Monday, December 14, 2009

Haida nation meets snake oil salesman Paul Taylor

Well friends, time to unravel the naikun wind project, between Gordon Campbell and Paul Taylor (ceo of ICBC during the chop shop,rigged auction,insider thievery) , what chance does the Haida have of getting a square deal with this conman?

I have been researching this project for some time now, it stinks,I`m being polite. Lets start with a little background, Paul Taylor was at one time deputy finance minister for Gordon Campbell, it didn`t last long,Paul Taylor left and magically appeared as the CEO of ICBC....And after a few years problems showed up at ICBC, there was the infamous chop shop scandal, executives and staff getting freebies, rigged auctions, cars being bought up by ICBC insiders,all under Paul Taylors watch...And what happened next,nothing,police yawned, government yawned but in the meantime as quick as Paul Taylor came to ICBC he vanished again, and guess where Gordon Campbell`s friend showed up next?....You guessed it, with Gordon Campbell giving away rivers, giving away lucrative power buying contracts, government insiders left government to work for Plutonic power, BC Hydro executives left for Plutonic power, yes indeed, the road was paved in gold and the rush was on, and just what motivation did Paul Taylor have to leave ICBC, he was making hundreds of thousands per year,he wasn`t asked to leave, but the gold rush, the "Rigged game" was too irresistible, so magically Paul Taylor makes another appearance, this time Taylor is the CEO and wind power expert at Naikun ...Hmmm, what is really going on here?

So what is Naikun, from what I gather it`s nothing but a full scale robbery of the public purse, and the saddest part of this robbery is the fact that the Haida (In my opinion) are being used as financiers of the project, the Haida are being used to garner sympathy from the public and government, the Haida are being used to influence the BCUC(British Columbia utilities commission).

The Haida, a proud nation, government after government have stomped on the Haida, Gordon Campbell and his snake oil salesmen have taken it to a whole new level, his mean nothing recognition and reconciliation act, designed for nothing but Olympic peace and access to first nation`s resources, Gordon Campbell is bargaining in anything BUT good faith, here this Naikun wind project is nothing but an elaborate ponzi scheme.

First off, the mount Hayes wind project would cost 1/3 of the price of the Hecate Straight/Naikun wind project, a $2 billion dollar capital project,that`s alot of money, you would think Paul Taylor and Naikun have some money to put in, you would be wrong, Naikun has a mere $16 million dollars on hand, a far cry from $2billion dollars, there are no investors yet, Paul Taylor needs the Haida nation to "Borrow" $800million dollars to get the project started, Paul Taylor then needs the BCUC to grant a power buying contract for 40 years at about 5 times the current spot electrical market of today, if all those things happen then and only then will professional investors come to the table with the remaining $1.2 billion dollars.

Have I got your attention yet? I have had correspondence with "Chief Roy Jones Junior" the man is passionate about his people, passionate about his children,his grandchildren, the man cares so much for the future well being of his people that he is speaking up, $800 million dollar loan to the Haida, or should I say, $800 million to Paul Taylor in the Haida`s name, 2 1/2 decades of return on the money in the $25 million dollar per year range yet the Haida nation will be paying off this loan for well over 100 years, interest rates are low right now but they`re not going to stay low forever, no private money has come to the table for the Naikun wind project, the Haida were a last gasp stab to ram this project down the throats of BCers, and now apparently the Haida are being guzzled.

I love Haidagwaii...I love salmon, salmon juice flows through my veins, I am a white BC Native, everything that is near and dear to Chief Roy Jones is dear to me, we are brothers in spirit, that said just like corrupt whitey governments corruption and wealth is distributed unfairly in the first nation`s communities as in white communities, corruption, theft and ponzi schemes aren`t exclusive of white governments.

Lets lay out the Naikun wind project, Paul Taylor and Naikun have no money,no investors, this project is 70% more expensive to start up then a land based wind farm,Hecate straight is a mean stormy place, there will be hundreds of millions in unforseen costs in making this project happen, private money won`t come in until a lucrative guarantee is given, that lucrative guarantee starts with the Haida nation debting itself for a hundred plus years, the next part of the guarantee comes from us,the taxpayer, for Naikun wind power will have to have the most expensive power rate in all of north America to be viable, that my friends is where we BCers come in, Naikun wind power is soft power,anybody depending or buying Naikun wind power will have to have "firm power" to back it up, and if interest rates rise the Haida nation on their 100 plus year payback on $800 million dollar loan will be, to be kind "Hooped".....And the Haida, just like us BCers don`t have a voting share on BC Ferries the Haida won`t have control or the voting shares, the Haida are merely a conduit to get the ball rolling, the Haida nation come up with the front money, the "poor impoverished Haida nation" ....That will be the claim Gordon Campbell and BC Hydro will make to the BCUC over this wind project, I can hear it now..".If you don`t allow this project to go ahead with a 40 year guaranteed lucrative contract you are denying the Haida economic activity"...Yes indeed my friends, that is exactly what argument is coming from Gordon(LIAR) Campbell.

So lets dig a little deeper shall we, Paul Taylor can`t raise money, Taylor and Campbell are playing the Haida nation, the Haida deal won`t benefit the vast majority of their nation,only a few Haida insiders, the Haida have to go on the hook for $800 million, Taylor has NOTHING....Ottawa has to backstop the loan to the Haida,the Haida.despite all the cryptic press releases from Camwest news,the Haida have NO MONEY of their own, so Haida nation goes on the hook for the money, Campbell lays a guilt trip on the BCUC, we the taxpayers will be subsidizing this power to the tune of tens and tens of millions per year, the Haida won`t have a majority or the voting shares therefor they will have no control, and if interest rates rise up to 4%...5%....10%....The Haida will be one cooked goose through and through and will no doubtely have to sell their interest in the project, have you got the picture yet?

Chief Roy Jones is adamant that the Haida are being played and set up,of course the liar and lawbreaker Gordon Campbell won`t care he will be long gone, would you trust Paul Taylor?

I have some direct quotes from chief Roy Jones

"The cost per megawatt is around $5,000,000. To do the Mount Hayes project is $2,000,000 per megawatt hour, 60% less" and this quote

"They claim we would make up to $29 million per year, but when you do the math we would be faced with a $5.9 million a year debt and it would take over a 100 years to pay it out after interest,maintenance,payments and replacement." And the Chief went on to say

"No I don`t trust the BC government or the federal government of Canada. I say the pied piper is leading us into a trap, and the Haida don`t have the money to buy in, I believe the press release on August 12 & 13th were illegal as the Haida Nation did not have $240 million dollars to invest when the press release was made." -------And Chief Roy Jones Junior went on to say.......

"I`m totally for green power but not at the expense of my grandchildren`s grandchildren. The council of the Haida Nation doesn`t have the money to invest, if you looked at the shares bought up you`d probably find the Haida`s that are promoting the naikun wind farm have shares in the project"

So you see my friends, nothing is as it seems, Gordon Campbell, Paul Taylor, they are not "Shaman" they are snakeoil salesmen, I don`t trust him, chief Jones doesn`t trust him, Gordon Campbell has lied his face off ever since he became premier of BC, sold assets, BC Rail gone,BC Ferries gone, land gone, no one believes Gordon Campbell cares about first nation`s people, he certainly doesn`t care about whitey, no, Gordon Campbell cares about getting his grubby little hands on our resources,on the first nation`s resources, and in this case,it`s the Great Haida Nation`s resources, I would rather give money to the Haida for feasible projects, my tax dollars, BCers tax dollars could work for everyone, like the stupid $600 million dollar retractable roof, a project that died but was reborn through bribery to make sure the Bloc Quebecois voted for the HST in Ottawa, why do you think the retractable roof project went to a Quebec company, although, since the federal Liberals bent over and received, he didn`t even need to bribe the Quebec government, but that is how the liar Gordon Campbell works, will the BCUC sell us out for 40 years because of Campbell`s pressure, will our hydro rates triple to feed money to Campbell`s American friends, will the Haida nation be played like a fiddle, will chief Jones be safe after speaking out and telling the truth, will the madness continue, will Stephen Harper go along with the Naikun con job, tune in next week for another episode of.......

The Madman Chronicles starring Gordon Campbell and Guest starring Paul Taylor.

I would like to personally thank Chief Roy Jones Junior for all his help on this file, he is a man of principle and class..." The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few"

And thanks to a anonymous contributer who left me the link to a story in today`s Terrace daily...The Province`s latest press release on the agreement with first nation`s was FALSE-MISLEADING-CORRUPT---FULL of FALSE INFORMATION(read it here)

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Very interesting article. And I honestly hope that our First Nations people DO NOT get suckered by this deceitful bunch. They are not interested in First Nations people, they are only interested in what the First Nations have.

Gordo and Co have raped enough of this province already. They continue to ignore the majority of the population and push through their agenda. This must be stopped and will be!

Thank you Chief Roy Jones Jr. for your words. Be Strong. Protect our province for all of us.

Kim said...

Thank you Grant, for voicing my opinion so well. I have friends in Masset, its a sacred place to me. I was suprised by the Naikun announcement, the Haida are smart people, who are not usually gullible. I hope they can squash it.

Anonymous said...

And from the Terrace paper:
REPORTING · 14th December 2009

Merv Ritchie

Thursday the BC Provincial Government issued a news release claiming six coastal First Nations groups signed a "Historic" agreement on economics, land use and resources when in fact this was not the truth or factual.

An organization of six Northwest First Nations, called the Turning Point Initiative, had been in discussions with the Provincial Government regarding their 'Reconciliation' plan. According to Gerald Amos, Councillor with the Haisla First Nations at Kitamaat Village, this organization had changed its name to The "Coastal First Nations" and included; Gitga'at, Haisla, Heiltsuk (Bella Bella), Kitasoo, Metlakatla and Wuikinuxw (Bella Coola/New Hawk). Both Heiltsuk and Haisla Bands did not join with the Province in the signing ceremony.

"I was there but we did not sit at the podium," stated Amos, "we need time to study the agreement, the devils in the details."

Amos stated there were place holders on the document for their signatures, should they decide to participate, however it is wrong to claim the Haisla and the Heiltsuk agreed to the terms of this agreement.

This did not stop the Provincial Government and Premier Campbell from claiming they did.

"I want to congratulate all Coastal First Nations on their leadership and vision in working with us toward this historic signing," said Premier Campbell. "Together we're building on the momentum of the New Relationship by providing improved infrastructure, jobs and other economic opportunities to help meet the needs of these communities."

This community-based agreement between the Province and Gitga'at First Nation, Haisla Nation, Heiltsuk Nation, Kitasoo Indian Band, Metlakatla First Nation and Wuikinuxw Nation will increase economic and legal certainty for resource and land use, establish a process for shared decision making and create opportunities for participation in the green economy.

The complete News Release Here.

The government has once again mislead the public.

The link is:

Grant G said...

Thanks alot for that link Anon 2.53

This government has no shame.

Quebec is raising the minimum wage for the third time in three years..It`s now at 9.50$ per hour..

Gordon Campbell was asked by Bill Good vtoday if he would considering raising the minimum wage considering we are "dead" last in Canada and it hasn`t been raised in 9 years in BC...

Campbell answered "NO"....Straight to the point,a big fat NO

More to come on this file


BC Mary said...

Thanks for the good work you are doing, Grant.

I wonder if there are other small online news services in other parts of B.C. which we should connect with ... Terrace Daily Online (and Kitimat Daily Online) have information we never see elsewhere.

This little newspaper, for example, is where Gordon Campbell's letter to one of the Hainsla elders is mentioned; Gordo is alleged to have been arranging some sort of mischief against BC Hydro. It's "before the courts" but Terrace Online Daily bravely writes about it, when the trial is being heard. Just like you, Grant.

Stay strong. It makes a big difference, what you're doing.

Norm Farrell said...

Important article, Grant. Well done.

Beth said...

wonderful artical, you've said it before you have opened the door when do the msm walk thro and start digging into this and other elephants in the room
I listened with great difficulty to Bill Good's program and his conversation with Campbell and finally turned it off, we have other programs that help the poor he said!.. mm I guess thats why thousands live on the streets and food banks are thriving.
I can only take so much of his lies and in light of the news story today about our once beautiful provincial parks, and the love affair with private power it makes his presence at the global summit laughable, it's nothing short of a bad joke, the carnage that has been done to this province is staggering

Anonymous said...

There was something on the radio this morning about a large area on Haida Gwai being set aside as a carbon sink. I'm wondering how that fits into the picture.

kootcoot said...

I am dismayed to see Gordo taking advantage of the Haida, and surprised because I once lived there and know quite a few Haida and never thought they would do the equivalent of the folks who sold Manhattan Island for $26 worth of beads, and go into debt themselves in order to be taken advantage of!

Anonymous said...

from the Haida Laas November publication, pg5. Available on

Money was on the minds of many at the Annual House of Assembly. The rumours about CHN borrowing $800 million to buy into the
NaiKun Wind Farm and burdening future generations with debt hit a nerve—many nerves.
On August 13th 2009, the Council of
the Haida Nation signed an agreement with NaiKun to have an option to buy into the wind farm business. CHN has not agreed to purchase anything or borrow any money; that decision will be made by the Haida Nation.
CHN has been planning for this type of economic development opportunity for the last couple of years. The Haida Independence Project (HIP)
has been considering the options of how to structure the corporate workings of the Haida Nation, the political side and the financial. HIP has three parts: the Secretariat of the Haida
Nation, the Treasury and HaiCo. HaiCo is the corporate wing that will deal with situations just like the wind farm. The Secretariat deals with the day-to-day business of CHN and the
Treasury takes care of administering corporate profits with priorities set by the Haida Nation. Because HaiCo is a legal corporation it ensures that even if the business deals they are involved
in don’t work out there is no financial
burden on individual Haidas or the Council of the Haida Nation. If the Haida Nation decides that it does want to get into business with
NaiKun then the option they have signed would enable HaiCo to purchase up to 40% of the business. HaiCo can also purchase less of the
business. If HaiCo did purchase the 40% is then the cost of buying in would be about $800 million.
The overall funding structure for a project like NaiKun is fairly simple;the details are more complicated.
The federal government has an economic development program that will guarantee loans up to $250 million. The CHN would like $300 million
from this fund. To receive a loan guarantee a project has to be looked over by the federal government to make sure that it has a sound business plan and that the chances of it
working are good. If they find it is not sound, then they will not guarantee anything. If they find the proposition is sound then they may
guarantee a loan and by guaranteeing the loan the federal government is taking the risk on the amount that HaiCo may borrow.
If we presume the government says the NaiKun project is a good idea and will guarantee $300 million, then, with that $300 million HaiCo
could go to the bank and borrow more money and/or search for investors to make up the remaining $500 million. At no time during this process or during the operating of any
business are individual Haidas or the CHN exposed to any risk; the risk is taken by HaiCo and as a corporation those risks are limited to the corporation.
The profits from any business venture pursued under HaiCo will go to the CHN Treasury and those funds will distributed to benefit the Haida

Hugh said...

This deal sounds bad.

Naikun appears to be one of the IPPs currently being considered by BC Hydro.

Grant G said...

Well well well Anon 10:21.....

Very interesting what you`ve said...But..For those paying attention..

You have confirmed that everything that Paul Taylor has said,everything the Canwest news releases have said,everything that the government said is nothing but mis-leading LIES.

Not one press release spoon fed to the public has mentioned....

Ottawa having to lend 300$ million or approve $300 million dollars.

The press releases come across that the Haida HAVE their own money..

And, Anon...Will the Haida higher hiarchy divulge who in your ranks has been "Given or purchased Naikun stock"

Just think about this deal, if it was "Viable" on it`s own merit then the world of professional investors would be clamouring to get in, because as you know, the Haida weren`t recruitted to "invest" and "get the ball rolling" until Naikun came up snake eyes attracting outside investment dollars.


For $800 million dollars as an investment, there are thousands of investments available that are viable,this project isn`t.

So perhaps Paul Taylor, next time you will comment under your own name rather than as anonymous!


Anonymous said...

Grant, That was Gordo Scambell from Copenhagen! LOL

Anonymous said...

I recently read the Campbell Government could be introducing Cap & Trade legislation in the near future.

So how about this for a scenario?

The Haida Gwai lands could be deemed carbon sinks thereby allowing them access to millions of dollars by selling carbon offsets/carbon credits which will probably be generated within the Cap & Trade legislation.

Perhaps there could be an attempt to try to convince the Haida to use the carbon offset/carbon credit funds as a stake in the building of questionable green energy projects.

Cap & Trade, Carbon credits, Carbon sinks, Carbon offsets, Global warming et all are, in my opinion, nothing but a Global Ponzi scheme foisted on a gullible public bundled in a green wrapper.

Grant G said...

You are correct Anon 5:42...

Carbon offsets are a scam,Chief Atleo was already offered large amounts of cash by Shell oil to "Not log first nations lands"

Chief Atleo responded by saying " He doesn`t want to sell out for a cheap price like the farmers in the praries"

Look friends,I am not anti climate or pro climate change...I agree if companies/industry can upgrade to pollute less than they should be mandated to do so....

But all that`s happening is large industrial polluters are forming "shell companies" to move money from one side of the ledger to the other,and of course,tax the public...Ponzi scheme is being polite.

And on another note,Mcguinty(Ontario premier) is having two banks study the viability of selling provincial(public) assets to help with their deficits...
Items being looked at for potential sale..Ontario lottery corporation,Ontario`s utility companies,Ontario liquor distribution..Gordon Campbell`s twin...

Liberals are desperate to sell out Canadians lock,stock,and barrel!

Anonymous said...

Hope you all listened to NW I could only stomach a few minutes of the cheerleaders at 9:30 AM app. Palmer was saying how great IPPs are and that now IPP opponents must now take on the government and the first nations.

Anonymous said...

But these environmental groups are now criticizing IPPs:

Grant G said...

Thanks Anon 11:48..12:45...I had a hard time finding the Scott Simpson story...I was reading it as you posted the link..Yes..It appears that the Suzuki and Pembina and the rest have come to their senses!

Now we have to hope that the BCUC doesn`t get strong armed, it`s obvious that the enviro`s were playing games,support a madman over his carbon tax then after the election point out the disaterous run of river/IPP sell out.

"Games with the devil"

So now we risk,because of the enviros playing games,now we risk..Pipelines carry tar sand oil to Kitimat..Offshore oil and gas drilling..Oil tanker traffic..Massive environmental destruction, loss of wild salmon..Bankrupting BC Hydro and ultimately the province...HST..

So If all those these destructive things happens, I hope David Suzuki and Tzeporah Berman think a 3 to 5 cent fuel tax was worth it!

Thanks friends, I will have a couple of post up later today..Still researching


Anonymous said...

The Kinder Morgan oil pipeline to Burnaby (from Edmonton) carries TAR SANDS oil! It's about time that we all stand up and SHUT DOWN this abomination to our envirnment!

People stand up for our environment!

Anonymous said...

It's a critical time right now because BC Hydro is currently considering 47 new IPP projects (not all will be accepted). These include the large Bute Inlet and Naikun projects.

This is in addition to the roughly 90 IPPs already accepted, 54 of which are currently supplying electricity to BC Hydro.

BC Hydro's own generation, plus the 54 IPPs currently supplying power, easily make up BC's domestic power demand. Any power over and above that will have to be exported. Maybe at a loss. BC Hydro is also increasing capacity at some of its own power plants.

Numbers from:

Anonymous said...

Please correct the last comment to say

"Probably at a loss".


Grant G said...

Anon...6:12...It`s definately at a loss....The spot market is roughly 40$ for electric power..Campbell has signed energy contracts for an average of 120.00$....triple the rate, as for Naikun it`s even higher.

Lets just say..



Anonymous said...

Someone in the wind energy industry in the east told me Naikun has seriously underestimated the costs. There is no expertise or equipment for the type of engneering and construction that will be required to mount these hige turbines at sea. He said they will give the entire Canadian wind industry a bad name with investors.

It's part of that great Canadian myth we propogate a a relatively small nation, that we can "work smarter" and do the same with less resources. We've fooled ourselves before and will do so again. What American white knight will bail the project out and take control?

Grant G said...

I`m all for wind power 11:41...And you are correct,the Hecate straight project is a bust...This is nothing but theft, trying to build and operate a wind farm in hurricane alley is foolish, if...if the Haida and Taylor want wind they should build on Haida Gwaii(On Land)...

The cost would be 1/3rd the price and produce almost as much energy...BC Hydro makes 300...400...500..million per year...We lose all that money with guaranteed power buying contracts,in fact Naikun alone will almost take all that profit.

Tax breaks..ok...special treatment..ok..wage concessions on taxation for wind..ok...But guaranteed Massive profits from BCers Haida to finance Paul Taylor`s gravy focking way!

Anonymous said...

Another aboriginal group and the BC Lieberals and Big Oil. No, this government only wants the resources and to hell with anyone.

Grant G said...

Thanks for that link 8.41...Great story..Need a laugh,check out Michael Smyth story in today`s province(dec 22)...."Greenhouse gases spew in BC"


Anonymous said...

From the Queen Charlotte Observer
October 29
page 8

Big may be better

Dear Sir: I noticed that I have been quoted in the Observer weighing in on the very important discussion regarding Wind Energy. It is true that I did say that I would prefer to see smaller projects and in general, that would be my preference. But that statement should not be constructed as a vote against the wind farm being proposed on Haida Gwaii. I have not heard of any smaller project on the table and I believe we have to ramp up renewable energy and get off fossil fuels like diesel as fast as we can. Climate change is on us and all scientific indications are we have already set a huge experiment in motion by altering the chemistry of the atmosphere and we have to stop adding to it as rapidly as possible. Under these conditions, if small is good, big might be better.

This issue for the Haida Nation and all the people on Haida Gwaii have got to be considered in a far broader context particularly within the context of creating the sustainable future where the Island people and particularly the Haida Nation are respected the world over for the stands and accomplishments in designing a genuinely sustainable future.

I don't believe that one little bit of what I have said should hold much sway when pulled all out of the context of an hour speech.

Island people understand there are limits, limits to resources, space and energy. For a sustainable economy, what opportunities are there? We have seen a boom and bust cycles with forests and fish. Renewable energy is the only kind of energy that is truly sustainable and here is an economic and ecological opportunity to harvest an endless source of clean energy.

Of course, it has to be done with great care to make sure that birds, bats, crabs, fish are not negatively impacted. In Denmark, a study of 10, 000 bird kills showed that most are done in by tall buildings, cars and cats. Ten birds were killed by windmills.

Overall, wind power, even in the offshore is proving to hold up to the "Green" status in the global picture and the need to clean up the atmosphere is urgent.

David Suzuki