Saturday, December 19, 2009

Where is my new plasma T.V.

Global warming,climate change, food supply, the contradictions are mind boggling!

Air Canada has ordered 37 new Boeing 787s..The US senate just passed a defense bill worth nearly $700 billion, Global news has been urging people to spend spend spend on Christmas,John Furlong has asked people to keep to their 14 million Christmas light displays up past the holidays right through the olympic and parolympic games,yet we have a two tier hydro rate in BC, a do nothing carbon tax.

Best buy, Wallmart, China, cell phone companies want you to buy a new phone every year, a new playstation, new rock band, it boggles the mind,personally speaking my cell phone was bought in 1999, it still works, I don`t text, I am actually waiting for a phone that will allow me to communicate with smoke signals,heck,if we are going to go backwards lets go all the way.

I watched a :You Tube: question and answer show about climate change on CNN the other night, people from around the world asked questions through you tube for the CNN panel to answer, it was interesting in a amusing way, the panel itself had different points of view, the biggest blowhard and camera hog on the panel was no other than Thomas Freidman, for those who don`t know who Freidman is...He is a New York Times columnist and author of the book "The world is flat" , His book exspressed the theory that cheap exports from China,India, Malaysia and others was good, good for the consumer,the economy,the world, his book claimed that going down this Kumbia,we are the world,lets hold hands in the community garden path was the road to success, his book today is regarded as nothing more than fire starter.

There was one fellow on the panel who spoke to truth, I forget his name but he said..." People don`t want to change, there is no incentive to change, people want corporations to change, let the CEOs and shareholders take the hit and pay, industry is polluting not the consumer, the incentive to change isn`t offering cars, toys, new stuff, they are asking people to spend money they don`t have to maintain their present life style" ......And Tom Freidman kept interrupting, butting in, challenging any opposing view but his own.....I personally would like to bitch slap Freidman and send him back to his cave......Anyways...Tom Freidman was hell bent on telling the world what must be done, in a nutshell here is what Tommy had to say...

The answer to the world`s woes is simple, what we need to do is bring cheap electricity and power to everyone in the world, 400 million people in India have no electric,hundreds of millions of Chinese have no power, 3 billion people around the world have no power and we must provide them all cheap electricity.

Yes friends,that is what Thomas Freidman said to a world audience, here is my take on how flawed that is, first off...These parts of the world are warm, these countries like India,China,Africa etc etc....Their populations aren`t falling,in fact the populations of these countries are growing in leaps in bounds, and I believe these people have survived for thousands of years with out luxuries, what would happen if every dwelling in the world had cheap electric, for what purpose, if they have power then they will want dishwashers, driers, stereo,T.V.s, phones, and yes, they could put up 14 million bulb christsmas displays, and if they have a olympics they can keep their lights going for an extra three months. Thomas Freidman is so clueless, in fact he reminds me of Stephen $ees...,$ees is great on transport, but, he believes we can bring in millions of people into the lower mainland,walkable communities,bike to work, low flow toilets, save every species, live in a tiny cubicle all built by eco friendly materials.

You see folks, the first thing we need is honesty, and by that I mean we have to be honest with ourselves, I would go fishing in a canoe or fish off the dock if there was any fish nearby,but there aren`t, the local cod are gone, no longer can we catch salmon off any dock in BC, now we have to travel miles and miles to find a fish, that`s why I go to the west coast because our salmon in the Sunshinecoast region are gone...That`s just one issue, the whole world is a capitalistic society, every country,every CEO wants market share, they want you to own ten pairs of shoes, buy the latest fashion trend, newest phone,newest game,newest car, multiply that scenario a billion times and you will quickly come to the conclusion that co2 and green houses gasses are going to rise, if were honest with ourselves you must come to that conclusion,everything we do has a carbon footprint....Let me say this before the greens stomp on me, I am 100% in favour of cutting visible pollution, mandatory reductions,smoke stack scrubbers, highest fuel standards for new cars....But as for Copenhagen and this non binding bullshit, the Kyoto accord had signatories and hard targets and every country failed,including Canada so who amongst you thinks that a non-binding agreement with zero targets for any countries,voluntary emission reporting....All this in a capitalistic society full of greedy CEO`s who want more and more money......Like I say, if we can`t be honest with ourselves to expect honesty between countries is laughable.

Global warming/climate change is being pumped into the young people`s minds in school, it`s being taught without debate, the :You Tube: debate on CNN the other night, the questions were from young people, pleading for a deal,begging for action using phrases like, "what will be left for the next generation".

But again, where is the honesty,the same young people who want the world saved aren`t on bikes, they`re not working in gardens growing vegetables,picking fruit, in fact the closest they come to fruit is in a piece of rubber called fruit roll-ups, they are driven to school, playing video games,they text away, they gab on social sites and they want the latest fashions, newest phone, passionate they are but that passion doesn`t translate into action, everyone of them want gifts from best buy that make them jump up and down, and no polar bear picture in their wallet or Gordon Campbell carbon tax will change that fact about human behaviour......And finally..

Mandatory pollution reductions,a must,not paid by consumers but paid from corporate profits, but what I really want is Salmon habitat saved, farmed fish removed from oceans, a ban of destructive fishing practices that scrape and destroy the nursery(The bottom)...No more drift nets, a reduction of fertilizers on giant agra-farms run by technology, I would like to see a return to labour intensive farming(Summer jobs for the oh-so-concerned youth) lets see how they like that...I would like to see the removal of all the chemicals in the food chain, I would like to see every high rise building shut off the lights at night, deflectors on the windows to keep birds from flying into them, no more toxic lakes for birds to die in.....And finally when places are full they`re full, metro Vancouver is full,bejiing is full, the United states is full,India is full, for what good is life with no fish, birds,forests......Other than that Copenhagen,Kyoto is nothing but spin,lies and obfuscation...We have to start by being honest with ourselves.

Meanwhile, where is my new plasma T.V. ?

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Anonymous said...

Excellent post!

What do you think about the new eco-sustainability initiatives implemented by the City of Vancouver?

They now let people have chickens in their yard for daily farm fresh-type eggs removing polluting trucks from roads that have to deliver the eggs and chicken meat to market.

And vegetable gardens are being placed upon the old city hall lawn and other public spaces all over to allow the people to grow their own pesticide-free veggies. Again taking trucks off the road that would otherwise deliver the veggies to market.

And bicycle lanes are being constructed all over Vancouver with people now selling their polluting cars and biking all over removing GHG emissions - Even on the Burrard St. Bridge.

On top of that the city is mandating electric pug-ins for electric cars to move away from GHG polluting combustion engines.

I guess you can say it's the new Vancouver eco-lifstyle that everyone is moving toward with the help of our Green mayor.

Grant G said...

2:21.....Sorry, I am no Gregor fan, I would prefer the best farmland in BC(Richmond,Delta,etc etc)

Be left as farmland,the answer isn`t rooftop gardening, I`m all for rooftop gardening, the bike bridge is empty of bikes in wet rainy winter weather..I just can`t square the circle of ECO(density housing)housing,laneway housing....The insanity of putting so many people in one area then demanding everyone reduce watering,low flow.

When the bus is full it`s full...We must find the answers first before we exasperate the problem.....Development in Vancouver should be halted..There`s lots of room in Prince George..Fort Nelson..Gold river..Princeton or Saskatoon.

We must stop the practice of....

"Pave paradise and put up a parking lot"


Gary E said...

You've hit the nail on the head Grant. The worlds biggest polluters were in Copenhagen to diffuse the problem of their having to pay for the GD mess they made. All they want is to unload the costs onto the common folk. That seems to me to be the whole problem. Lets take these a--holes by theyou know where and have our own Copenhagen or Kyoto. DO NOT INVITE ANY BIG BUSINESS OR POLITICIANS. And any media who don't report on whats really happening, don't invite them.

randall said...

mike harcourt and his buddies at UBC want to make over victoria to look like vancouver. i want the development here to stop. we are already squashed in. we are conserving water like heck and now we have to pay more for it. toxins into the waste water and out into the ocean is going to cost us a billion dollars so that canada can look good for the tourist industry. looks like global warming is going to proceed on a global scale so stop the development on vancouver island because in a hundred years it is going to be flooded. move inland with growth; not to the coastal areas. copenhagen...what a waste of time and energy and money. capitalists finding solutions to save our habitable environment is like sharks becoming vegetarians...aint gonna happen.