Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gordon Campbell has put BCs financial future in wallstreet`s hands!

I saw Gordon Campbell on the evening news tonight, and what is it,Campbell looked deranged,for sometime I have noticed that Campbell is bug-eyed with this psychotic glare about him, I truly believe that Gordon Campbell is about ready to snap, he looks like a drug addict running from his latest crime to his next fix with the authorities in hot pursuit,Gordon Campbell in my opinion is wondering,waiting,anticipating being arrested any minute for his crimes against humanity.

The Scott Simpson story needs more discussion, as you know I wrote a series on pollution,burrard thermal and one particular story "Run of river is all but dead in BC".....Now as you know when Gordon Campbell hatched his private power scheme big revenue was starting to flow to the province,housing was booming south of the border,markets were up to record levels around the world but how quickly times change....Gordon Campbell took literally millions of dollars from Plutonic power and other IPP companies for his Liberal Gang`s benefit, Campbell promised them the moon, Gordon Campbell thought with yearly surpluses in the billions that he could siphon off a billion or two yearly to feed his American friends, he knew the media(the stooges) would be STILL occupied with fast ferries and the 90s to bother paying any attention to current affairs.

Well along came wallstreet, the best and the brightest bet trillions in derivatives, credit default swaps, a bunch of greedy,crooked con men fleeced the world for trillions of dollars,markets crashed,money dried up and so did Gordon (deranged) Campbell river of fool`s gold!

I suspected that Campbell,with a 4 billion dollar deficit and multi billion dollar deficits for many more years to come realized that there was nowhere to hide billions in power trading losses and ultimately he would have to back off and wiggle out of these power deals to his American friends.

So as you know the current spot market for electric is around 40$...Campbell has signed deals averaging 120$ a MWH, his only hope was for the BCUC to bail him out,which they did in july of this year, now of course Campbell having taken all this money from the IPP vultures had to put on a good show, he rattled BCUC`s cage, he removed Bob Elton as CEO of BC Hydro (which was surprising because BC Hydro has done everything Campbell has asked!) So what new has transpired since the fraudulent election, well in the toilet bowl speech(I mean the Campbell throne speech) Campbell talked of tearing burrard thermal down......Well, as of last month Leckstrom and Campbell have decided to keep Burrard thermal forever(a complete pullback of their earlier position) and this latest revelation (The Scott simpson Article in the Vancouver sun)

Why is that a revelation? because the Vancouver sun is Gordon Campbell`s biggest bought friend! The Vancouver sun didn`t have to air the Scott Simpson article, and, if you actually read the article Blair Leckstrom doesn`t dispute anything, Blair doesn`t dispute the guaranteed 100$ plus for IPP power, triple the going rate of the spot electric market in the last 5 years,Blair Leckstrom doesn`t dispute the fact that this IPP power is for export and that BC won`t need it, Blair doesn`t dispute the fact that if the spot market doesn`t go crazy(upwards) that we will lose billions, Blair Leckstrom doesn`t dispute Don Potts(who represents industrial power users in the province) ...Don Potts and industry are perplexed with how guaranteeing a huge profit for IPPs can only drive the rates for big industry through the roof, Don Potts has asked to see a explainable business plan, his request has been denied because the business plan doesn`t exist! Apparently the only business plan was written on the back of "Martini coaster" Blair Leckstrom also doesn`t deny the fact that power forecasters don`t expect hydro rates to reach 100$ for decades to come, so why did the Vancouver Sun run the story?

But what I really wanted to talk about is the BCUC....They rejected the power call from BC Hydro and the IPPs in july because of these reasons...."It`s not in the public interest" "The power which we don`t need for domestic use is way too expensive" ..." Buying expensive power in the spring freshet will have low value that time of year in the export market".....Those were just a few of the reasons the BCUC came to the right decision....

Well my friends,Gordon Campbell is ready to snap, Campbell will retire after the olympics and after he gives us the HST tax kiss good-bye...His ultimate good-bye gesture to the people of BC...Gordon Campbell only needs to stall the run of river decision a while longer before he has fled to Maui with Lara Daphinee....And Plutonic can look elsewhere for it`s payback, anyways,back to the BCUC....Since their july decision what has changed? Nothing, except this Scott Simpson article, how could the BCUC ever reverse their position when Blair Leckstrom states the IPP power is for export, and Blair Leckstrom admitted the Province will lose a fortune unless the spot market goes crazy, how can the BCUC reverse it`s decision when Don Potts and the industrial steering committee say....The deal CAN`T WORK....Blair Leckstrom has admitted to the entire province,and to the BCUC that BC Hydro and Powerx stand to be bankrupted if we proceed with this IPP power call at these prices,the only way the BCUC could grant a private IPP power call is....If the Contracts get re-written to protect the taxpayer.

The same people who caused trillions of dollars to vanish(Wallstreet) have the future of BCers in their hands,will Wallstreet drive the electric market upwards, no,it`s not going to happen, California is already almost double the cost for Electric than most states.

I was reading today,California has 13% unemployment,more foreclosures than any other state, counties,the state has set record deficits, so here`s the deal, Thermal solar power is making great breakthroughs in creating power,instead of creating electricity,thermal solar power uses magnifying type technology to heat water to steam thus creating power,power that can be stored in the form of heat, portable nuclear, wind power,more importantly personal windmill technology for individual home owners, 15,000,00$ and you can have 2000 watts of power,new appliances,arnie is even legislating electric consumption from T.V.s to be halved...and the biggest innovation is in LED lighting...25% of electric use in the USA is for incandescent lighting...LED lightbulbs are coming in strong, the price of the LED bulbs is falling fast, a LED light bulb uses 1/10 of the power of regular lights, so a person could have 10 led light bulbs running for the price of one,and, LED light is clean,white,bright,the best reading light,it`s the closest light to natural sunlight....LED bulbs cost about 30$ a bulb and or 60$ for a LED fluorescent...That price is expected to fall to a quarter of that price within 18 months, and with LED lights you don`t have disposal worries like you have with CFL lights.

So what does the BCUC do....If they grant the deranged Gordon Campbell power call they might as well resign now, how could any of them live with themselves, hydro rates are trending downward,consumption is trending downward, and with Californian`s already broke the high energy prices will not occur...In fact I was looking at hydro rates across the USA and besides a couple of eastern states California hydro rates are almost double the rates of 45 other states, in other words, if California wants to attract new residents or new business they will have to stay competitive, and yes,the USA is full of competition,and yes the wind,solar, run of river power, tidal power, you name any source of electric power there is one very important drawback in trying to force the price up,and,

That drawback is this,unlike oil,coal,nuclear,natural gas,unlike those sources of power solar,wind,tidal,run of river power cannot be stored. In other words, these soft power suppliers can`t withhold power to force prices up, with electric power either you use it or lose it! Electric power through run of river cannot be stored and held back, so no one is going to lock in for a 100$ MWH for 20 years when competition is abundant, now add Thermal solar and LED lighting and it`s a perfect storm, how many Californians are in a position to get jacked on their power rates, there is already millions of foreclosed empty homes in Cali.......

So again I find myself asking why was the Scott Simpson article aired in the business section of the Vancouver sun,the BCUC can`t dismiss the story,Blair Leckstrom has admitted all the dire possibilities are true...

Act I...Campbell is backtracking on private power but is letting the BCUC be the messenger with bad news.

Act II...Campbell puts on another huff and puff show as an illusion to try and convince IPPs that he is fighting for them...Yet already Campbell has flip-flopped on Burrard thermal.

Act III... The Scott Simpson article with all the facts laid open for the BCUC

Act IV...(the preview) Campbell retires after the olympics and before the hundreds of volunteers can gather signatures in Point Grey to have Derango Campbell recalled,private power loses it`s momentum.

Act V...(BCUC) allows a dribble of new power, which one...Naikun wind power, all in the name of the federal government and the province courting first nation`s peace.

Finally with Campbell resigning, the knives in the liberal party come out,all of them are political casualties,Falcon,Hansen,Bond,Heed and the rest are finished, there will be so much infighting, survival of the fittest, no one will wave the IPP flag and all the benefits.

Yes my friends, I hate Gordon Campbell, the only thing I give Campbell a two thumbs up about is......At least Gordon (deranged) Campbell is blowing up himself and the entire liberal Zombie Caucus on his way out.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Grant, in my mind you have now replaced the official opposition!!

Why is it you expose the Gordo corruption so well and not a peep out of the official opposition??!!

I just don't get them.

Anonymous said...

CBC Radio said this morning Naikun Wind project just passed an Environmental Review. They don't have a contract with BC Hydro yet.

Another thing on the radio about maybe requiring new homes to have solar hot water heaters, another way to reduce power demand.

Anonymous said...

So has Bitter Brian now given up on taking on/down Baldrey and Palmer's shenanigans on CKNW's Cutting Edge of the Ledge?

How come?

Grant G said...

Anon 10.38 am......No,I talked to Brian this morning,Brian called in early and was put on hold,they never let him on the air,obvious retribution for making Christy Clark retract.

So...Since Brian`s voice has been muted, I..We have decided to go to round two of the complaint process against cknw and Christy Clark...Time for a formal hearing,time for a proper retraction.

As for the cutting ledge,the quality of callers to Bill Good has gone to the dogs, nothing but lame callers today..including two callers who were advocating that the government`s of BC and Canada find a way to tax all tips(claimed and unclaimed tips) to restraunt workers as a means of revenue.

Cheers...Stay tuned

Anonymous said...

The "Eye" has been all but banned form Good's show. The standard ploy is to put you on hold forever!

So here we see what the Bruce Hutchison award is all about, censorship and being a paid shill for Gordo.

Can this province sink any lower.

Evil Eye

Leah said...

Grant, I know it's a bit off topic...but it's been driving me up a wall: have you figured out "why" the monies from BC Ferries had to be paid back to the government in CASH? And do the government books clearly show where it was received...and where it went? I think the answers to these questions are crucial, as the funds are in the hundreds of millions. Any new word on that?

BTW...I think you need to take over Carole's place in the scheme of things. No wonder the Libs view her as the best thing that's ever happened to them!

Anonymous said...

Baldrey, Palmer, and Good were only worth listening to BECAUSE of Brian from Garden Bay!!!

He knows how to smarten them up and to bring issues to the fore!

Grant G said...

Leah....I`m still waiting for answers on BC Ferries...I have moved up the food chain..The junior NDP is afraid to call a press conference! I believe that Campbell used BC Ferries and managed pump 1/2 billion into his 2005/2006 election budget with the debt on BC Ferries books,and for that money,that silence Gordon Campbell gave away the voting shares and access to the books...And now David Hahn and Co. can pay them selves whatever they want,and now a new tactic coming this year...The subsidy from the province to BC Ferries has gone through the roof this year....
This is being done to artificially inflate next years books,sort of like "Putting lipstick on a pig" or Gordon Campbell.

As for the cutting ledge, "revenge is a dish best served cold"

One by one bitter Brian and I...with the help of my readers,other bloggers,with persistance and never say never attitude....We,..All of us will tear down the financial frauds and expose them to the light...A Golden ears bridge update coming later tonight.


Anonymous said...

Well, Canadians, know politicians oaths, are made to be broken. Have a good look at them and hold your nose as you go by. Contamination, is especially high around Harper, Iggy, Campbell and Hansen. Corruption pays very well, especially,the farther up the food chain you go. What happens if the cannon fodder, can no longer pay for the corruption of government officials? Wage earning citizens are already having to live on 4 months of their salary for a year, the rest has been extorted by our governments corruption. At one time, extortion, meant prison. I think it still apply's to, the regular civilian, there seems to be a different law for governing officials, they seem to be allowed to cheat and steal at will.

BC Mary said...

Looking forward to your next posting and the next ... always exciting and reassuring, Grant. Thanks immensely for your good work.

I'd just like to add something to what you said in Paragraph #1: "I saw Gordon Campbell on the evening news tonight, and what is it,Campbell looked deranged,for sometime I have noticed that Campbell is bug-eyed with this psychotic glare about him, I truly believe that Gordon Campbell is about ready to snap ..."

I saw that look in 2005 during the Leaders' TV Debate. Gordo lost badly in the debate, as if he had lost self-confidence and couldn't think straight. But it was his face! Do you remember his face with those two red circles painted on his cheeks, like a clown's make-up? And those wild eyes?

Next day, someone mentioned meeting him in the corridor that night and nearly jumping out of her skin.

But nothing much was said directly.

Recently, however, after each of these terrible revelations such as BCUC, or "Let's burn the forests as firewood for making electricity!" -- people were saying "This is insane. This is madness!" And I couldn't help but wonder, what if it really is?

Crankypants said...

A very enlightening series on the IPP scam. Thanks for your hard work.

The sad thing is that there are many people getting well paid to ferret these things out, such as the official opposition and the so-called political reporters of the mainstream media, and it takes an unpaid person to bring all this to the fore.

After the sham of a vote in Ottawa on the HST this week, I am almost of the opinion that these political parties collude on which subjects they will beat each other up on and which ones they will give nothing but cursory attention.

Keep up the good fight!

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Grant G said...

Thanks Alena....Don`t be shy,It`s the feedback that keeps me going.

I look forward to hearing from you next year(2010)...All the best to you.


Anonymous said...

Gordo seems to have sold wall street and his realestate investment brokers on deals he cant fullfill while pilifering the provincial cutlery.
Dont let him near BC HYDRO or your bills will double.

Anonymous said...

I, am politically challenged person. It seems to me, Campbell and Hansen, have done serious damage to BC, and, now this province is terminally ill. Campbell and Hansen, out and out blatantly lied to the citizens of BC. Campbell and Hansen, are selling, BC's resources out, as fast as they can, to the USA, Russia and China, fifty of our mills are gone, to Russia and China. The, BC Railroad, is being sold to the Canadian National Railroad, that also has been sold to the USA. There are too many sins of Campbell and Hansen to name all of them. What resources are left in BC, to dig us out of the recession? Our mill town, has just had 300, more mill workers laid off last week. I wouldn't be too surprised if, this mill goes to the same place as the others. There will be 800, more teachers laid off, because of, the severe cuts in their budget. Health care is being decimated. My friend was in hospital, her bed was in the shower room, there, was an entire floor shut down, because of cuts. Citizens are losing their jobs, their homes, their savings are gone. I, am furious with Harper, he bribed Campbell to, force the HST, on the people. Convince me, that this is fair to the citizens who have lost everything. How, do we pay, with what? Campbell and Hansen are monsters. They have the highest number of children living in poverty. Campbell and Hansen said, they will not raise the minimum wage, also the lowest in Canada. Campbell stated, he has done enough, for those people??? The lies and the deciet Campbell and Hansen told about the provincial deficit, so he could be re-elected, and, I, am sure, the lies they told about the Olympic deficit, is going to cause BC, to be an empty shell. I, see, this province, going into bankruptcy. Now, Campbell, has done away with the, FOI. Loukideus, is a fine upright Minister, who, apparently had a scathing report, concerning Campbell and his Liberal Goverment. Well, I'll bet that scared the hell out of Campbell. So, what, I want to know, how does a criminal like Campbell manage to, keep on governing this Province. It, doesn't make a lick of sense to me.

Grant G said...

Well said 1:19 PM....How indeed,Gordon Campbell doesn`t care,he`s a thief,a felon waiting to be convicted....

And those damn zombie ministers and MLAs...Their silence is deafening...

Higher powers will take care of Campbell and company, as for who is going to take care of BC, who knows

I pray and hope everyday that Campbell and his ministers crash and burn in a aircraft accident, with no survivers but the pilot, hey,we all got dreams!