Friday, December 18, 2009

Dancing with the devil

Well friends, after reading a Scott Simpson article today one thing has become quite apparent, David Suzuki and the other environmentalists were in fact, playing games with the devil Gordon Campbell.

I would bet that right now Gordon Campbell`s eye balls are bugging out of their sockets, not only did 25 environmental groups(including the ones appointed to his green advisory committee) slam his energy policy but in Copenhagen, the conference turned into a bust, China is refusing to budge, the Chinese leaders "refused" to allow any reporters to ask them questions, there is no binding agreement, there is no talk of cap n trade,no talk of carbon taxes, no mandatory emissions`s reporting, in fact the only thing the world leaders agreed upon(verbally) is to not allow the earth`s temperature rise more than 2 degrees celsius over the next decade (whatever that means).)

Obama, he couldn`t even change healthcare,the insurance and big pharma lobby has crushed reform, so what chance does he have playing with the big boy`s lobbyists( Oil n energy,coal,steel).

I watched very carefully Obama`s speech today, he walked on stage angry and terse, he had to say something, he spoke volumes by saying nothing, colourful hopeful words in absence of substance, China is not playing ball, the USA...Well, this summit needed to happen when the world had money(when they thought they had money),countries,the USA,Canada,China, all of them did NOTHING on climate change,nothing on carbon taxes,nothing on offsets when the markets were at record highs and portfolio`s were fat and governments had surpluses, so how in hell does anyone think something is going to happen when every government is broke? With China not playing and the USA flat ass broke being asked to "cough" up billions for other countries, good luck trying to get that through the house or senate, so for the near future there will be NO cap n trade,no carbon taxes on consumers, no mandatory buying of carbon offsets,about the only thing Obama can push through at this stage of the game is higher fuel standards for new cars.

The latest USA polls puts Obama at 47% approval rating and with house representative elections happening in 2010 there will be nothing controversial being pushed through, here are a few more facts that have Gordon Campbell in a tizzy...Besides the millions of homes that have been foreclosed upon there are another 13 million more homes at risk of foreclosure, there has been no job recovery, consumer debt is swamping Americans, so in light of all those items high priced power is many many years away,probably decades.

Which brings me back to today`s column from Scott Simpson, after reading it I came to this conclusion, the environmentalists were "dancing with the devil" .

The first salvo attack in our may provincial election was launched by the green groups against the NDP, these green groups were prepared to look like idiots promoting Gordon Campbell for one reason, these groups felt the carbon tax was so important (silly greenies)..A carbon tax can be successful if you add 50 cents to 1.00$ per litre to the cost of fuel, but at 3, 4, 5, 6 cents a litre it does nothing to change behaviour, the higher price of 50 cents to 1.00$ carbon tax per litre of fuel would of course make fuel unaffordable to people and (would) reduce emissions but at a cost of destroying jobs and stagnating the economy, so meanwhile the greenies play their game with the devil, and at the time I thought how could any environmentalists possibly support Gordon Campbell and his policies?

Boy oh boy, Gordon Campbell must be frothing at the mouth, after our election the greenies remained silent, biding their time, patience, kinda like fishing, and boy did they ever hook one ugly rat fish named Campbell, they bide their time and wait until Gordon(LIAR) Campbell appoints members to his green energy advisory board,members from the from David Suzuki foundation,from Pembina, forest ethics and others, and still they bide their time, they fly to Copenhagen and present Campbell an award for his piddly do nothing carbon tax and then two days later after the conference ends they.....

Snap the rod back and set the hook and drive a barb deep into Campbell`s mouth! 25 environmental groups come out swinging with a scathing report on his energy policy,it wasn`t subtle or suggestive, it was straight to the point and I would like to share some quotes from Scott Simpson article/energy plan report...

"The report says crown corporation BC Hydro should no longer be barred from competing with private power"..........."Ecologically sensitive areas must be off limit to green power development"....................."Plans for exporting power must be halted until environmental benefits can be proven".............."energy development must be clean,low impact as possible, must not have adverse social and ECONOMIC impacts"......"Water licences and land leases must be reformed"........"Environmental assessments must be strengthened"........"The public must be involved and kept informed, discussion can`t take place behind closed doors"......................and ...."Benefits for BCers must be maximized"

Craig Orr(executive director of watershed watch) had some great quotes as well...."The whole system of developing clean energy is just a mess right now.There are huge numbers of changes that must be made to increase public participation,democratic environmental standards." And Craig Orr went on to say....

"BC conservation groups are in broad agreement that the government`s strategy is seriously flawed and needs a major overhaul"

NDP energy Critic John Horgan said
" Even those groups whom the Liberals assumed were in lockstep with the idea of green at all costs are saying, hold on a second,it`s not that simple" And

"I think it speaks to the need,for not a two-month discussion with a selected audience over christmas,but rather a broader discussion about where we are going with energy policy"

And one last quote from from the report co-written by David Suzuki foundation,Pembina,Watershed watch salmon society,west coast environmental law.....

"We must develop a consensus on how renewable electricity could be exported, if at all."

Well friends, there you have it, the enviros were dancing with the devil, they were dancing with Gordon Campbell because they love the carbon tax, but, by dancing with the devil over the carbon tax we risk the enbridge pipline bringing dirty tar sand oil to Kitimat,offshore oil n gas,oil tanker traffic, expanded highways, HST, the demise of the wild salmon, coal bed methane, expanded gas flaring, environmental assessments being further eroded, yes indeed, the environmentalists played with the devil, they put our economic future and stability on the line with a PROVEN LIAR...PROVEN LAW BREAKER, I hope their right, I hope we didn`t lose everything over a piddly do-nothing 3 to 5 cent carbon tax.(you can read the Scott Simpson story here)
The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Gordo the Horned Beast is now THE most unpopular premier in Canada! Aaaahahahahaha.. LOL.. ROFLMAO

kootcoot said...

I may be mentally challenged, because from the get go I never understood how Kermit Campbell's carbon tax would encourage people to change their behaviour that had no options for change - like loggers anywhere in BC (if there are any left) or someone in Ft St John wanting to have light to read or heat to not freeze to death. Only those in the "hole down by the coast where all the money goes" have the option of leaving the car at home and using transit to get to work.

But now Kermit's wildly popular HST, which will save us all economically, we are told, is going to provide an exemption for GASOLINE. Hmmmm, doesn't that pretty well eliminate any already non-existent effect of Kermit's carbon tax - or does the carbon tax just kinda replace the PST?

Not only is Gordo greedy, but as your recent post suggests he is totally mad, and I don't mean angry - I mean certifiably insane and sociopathic!

Anonymous said...

You mentioned the HST given to us by El Gordo the convict. And we ALL hate it! The politicians don't want to listen to the people.

And what also pisses me off is that the NDP, when they become government, said they won't get rid of the HST either. Just like the fu##### carbon tax now.

But Grant, I just found one guy and one party that WILL get rid of the scummy HST if they are elected! The only political party in BC that promises to do so and that's sad.

And that's the BC Conservatives and their leadership contender Glen Robbins:

"Robbins re-asserts his promise to “tear up the British Columbia H.S.T. agreement if elected to premier by the voter’s in British Columbia”, and vows to hold steady on this course for “however long it takes”.

That's what I want to hear and everyone else wants to hear. Now that's what I call listening to the people!

Grant G said...

10:13...First off, I`m anti Campbell not pro HST...The NDP,Carole has said that getting rid of the HST will be difficult...And she`s right,provincial tax people would have to be hired,and...The big one,we will have to pay back 1.6 billion dollars to the feds....The easy route to go....

Keep the HST, keep the collection costs in Ottawa but...Drum roll please....

Add back in the exemptions, to meals, housing,mutual funds,movies,arts and entertainment....And if we did that,we could stick it to the feds,they would have collection costs but reap no extra benefits,as for corporate tax...

Their not paying tax anyways, they have been deferring taxes,writing off losses, that`s why governments and the feds are bleeding red ink.

Although, I will keep a close eye on the conservative party,if they get the right leader and a full slate of candigates and rise up in the polls.
As for the leader of the NDP...If Carole doesn`t move over or out then she will be VOTED OUT by the party.

Kootcoot..I am completely convinced the Campbell is as mad as a Hatter.