where,Gordon Campbell,wild salmon killer doesn`t gives a rats ass about anything but his corporate donaters!

Well friends,great news yesterday, the courts won`t allow any expansion and Target foods is dumping ALL ALIEN FARMED FISH from their stores,from now on all they will use is Wild Salmon, whether they be wild Salmon released from a HATCHERY or natural spawn, and lets be perfectly clear, hatchery Salmon are not farmed,caged, pellet fed,antibiotic filled fish, the Capilano river, the Robertson hatchery in Port Alberni are hatchery success stories, these fish are released in these rivers,they smell their home river and they head out to sea and 4 years later they come back to the same river to spawn,they don`t have lice problems, or diseases like Salmon Anemia, and they aren`t ALIEN Atlantic Salmon that prey on wild B.C. Salmon, our hatchery salmon are pink,cohoe,Chinook, chum,Sockeye salmon...And you know what,I could care less if Marine Harvest took Natural B.C. salmon and reared them to small smolts and released them to the wild and in 4 years they can harvest the returning Salmon, just like mother nature, in fact if the river system,stream etc is unobstructed the runs can be self sustaining, can you imagine friends...

Allow Marine Harvest to get in the hatchery Salmon business and they can net them up when they return...Gee whiz..What a thought,and my friends they better think long and hard about it because either get land-based or go hatchery or get lost,those are the ONLY OPTIONS they will have,the tide has turned on Farmed Alien Fish,and you can bet that Target foods will play up the Wild Salmon routine and embarrass the other big retailers to follow suit! (read about Target Foods here)

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Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Gary E said...

Great piece Grant.
I was trying to think of a way to tie in rhe Suns propaganda piece with the escaped salmon and the COURT ORDER. Can you believe the audacity of the local fishwraps in trying to make campbell look good on this. All one has ro do is read the judgement to see what is going on here.
I think this may be a good time to direct people to Alexandra Mortoms blog. I'm pretty sure that the piss ass governments of this country are going to try to break her and the pro bono lawyer financially. For no other reason than to win in court. She will need donations to carry on. The fedes will be "hatching " another piece of draconian legislation just to circumvent this problem.
And while we're at it lets get a campaign going to dump the (no mind) fisheries minister.

Grant G said...

Thanks Gary E....The Vancouver Sun has no shame,nor does Marine Harvest, a concentrated campaign is nessecary, if the public stops buying Farmed Salmon they will be forced to act.
As For Canwest, with the pimp job they do for the Habitual Liar Gordon Campbell when he`s polling in the low teens,one can imagine the phony stories and NDP attack stories lined up for the next election!
How anyone would buy the Vancouver Sun or defend Kirk Lapointe is beyond me, from Canada line stories,Golden ears brodge,Convention center,or the Financial books of this Province,Distort,mis-lead,omit,cherry pick, this story yesterday was a perfect example,The Vancouver Sun headline a story to make it appear that the Province was moving on this issue when nothing could be further from the truth!

Anonymous said...

Grant - tell Brian that he did an awesome job today with the three stooges. In fact, I was so happy when they had to retract their lies last week about BC Hydro not paying the government a dividend. Because of Brian!

And then the show was about BC Hydro and the huge rates that they are paying IPP's. Other callers mentioned "Brian" - that he is right about BC Hydro moving toward bankruptcy as a result.

It was almost as if Brian had total control over the content of the show today. Magnificent!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I almost forgot - Brian's best topic of all - fish farms!!!

Grant G said...

Brian says Thanks alot...

12:34...I refer you to the comment thread in the "Read between the lines" post...

Indeed, Today was the Brian from Garden bay show on the cutting ledge show(9:00AM) on CKNW.

I`m going to buy Brian a drink,perhaps even one for myself while I`m at it!


Grant G said...

Next post Sunday..Brian and I are going fishin!


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