Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gordon Campbell`s Ponzi Scheme Olympics

Updated Again at 7:30 PM ---Check out a shocking link on the bottom of the story!

Well well well, here we go again, prepare to get your pockets picked, Intrawest...Which owns Whistler Blackcomb, Fortress which owns Intrawest...Fortress owes a group of lenders including the now defunct Lehman brothers....Fortress will need to make a $600 million payment to the lenders to prevent the olympics from being cancelled!

UPDATED Again at 7:30 pm Read this link first,that`s where it all started---My hero--Friends of Nemaiah Valley--Betty Krawczyk was the first to bust the story on how illegal the althletes village deal is...People laughed,....Read her post,check out the date of her post..

Betty Krawczyk is one class act----There should be dozens of people in jail on racketeering charges including Gordon Campbell!

Lets start from the beginning, way back when, it started under Larry Campbell, carried on with Sam Sullivan.....BC was awarded the 2010 Games(Selected for robbery) ..The first order of business was to start building an Olympic athletes village, and who were we going to get to build the village? First off the land was free in the sense that the city of Vancouver was providing the land, now look friends, we have some great builders in this city,builders with money,capital and experience, builders like Wall Development, Concord Pacific,big companies that bid to build the Athletes village, and,....These companies had their capital to build, capital and assets, but no, City council gave the project to a company with SWEET BUCK ALL...!

My oh my,what choices, shall we get a builder with assets and a good reputation for building large projects? No sirree Bob, behind the scenes, the mayor and Vancouver city Council hem and haw and they choose no other than Millenniun Development ,who the hell is Millennium development, well I have looked and as far as I can see they are really nothing but a shell!...Of Course Paul Barbeau (a backroom Vancouver city council insider) is connected to Millennium development, why is that important, because, who in the hell okayed Millennium Development when they had no money and not even a "pot to piss in".

So we`re off and running, lets build a village, my oh my, we must of course have friends of Gordon Campbell and friends of the dealer of this stacked deck of cards, so no other than Ken Dobell was chosen to get bi-weekly updates on the status of the olympic village, you must remember Ken Dobell, he was in charge of the $500 million over budget Vancouver trade and convention center, of course he was removed after money seemed to vanish into a black hole and construction was going sideways, anyways, Ken Dobell was the guy getting bi-weekly updates on the Athletes village and he was reporting to Gordon Campbell(Dobells personal friend) and Vanoc....

Well, we know what happened, Millennium development didn`t have a pot to piss in so how were they to finance and pay for workers and materials, well what else, Millenniun Development goes to no other than Fortress hedge fund and borrows( at usury rates) from the criminals(IMO) known as Fortress, Fortress is known for lending money at such rates that ultimately they repossess the projects after the borrower fails.....And lo n Behold who is Fortress?

Fortress just happens to OWN Intrawest who just happens to own Whistler Blackcomb....Are you getting the picture yet, well, we will come back to that part a little later, so Millennium development signs away its future with Fortress, what happened next, certainly Ken Dobell is keeping us up-to-date....Yea right(insert sarcasm here)....The athletes village goes sideways,sound familiar? you betcha, money seems to vanish into a black hole and nothing is getting done and Millennium Development runs out of money and the project is dead, now what, bring on the taxpayer, Gregor Robertson asks his Friend Gordon Campbell to allow Vancouver to rewrite the Vancouver charter so the the city of Vancouver could borrow upwards of $800 million dollars to pay-off Fortress(who owns Intrawest,who owns whistler/Blackcomb).....So that`s what happened,a special session of the legislature was called(on a week-end) ....And the reason Gordon Campbell held the session on a week-end even though the NDP wanted a mid-week session to start the Monday Before the week-end session, the reason was because of Parliamentary rules if there is a week-end session there IS NO QUESTION PERIOD.....Because of course Gordon Campbell didn`t want to answer any questions about his friend Ken Dobell, or about how Vanoc and Vancouver city council chose Millennium development, a company with nothing,no money, a company that used the land that the city of Vancouver GAVE for the athletes village for collateral ,no siree ....Gordon Campbell did not want to answer questions about all his development friends which include Jack Poole/Concert properties,Ken Dobell and all the usual suspects...

So the Vancouver charter is changed,the city borrows hundreds of millions and pays off the loan shark known as Fortress, the taxpayer of Vancouver in my opinion will being paying higher taxes for decades to pay off the athletes village ponzi scheme orchestrated by all of the above mentioned!

And everyone gets in on the act..Millennium using leverage got a big chunk of land in Nanaimo for 10.00$ that`s right, ten dollars, Millennium was to build a big hotel,but like I said Millennium had no money,none, the city of Nanaimo spent a fortune on Millennium,they gave them extension after extension only to finally kick Millennium out and start from scratch, today Nanaimo still doesn`t have a big hotel to compliment the trade and convention center.

Millenniun used their leverage in West Vancouver as well,and defaulted there.

Look friends,the athletes village was a snow job from the very beginning,Gordon Campbell,Ken Dobell, Larry Campbell/Sam Sullivan/Paul Barbeau/BC Liberals/Intrawest/Fortress/Vanoc/IOC.....And you my friends are going to pay for this snow job for decades! Don`t forget that Millennium development HAD to GIVE over $1 million dollars to Vanoc to be an olympic sponsor? Does that make sense, the builder of the athletes village having to pay Vanoc to be a sponsor, What a Racket!

So now you have a little history, well I was listening to the news this morning to hear about the second installment of the Gordon Campbell Ponzi Olympics, ....Whistler Blackcomb, which is owned by Intrawest, which owes Fortress....Well well well, Intrawest owes the hedge fund known as Fortress $1.6 billion dollars, a group that includes the bankrupt Lehman brothers who were running what I would describe as ponzi schemes that ultimately brought them down, anyways, Intrawest was supposed to make a $600 odd million dollar payment months ago, they didn`t make it, they were granted a 60 day extension which has now passed, now, the lenders named Fortress are demanding payment or they are going to (within their rights) FORECLOSE on Whistler Blackcomb and hold the Vancouver olympics hostage!

That`s right folks, this ponzi scheme was set up years ago and now unless the government makes good on this payment the olympics could be all but over, the Federal government agreed to provide Intrawest an emergency $50 million dollars to prevent forclosure......

Well friends, Fortress doesn`t want $50 million, they want it all and they have more clout now with the olympics coming then they ever will, the lenders have a right to foreclose on the mountain and are threatening to do so in ten days unless they get paid like a $100 million dollars and friends just watch!.......(read about it here)

Friends, something stinks, what are the odds of all these things linking together, this was in my opinion a ponzi scheme from the get-go...Look at the mastermind Gordon Campbell, Ken Dobell, Intrawest/Fortress/Larry Campbell/Vancouver city council/--Who-ever the hell Millennium Development is, yes friends this is beyond coincidence, and in case you are unaware, we have to PAY RENT to use Whistler /Blackcomb for the olympics, despite all the free advertising,despite the venues built on the mountains,despite all of that we are being charged An UNKNOWN AMOUNT of RENT.....You see folks, the rent is a weird formula,it has to do with how many people BEFORE the olympics visited the mountains....That`s the way the deal was structured...

Well well welll, The backroom boys will never have more leverage to force payment with the olympics being held ransom, by waiting they lose that leverage, this my friends in my opinion was the ultimate of all ponzi schemes that was foisted upon the taxpayer, look to the Premier Gordon Campbell...Look to Ken Dobell..Larry Campbell.....Millenniun development...Paul Barbeau..

There is a good read in the CBC

But...The CBC doesn`t connect the dots to the Athletes village, the NPA to Ken Dobell,Paul Barbeau,The CBC story talks about something being worked to save the Olympics,oh the olympics will be saved via a whole bunch of money, who wants to take over a resort with debt, the big lenders will use leverage to get the $600 million dollar payment......Millennium development is connected to Armeco....An Iranian shell company...Follow the money....more links coming

My friend at BC Liberals suck did some excellent work early on.....We tried to shake loose the numbers,I had no blog up at that time but for a ....FIRST-CLASS read....Follow the money..Read this,the story of course was done before this latest development.

One more important point my friends...We, the city of Vancouver had to rescue the athletes village from the hooks of the New York hedge fund known as the tune of hundreds of millions and now someone(The Taxpayer) has to save Intrawest from a bigger player in the loan shark game? There is some sick ponzi scheme going on, as for the CBC or the Globe and Mail or any media, without explaining the background of the Olympic athletes village and the city of Vancouver bail-out PAID to Fortress the story doesn`t make sense, only when you connect the dots and the players can you see the extent and sophistication of the snow job! -----Here is a deadly link that tells how Concert properties was literally gifted millions from the Gordon Campbell Government in this olympic snow job---Updated 7:30 PM-- Shocking story

And don`t forget to check out Laila Yuile excellent piece of investigative research...Here

I have more links to come,this story is a work in progress.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Anyone involved in this "scheme" should be thrown in jail! I don't care what side of the tracks you're from. And too bad for the owelypmics.

Anonymous said...

This is the news story of the year! Good find Grant. Did you read this in the article -

Fortress' Edens privately says he has a legal right to keep the Games from taking place at Whistler.

Unbelieveable! Again questions arise - Why is no one else reporting this incredible story that will shutdown the Olympics in Whistler?

Where is the NDP on this? I mean shouldn't they be raising hell on behalf of BC taxpayers?

The only thing I read today is that Carole James has seats for the Olympic opening ceremonies. Well Carole, you won't be able to watch your beloved OWElymics ceremony if they are cancelled!

Anonymous said...

Nothing in our local Canwest rag in Nanaimo on this. Hmm !!! For those who havent had the chance to read Chris Shaws book titled FIVE RING CIRCUS pick it up as it is a real eye opener. Thanks Grant for the article.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the informative piece on what is really going on. You are without a doubt a great read every day. I'll continue to pass this site on to people who might really want to know what is going on besides the MSM crap that seems to attract people who truly don't know what's going on.

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

Duh??? Why shouldn't the NDP be raising Hell?? on be behalf of the taxpayers of BC???Duh?? half of them never voted,half of the rest were stupid enough to vote LINO[ liberals in name only] so smarten up and vote NDP..Irv

Anonymous said...

What an amazing job you've done with your investigation, thanks for all of your hard work connecting the dots. It is much appreciated.

BC Mary said...

Time to sharpen our pitchforks?

Grant G said...

Thanks friends, but as for investigating, these stories are there for all too see.

The Main stream media(The three stooges) have had to hide behind their desks and watch their step...
To avoid tripping over them!(stories I mean)

What a sad day for journalism in B.C.

They get put to shame by Laila Yuile...A grandmother...BC Mary....and a broken down warrior!

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

Laila Yuile said...

Hi Grant, I blogged about that last link you posted at 7: 30 pm last june,

And have posted it at least once a month since then, in fact, the last time was just a couple weeks ago. In total, it has received over 143,000 views alone, since that time. Glad you found it too, because it's importance never diminishes.

An inside scoop from someone I know who used to work for Intrawest-many upper level employees were shown the writing was on the wall quite some time ago, and they all jumped ship to ensure stable employment. The person I know is now working in computer programming for a national finance firm... and glad for it. Those nasty pink slips have been a dime a dozen at Intrawest over the last few months.

Laila Yuile said...

And ps Grant,the best weapon any warrior has at hand is his mind, not his body. You are in fine fighting form, in my eyes ;)

Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff Grant esp. your last link and the reference to Rob MacDonald and Britannia Beach. I was up there a few months ago and MacDonald developed his residential subdivision up the side of Britannia Beach.

And lo and behold MacDonald has hundreds of fully serviced residential lots for sale on the Britannia Beach hillside and they are all overgrown and nobody is buying. Literally hundreds of for sale signs AND NOBODY IS BUYING!!!

I'm sure that his "Fortress" financier will be knocking on the door soon.

ROFLMAO, another Gordo crook did himself in financially because of GREED!!!! Hilarious stuff.

Grant G said...

Thanks Laila..I Added a link to your post today ....Glad your back..Well rested and full of Spirit.

Keep on keeping on.


Grant G said...

Right on Brother...Who would want to live in Britannia? A billy goat? A prospector?

Maybe cheap housing for ousted politicians!


Anonymous said...


Not rested, nor am I ready to get back at it - "taking a break" is writer speak for " working a big lead"... lol...I can't remember the last time I had more than 6 hours a night sleep...

Bur as you know, one must strike when the iron is hot.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like maybe a class action suit on behalf of all British Columbians, Canadians for this scheme? There must be a lawyer or two or three, who have had enough of the shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

ps You look to each and every individual (government or not) who has been involved in this fiasco and hit them in their pocket books, bank accounts. This isn't about the common taxpayer, it's about individuals and their friends in a scheme, many of them.

(And to Mary, BC Rail appears to have a part here as well, i.e. land.)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. And only Palmer has a write up. Nothing I found in the other "big papers" except the great little one from the north. I apologize for adding it to the great story being talked about here, but one thing is always connected to another.

Grant G said...

Thanks for that 5:52AM....It appears everyone has a price!

The BC Liberal motto....

"We only cheat when we can`t win"

It appears to me that we need to bring in the Canadian army and arrest thousands in this province, starting with Gordon Campbell...We need national help to rid our province of all of the thieves...
One problem with that.....

I don`t think things are much better on the national scene!


Laila Yuile said...

I received an email this morning from a reader suggesting a pertinant way people can protest the Olympics, and Gordon Campbell at the same time.

Have tshirts imprinted with his mug shot from Hawaii on the front, with the date and charge and a list of cuts on the back.

Not much anyone could do about that, and if enough people were to wear well, it would give the tourists something to talk about.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea Laila. I would certainly buy one and wear it. (Anyone know a good T-shirt print shop?) And of course, the money would be donated, minus costs of course.

Anonymous said...

I'd wear one too!!!