Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Are Gordon Campbell and Lara Daphinee lovers?

That is what I would like to know, can you name anyone who has worked hand in hand with Gordon Campbell longer?

As you know Lara joined with Gordon Campbell in 1996, she was a young vibrant and very attractive 25 year old, I don`t know that they are lovers, I have no direct proof, but she,Lara seems to have followed Gordon Campbell everywhere, to this day she works for premier Gordon Campbell.

Lara Daphinee from what I have been told travels everywhere Gordon Campbell goes, they spend an immense amount of time together, I wonder what Gordon Campbell`s wife Nancy thinks about this arrangement, surely she must be jealous, jealous of Lara getting to spend so much time with her husband, yet I don`t know, I never see Gordon Campbell with his wife, in fact the only 2 times I can remember seeing Gordon Campbell and Nancy together was when Gordon was weeping over his drunk driving and the only other time was when she was on stage(Nancy) when Gordon Campbell was celebrating his latest and last election victory(In my opinion) ......I looked very closely at the stage presence of Nancy on that night, to me, she looked distant,a forced appearance, even the children seemed to be around mom more than dad.

I don`t know anything for sure, maybe Lara Daphinee is just a great employee, a great travel companion, she must be a great travel companion because allegedly she goes everywhere the premier goes, if they were long term lovers certainly the media would of figured it out, me, well I`m just naturally curious and suspicious.

My last relationship, if I looked at other females funny I would get an earfull and a tongue lashing.

I wonder if Nancy, the premier`s wife is going to attend all the events with the premier at the olympics, now I`m not casting judgement, it`s not a crime, adultery I mean, 50% of all marriages today wind up with at least one partner cheating on the other, heck, in France it`s almost a national pastime, certainly Nancy has had reasons to be disappointed in Gordon Campbell, at least over Gordon Campbell`s drunk driving offence in Hawaii, it must have made Nancy very proud (Insert sarcasm here).

Is Lara Daphinee married, I don`t think so, does she have a long term boyfriend,or girlfriend, hey, the times is a changin so who am I to judge, she is very attractive woman(In my opinion).....Well, I think Marge Simpson on the cartoon show the Simpsons is attractive so don`t go by my judgement, but, if in fact Lara Daphinee has no boyfriend or girlfriend than I would be even more suspicious of the activities between Gordon Campbell and Lara Daphinee. Perhaps somebody can let me know if Lara Daphinee joined Gordon Campbell on the trip to Copenhagen for the Climax summit.

Anyways, I am just throwing my personal thoughts out there for consumption, I have no proof, none at all, I do though have a very active imagination, well friends, please keep it clean in the comment section.

Merry Christmas Gordon Campbell. Lara Daphinee, may your stocking be fully stuffed!

And Merry Christmas to all my readers and contributors.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Brian from Garden Bay should question both Palmer and Baldrey on 'NW to get the straight goods from them.

Seems to me that they had no problem outing Judy Tyabji and then married Gordon Wilson when he was Liberal leader.

What's good for the goose is also good for the gander I say.

Grant G said...

Well...Brian from garden Bay has been banned from CKNW.

They are gutless cowards at CKNW..Brian puts them all to shame,you know the Liberal motto, "when they can`t win they cheat"


BC Mary said...

Two things, Grant. OK, three things.

1) Libel laws in Canada have been relaxed, protecting honest investigation honestly researched from being challenged as libel,

2) Paul Nettleton (former MLA for Prince George-Omineca) is on the record as seeing something to be concerned about, which he tried to do something about, in the Lara-Gordo performance. His remarks are recorded in a 4-part story on my blog. Especially note where Vaughn Palmer picked up on Gordo's "loved one" published in his column.

3) Kevin Potvin has never been sued for writing an in-depth analysis of this romance and some of its implications for B.C. His "Is Campbell a 'Made Man'?" still stands as the gold-standard story on the subject.

Seems to me that Gordo owes his career to what the media does NOT publish about him. I think the Supreme Court of Canada just said "Enough".

Happy Christmas Grant.

Anonymous said...

Hey Grant, I just read Kevin Potvin's article. Did you know this?

"Since then, his wife has reportedly separated from him and has reverted to using her maiden name. Campbell now lives alone in a condo on Vancouver’s west side."

Hahaha poor Gordo! He's done - well done! LOL

BC Mary said...


I was wishing I had stated more clearly that the issue with Lara Dauphinee isn't the romance. God no. The issue really is:

that Lara Dauphinee is a high-level, very highly salaried, powerful government employee who (because of the premier's personal favouritism for her) is shielded from public accountability of any kind.

That's the issue ... and imo that's what it is outrageous. Like I said somewhere else, would you feel better if Lara & Gordo were married? No. God no. (Just imagine Lillian Vander Zalm in that job: as premier's Deputy Chief of Staff, Executive Assistant, gatekeeper, organizer, etc.)

Beth said...

Remember when their house in Point Grey a few years back, it was never reported in our media ( big surprise) but a story in the globe and mail in regards to Campbell's DIVORCE.. and the house was part of the divorce.
Our press reported it as a safety measure regarding the bombing done on mrs Campbells office during the first term slash and burn 2003?..
I wondered why this was't huge news at the time in light of the dirt they and the other gutless media we have here heaped on Wilson/tyabji or for that matter anyone who got in their way..
as for the affair why dont we know more about her we certainly pay her salary, and a very healthy salary at that
there were rumors of a child born to him in 2001 in the fall following the election that year. that story went the same route as the one done on Campbell and his time in the drunk tank in maui... the Sun refused to print it so did the Province, and im sure The Times/Colonist
Just a laugh when I first got a hold of that story,(Maui) someone sent me a copy of it I work in a govt job but posted it in as many areas as I could on my breaks I made dozens of copies.. they were all removed within the hr of them being posted...i'm happy no cameras picked me up i'm sure I would have been fired... But not if it was Glen clark
We live in strange and scary times these days dont we

Anonymous said...

So El Gordo got a divorce and also has a love child with Lara? This is great!!!!

Why doesn't anyone leak these stories to the MSM so that everyone can find out about it and put El Gordo to shame! Hell ya! Shame Gordo shame!

Evil Eye said...


Just a note:

After Potvin's expose of Campbell's exploits with L.D., in the 'Republic', in the next issue very angry letter from a Liberal demanded a retraction.

Potvin's answer was "Sue me."

Well not libel lawsuit ever happened.

BC Mary said...

To Anon 10:56,

Were you serious when you said "Why doesn't anyone leak these stories to the MSM so that everyone can find out about it ..."


BC Mary said...

One month later, to answer my own question, I've just posted Part 1 of a new 4-part series on Lara & Gordo.

Anonymous said...

I. was amazed at the look on Nancy Campbell's face, when she stood beside, husband, Gordon Campbell, when he was pleading for citizens forgiveness. The photo I saw, Nancy Campbells face, had a total look of dislike, when she looked at Gordon. I, really think, she didn't want to be there.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mary, for your efforts to find the truth and get it out to the public. I've heard about this story for years, from people who know the family, and it's beyond incredible that this story has been kept so quiet.

I just watched Gordo at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics with his long-suffering divorced ex at his side. Why?

Gordy and his band of bullies seem to have taken many pages from the Republic Book of Lies and Spin, perfected by GWB who, in 8 years, managed to ruin the economy of what used to be the most powerful nation in the world.

Anonymous said...

I regularly flew via Harbour Air to Victoria on Monday mornings and encountered Gordo & Lara on my flights on a regular basis. They would make a point to stand well apart & ignore each other while waiting for the plane but when you boarded the back seat with all the fricking leg room would be roped off and they would board the plane last & take that seat together, frankly they seemed a bit too cozy & comfy. I also heard that a child was born in a Victoria Hospital and Gordo is registered as the pops,(hospital employee source) I asked a reporter if anyone had done a story on it and he said it was common knowledge in the media,but quid pro quo with the Government prevented reporting on it! This exemplifies the sneaky dishonest manner in which our province is governed....forcing his poor wife to be trotted out only on very high profile occasions looking pissed off as hell speaks volumes as well.

Anonymous said...

This has been known for a while - that they have a child together, and live together - but the surprise is that most don't know about it.

Anonymous said...

its clear a inappropriate relationship has been on going with these two for many years.

main stream media has stayed away from reporting? why

I beleive now the lawyer for Basi-Virk will be calling Lara as a witness to question her on oath regarding various issues....people tell me one of the questions will be of their relationship under oath!

ohhh the drama! Campbell must be peeing his pants.

Nancy needs to stop being such a sap too though, wheres your spine? live you life.

Anonymous said...

I really think the child is a speculation.
I went to school with Lara, and I don't believe that she's had a child.
I shudder to think that *that* would be part of her duties.....UGGGGGGGH.

Anonymous said...

As he resigned as Premier today; is there any chance this may be acknowledged more openly in the media?