Thursday, December 3, 2009

Federal Liberals, useless,inept,a waste of paint

A short post for now, I sent the Federal Liberal party of Canada a long letter complaining about them supporting the HST, I mentioned in my letter that 80% of the population in BC and Ontario are strongly opposed to the HST and, why would you go against the massive majority,what if 99% of the population of BC and Ontario were opposed to the HST......And I got a response back......The response speaks for itself....The Federal Liberals are officially Dead!

Here is the response letter I received back...Word for word.

"Dear Grant G:

I would like to acknowledge receipt of you recent letter regarding the Conservative Government`s legislation to harmonize provincial and federal sales taxes in Ontario and British Columbia.

It`s been a tough year for Canadians as our economy went into recession and we share the province`s concerns about reducing unemployment and bringing our economy back to growth. The Governments of Ontario and British Columbia have made a judgement that harmonization makes sense for their economics and they have negotiated in good faith with the Federal government. We respect their jurisdiction and their choice to pursue this policy direction on behalf of their provinces.

Many economists and experts agree that harmonization can be part of our LONG-Term recovery by improving our competitiveness and helping to create new jobs. However this must be met with competent economic leadership that makes strategic investments to promote growth, which we are not seeing from the Harper Conservatives today.

As Liberals, we believe it is important to ensure that measures are in place to help CONSUMERS ADJUST TO HARMONIZATION, and to make sure that THE EVENTUAL SAVINGS AT THE CORPORATE LEVEL ARE PASSED DOWN. We are also committed to offering Canadians smart economic leadership that will create jobs by opening new markets for Canadian goods and making historic investments in clean energy and energy efficient technologies.

Yours sincerely, Liberal party of Canada


Imagine that....They are going to help me adjust, how do you adjust to an empty pocket? And...They are going to make sure the EVENTUAL savings are passed on....When? Eventually...Well,like I said,the government,big business can`t prove, or show on paper where they will save any money. the HST is a scam,a lie,a fraud, and it will backfire, the economy will get worse under HST....But the most interesting thing is this,the federal Liberals are agreeing to not interfere with a deal between provinces and the Feds....interesting, there was no legislation even brought forward, the Federal Liberals are agreeing to honour a deal before the signatories have even signed it!...The opposition Liberals are pathetic, and...It shows me how they would govern if elected....They ram stuff down your throat regardless of whether 100% of the population is against it...They know better than we,you,or anyone,they are the all knowing,all seeing Federal Liberal party which knows BETTER than YOU!

Hello Jack Layton...Hello new official opposition in Federal politics.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Yes, after 35 years of voting liberals in federal elections, they have lost my vote and those of many others I know, as well as kin.

Anonymous said...

Iggy and the Libs are in for a very big surprise - annihilation in the next election.

Evil Eye

Anonymous said...

Grant, you are one of God's little helpers!

Leah said...

Totally agree with you on this one Grant - goodbye Liberals, I hope you find the ash heap comfortable. I'm SO tired of politicians in this country. If we can send a man to the moon, can't we send all the pols? With a one-way ticket?