Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Harper to porogue parliment...Ho Hum

Does anyone really care about Harper shutting down parliament? I don`t, in fact I feel comforted knowing they`re all off the job!

Pure politics, have you read any of the national headlines lately? I saw one or 12 over the last few months, like the latest.."Ignatief,not interested in calling election in 2010 " or "Liberals at lowest support in over 100 years"(Harper porogues parliament here)

Harper is poroguing parliament, Harper is going to stack the senate with enough Conservatives to control the senate, if Ignatief was premier he would do the same thing, the phony indignation federal Liberals are displaying is enough to make you sick, look, don`t get me wrong, Harper,like all politicians fibbed about abolishing the senate or at least having them elected, the Liberals would do no different, anyways, what a complete federal bore, Ignatief doesn`t want an election because he knows half of his MPs would get the boot, where the hell is the opposition in Ottawa?

Look at the HST vote in Ottawa, the first and third largest populations in Canada,almost 40% of Canada`s population are against this tax and the federal Liberals had a chance to stand up for the public and they didn`t, sure Dosange and Martin in BC made a little noise but Ujal voted for it, Martin ran away from the vote, all of them sold out on mass because they were told to, as far as I`m concerned Liberals and Conservatives are the same,Useless, anyways, why not close parliament, there is nothing to do, the stimulus money is drying up, no pressing bills to get through,the Federal LIBERAL Dominated senate passed the HST in an hour, they didn`t even debate it....Hell, in Manitoba the NDP government laid out it`s reason in a long pdf why they are rejecting the HST(read the Manitoba HST rejection here)a good read

I can`t bring myself to vote for either party,both are devoid of thought and direction and neither party wants to stand up for the vanishing middle class, no matter who is in charge the only plan is to raise taxes and cut services or programs, I will be voting for the federal NDP or independent.I wrote in a story last week about Liberals selling out provinces one by one, well

well well, a story by Kim Pollock in the Tyee further explains how corporate Canada is hoarding money,offshoring,tax havens, huge profits leaving Canada,leaving the people, the story went on to say how 18 of 22 big industries are making tons of money,tons of money right through this permanent downturn, so when the HST gets shoved down the public`s throat all in the name of giving billions more to the corporate bastards that are hoarding money,tax loop holes,tax write offs,shell companies, all this while they actively look for slave labour overseas, the federal Liberals are bought and paid for, cons,grits, what`s the diff? (read Kim Pollock here)

Record corporate profits while real Canadians are drowning in debt and falling backwards, where is a direction for either party, what do federal Liberals stand for? Ignatief sitting around waiting for Harper to stub his toe, that sure is one hell of a plan, meanwhile Harper is closing down parliament, here`s the deal....

Harper will open up parliament 3 days after the olympics, on March 3 he will have a throne speech, March 4 Harper will bring in a skimpy budget, Harper will drape himself in the flag and olympic gold(if we win anything), throw down his budget just daring the utterly useless Michael Ignatief to force an election(which he won`t).....The Liberals will huff and puff and vote in lock-step with Harper meanwhile slippery Jack Layton and the Bloc will vote against it....

Same old same old, sorry folks,nothing to see here,useless liberals,useless conservatives, lets just hope neither government ever gets a majority, and by the way, after this poroguement, the Governor General has now laid down a precedent, poroguement whenever you want it.

Time to give the federal NDP a chance, I don`t see Cons or Grits sticking up for workers.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

I wish everyone would think like you!

The problem is the biased MSM has an impact upon every voter. That sure becomes apparent when one looks at BC's federal voting intentions released today from Nanos -

Conmen - 43%
LIEberal - 28%
NDP - 24%

And the ignorant public gets fleeced once again!

Crankypants said...

This will be the second time in a little over a year that Harper has prorogued the people's house which is ludicrous to say the least. The least we Canadians should expect is that all the MPs be docked 1/6th their salaries for the 2 plus months of inactivity, and they should not be allowed any expense claims during this period. Furthermore, all deputy ministers and all the other ministerial staff should be laid off and live off of EI. It's obvious their services will not be needed for the forseeable future. And if Harper or any of his cabinet ministers appear at the winter olympics, they should only do so as regular Canadian citizens, no titles, no special treatment.

Only in Canada, EH!

Evil Eye said...

The older I get, the more cynical I become. I consider all 'party' politicians to be moral cowards of the worse sort. They hide behind corrupt party leaders and vote the way they are told too.

In Canada, government no longer represents the people, rather it represents lobbyists and party faithful. As time goes by, more and more Canadians regard Parliament (both Federal and provincial) as illegitimate.

Soon, the majority of Canadians will regard government as a farce; a joke and will support anyone who will clean house and promise to jail all the corrupt politicians for a long time.

Sadly this will not happen and Canada will soon be faces with a domestic insurgency that wants the overthrow of the present order. Local terrorists will become local heroes, as what is happening up North with the gas line bombings.

Campbell and Harper are sowing the seeds for public discontent and evolution. I wonder how many Canadians will have the 'balls' to join the public insurrection?

Anonymous said...

Evil Eye said...2009 11:39 PM December 30,
I wonder how many Canadians will have the 'balls' to join the public insurrection?
Answer "0"

Anonymous said...

Harper, is, using the same dirty tactics as, Gordon Campbell and his henchman Hansen use. Harper, Iggy, Campbell and Hansen, are the worst politicians, Canada has ever had known in history. Canada, will be terminally ill, if we, don't rid this country's cancer of, the four of them. Lying, deceit and corruption, is what governs Canada. Our, Canadian Constitician, is sneered at, by Harper. Canada's, Civil Rights, have been denied, by Harper. Democracy and Freedom, are null and void, again by, Harper's hand. We in BC, cringe at the thought, that, a proven criminal, will be hosting the Olympic Games. Parliament, should have a ostrich hole made of sand, for Harper, to stick his head in, when he wants to escape, the tough questions, he can't answer,rather than shut parliament down. I, am in agreement, this recession was engineered, to, comply, so that the NAU, will be that much closer, to getting control. This is why politicians are, causing turmoil, and chaos, so, Canadian citizens will have no stability. The same is, happening in the, USA, and Mexico. I, was shocked, when, I heard how long these plans have been worked on. The NAU, is, the North American Union. That union, will be, Canada, Mexico and the USA, will become, one large state. There will be, identical currency, the Amero, will be the new dollar. Education and Health care, identical. The meeting of the heads, of our countries, had in Mexico, was to discuss the merger, of the three country's. Also, take note, the USA, is hammering out, a health care system, that resembles Canada's. I was in disblief at first, but, after researching the NAU, it, actually, fits. Then, I was told about, the New World Order, which, eventually, will be one government, globally.