Friday, February 22, 2013

Provincial Liberals across Canada are destroying lives

( February 22/2013...In light of Liberal Dalton Mcguinty proroguing the Ontario legislature to hide from theft and scandal, in light of Liberal Shawn Graham and his theft and scandals(forced to resign today), in light of Gordon Campbell`s thefts, now Rich Coleman and Christy Clark selling assets, scandal, theft, cronyism..Pamela Wallin, Mike Duffy, and now the real estate driven insider deals orchestrated by Stephen Treason Harper, a deal that will cost lives on our BC waters(IE Coast Guard station shuttering)....This post was one of my first, from 2009, it needs to be said again....I present you a blast from the not so distant past)

 Provincial Liberals across Canada are destroying lives
Written by Grant G

Canadians across Canada better wake up fast,provincial Liberal governments are stealing assets from the public and selling them, not just in BC,not only in Ontario,add New Brunswick to the mix.

Friends, my alarm bell is ringing loudly, I don`t know how many of you are aware of what`s happened in the last few years, we have been lowered into a brand new world,a world controlled by corporations and their greed, politicians of most stripes are nothing but conduits,agents,PR voices for the criminals, it happens so fast, I imagine it`s been going on for quite a while,theft I mean, but in the further past it was more subtle,more benign, but now...The corporations and our elected representatives don`t even hide their crimes, government PAB leak out little stories as rumours and within literally weeks the deals are complete, in truth the deals are already complete before the rumours are even leaked, this tactic is done to confuse people and give people the illusion that there is some sort of "process" at work ..But in fact we the people have no vote or say on these matters.

Our rights have been slowly taken from us for decades but in the last 2 years the speed in which the thefts and government sell outs have occurred have made me very scared, I see a gathering storm of corporate totalitarianism grabbing everything, grabbing human rights,stealing futures, butchering pensions, eliminating social guarantees, at the pace of the transformation I believe within the next decade North America will be nothing but a glorified penal colony.

This last salvo, the great depression, the great theft of 2007/2008 an orchestrated collapse of money markets, the players who brought on the disaster weren`t surprised, it wasn`t a matter of if the money system exploded but when, the when was 2 years ago, and governments,all governments, the Bush, Harper, the UK..Asia..Even the last government of hope,the Barack Obama hope machine, every single government sold out to the corporate elite, 30 trillion dollars worth of on paper assets vanished, governments cranked up printing presses and gave,yes gave willingly trillions more to the very people who stole and manipulated the public and looted the cookie jar, oh indeed, they(governments) will tell us they had no choice, they will say that jobs would vanish,things will get worse if we don`t make wall street whole, well friends, wallstreet is back, the bonuses are back, corporate profits are back and so is the risky behaviour,the hedging,credit swaps, derivatives, in fact there is more risk being taken today then there was pre-collapse, collapse 2 will happen within this same decade, and as you know the 8 million jobs lost down south haven`t come back and they`re not going to!

Barack Obama, the government of change,the hope,the new direction, the working together, people, Americans, Canadians,the world populous,everyone of us thought,imagined that one man could start the revolution, we were wrong, and no, I am not blaming Barack Obama, he was set up, the corporation, wall street, the players, they orchestrated the collapse to start near the end of the Bush era, allow the Republican think tanks and Bush to open the money flood gates, which is exactly what happened, Wallstreet lit the fuse and handed Barack Obama a flaming ball of shit , was it revenge, it was something, whatever it was it should have been thrown away and allowed to die, let the chips fall where they may, but no, the tentacles guaranteed this result, the living standard we once knew in north America is gone, ancient cultures are running from totalitarianism while developed nations are on a one way path towards it, Barack Obama couldn`t get health reform, he can`t get wallstreet reform, can`t get out of the wars, he`s powerless to release the grip corporations have on the world, he has nothing left to lift the people up with, the anger,disappointment, the complete morale breakdown occurring under his watch is too much for the world to take,the last great hope has been squashed, not only could Obama not keep the status quo(which wasn`t that great) but the utter breakdown of society on his watch, was any of this accidental,absolutely not,it`s been brewing for some time now, the complete taking of the last vestige of human hope was orchestrated to happen under the watch of the world`s messiah.

Yes friends, if Obama couldn`t help us,do any of you expect another great hope, another leader, another republican,another bush,another Clinton, another hero to emerge, would anyone believe the next messiah, the disappointment of the world could be felt after Copenhagen did nothing to stop visible pollution, yes people, the orchestrated theft,the pillaging of hope all while the best of the best was in charge, Obama is the best, he raised the spirit of the world and now with the collapse of all the ideals he praised, the stage is set for the final takeover, the world had such anticipation of the good things ahead with Obama, the fall of emotions is nothing I`ve seen before, the bar was set so high that the fall back to earth is unreal, the real unemployment rate in the USA is 20%, there will be no jobs for those people until there is a revolution.

I was researching pricing on power contracts and during my search I stumbled apon a few stories and a obvious connection and proof of a collaborated takeover and downgrading of the Canadian society became apparent...I came across the story in the Globe and Mail about Dalton McGuinty assigning investment banks (goldman sachs) to assess the value of crown corporations in order to facilitate their sale, assets on the chopping block include the Ontario lottery corporation, Ontario liquor distribution and Ontario utilities, sound familiar, as you know Mcguinty is ramming the HST down the throat of Ontarions against their wishes and now he is selling assets to his friends, everyone of those assets are money makers, Dalton McGuinty(Liberal) is selling profitable public assets for a quick infusion of cash, these moves will cost the public,remove protections, Dalton is doing the Gordon Campbell, Mcguinty brought increased hydro rates and a two tier rate that is unattainable to even the most modest of homeowners and now he`s going to sell these cash cows off to private interests.

 (read about it here)

After reading these stories the connection between provincial Liberals from all the provinces have become obvious, it`s scary, the Liberals are selling us out at the provincial level across Canada but somehow the media,the big media has failed to make the connection, we know whats happening here in BC, Gordon Campbell(Proven lawbreaker and compulsive liar) has lied his face off, "I won`t sell be rail" is what the liar Gordon Campbell said on march 1st/ the Vancouver sun...." A BC Liberal government will not sell or privatize BC Hydro`s dams,transmission lines,water resources or other core assets"........Yet we know what happened, he sold BC Rail, he outsourced 1/3rd of BC Hydro`s operations to accenture, a Bermuda based company with ties to Enron.Next they established the BC Transmission corporation,carving out transmission operations from BC Hydro so private power producers could transmit electricity throughout the north American grid,they also banned BC Hydro from building or competing for new power projects and....The most insidious thing GordonCampbell has done is guarantee massive profits to IPPs for 30 years, guaranteed rates that will cost BC Hydro(the taxpayer) upwards of $3 billion dollars per year by 2015 which will ultimately bankrupt BC Hydro thus forcing it`s sale and leaving BCers hanging by the noose of the corporation.

(read more here on the IPP sell out)

Yes indeed friends it seems that Campbell and McGuinty are doing things in lockstep, yet for some reason our spoonfed Canwest news media refuses to allow the stories to be connected across Canada, surely someone must be paying attention, the Danny Williams government seems to fight for the people, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and even Alberta governments aren`t selling profitable Public assets, only provincial Liberals,debt ridden,HST corporate sellouts in every Liberal government, Campbell uses McGuinty as an excuse to Tax us with the HST...They use each other in justifying pay raises, they are playing both ends against the middle, can the remainder of our public assets be kept, I don`t think so, not under Liberal regimes, my regular readers know that Campbell and Falcon want to sell our public health system in a medical tourism scam, and in all this where is any public oversight from our federal government, the feds are not going to save us, Harper himself is planning on selling the Candu nuclear assets, and last spring there was talk of selling buildings and bridges to private firms for cash and we won`t get any help from Michael Ignatief and the federal Liberals, they have been no opposition and they gladly supported the illegal imposition of the HST...Even though 90% of the public in Ontario and BC don`t want it, and it`s apparently revenue neutral to government but still, Iggy and the Liberals ram it down our throats....There are 40 bills in the Canadian senate, the crime bill, EIC reform,many more bills that are languishing in the senate but the HST was put on the morning agenda in the senate and an hour later without debate the HST was granted and off it goes for royal assent.....

My friends there has been a massive shift to the corporation and a huge layer of everything we hold dear has been stolen against our will and when the HST drives markets lower there will be but one more choice for governments to make, tax the public some more,sell more, impoverish more, the speed at which this latest theft occurred boggles my Canadian mind,distract the public with H1N1 and sporting events, don`t connect the stories from province to province, yes indeed, am I paranoid, well maybe but when I ran across more stories like this one on the CBC web site

Here was another interesting story, another Bold faced liar....Shawn Graham...A Provincial Liberal Premier from New Brunswick....Who in the 2006 election campaign promised not to sell public assets, assets like NB Power...but that promise was quickly broken...A soft leak on October 28th/2009 about MAYBE,Possibly, just thinking about selling NB power, New Brunswick`s public utility company, from rumour to a unstoppable deal within one month...Yes..Shawn Graham the New Brunswick premier has lied his face off and has sold their public utility to Quebec hydro...And under the deal residential rates will be frozen for a few years but...Industrial/Corporate users are getting a 40% reduction in power rates...How can that be, why would Quebec hydro buy anything that wasn`t extremely profitable, what happens to the residential user after a few years,Quebec Hydro will get the money back, because NB Power has a 4$ billion dollar debt now...So you tell me, if NB Power is losing money now, or just breaking even but not reducing it`s debt how could Quebec Hydro buy it..Slash corporate rates, freeze residential rates without losing money? How indeed, someone, not someone but the people of New Brunswick will pay a very heavy price by going ahead with this deal...Danny Williams of New Foundland and the new NDP Nova Scotia government want the deal stopped because the implications to their provinces are extreme. 

 (Read how Shawn Graham lied here)

(And read about Danny Williams concerns here)

The connections are mind boggling between BC and Ontario,Ontario with a billion dollar Ehealth scandal..BC a Ehealth scandal..Rapidly rising government wages,they are playing off of each other, both jacking up the hydro rates,two tier rates, both selling assets,money making assets, all liberal governments are using the massive deficits to steal assets,raise taxes,feed the greedy corporations,take away services,the power and utility sell-offs in all liberal provinces can`t be a coincidence,it`s an orchestrated effort to sell out the public while they take real good care of each other, when will big media wake up, my guess is never because their in on it.
Here in BC you know BC Hydro will be bankrupted, our ferry service has been sold,our BC Rail was given away,BC Hydro is going,BC Transmission is gone, BC Gas is gone, Major infrastructure projects go to but one company ..Keiwet, and financing through the McQuarie group, The P3s that are draining our resources, Handy dart to MVT...An American company with a brutal reputation for destroying pensions and worker benefits, when will we wake up, will politicians have to be assassinated before our voices are heard? The path we are on is not going to end well, we don`t have much time left,we must band together as Canadians and stop these things,these Liberals, maybe NDP governments need to be elected provincially and federally I don`t know, the people of New Brunswick would toss Shawn Graham big-time in an election and the same goes for McGuinty and Gordon campbell, all three of those Liberal governments are finished yet the wake of destruction on their way out is staggering...Can we survive, yes people, friends, readers...the shift happened, I don`t wish the future upon any offspring,it`s not going to be a pretty picture.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

LIEberals are corporatist opportunists whose only purpose in public office is to help themselves and their friends make money by purchasing public assets for cents on the dollar. Pathetic.

The privatization of BC Hydro, BC Ferries, BC Ferries buying leaky German boats at taxpayer's expense, the list goes on and on and on and on.

In BC we need a Danny Williams or a Brad Wall who are not afraid to tell the crooks straight out "to get lost" and that they only work for the people and their social assets.

Even Bill Vander Zalm, a people's type of guy, consistently speaks out against the privatization of BC Hydro, BC Ferries, etc. And more importantly he's BC's current leader against the greedy corporatist HST tax grab against the people.

And what do we have here in BC to oppose the corrupt LIEberals and their buddies? Some wet noodles - Carole James and Bruce Ralston who have no credibility with the people and only seem to be in public office to receive a pay-cheque.

And then the NDP brings in another former corrupt politician as their other party leader - Moe Sihota. PATHETIC!!!

Sorry, not good enough for the people of BC.

BC needs another people's type of Reform Party - with a Danny Williams or Brad Wall as leader - to rid BC of the corporatist privatization plague. And time is not soon enough!

Anonymous said...

BC, all packaged up as free choice and less government. When will BCer's realize the true meaning behind these words?

All wealth is taken from others, not created. Here in BC, we are feeling what it is like to be taken.

BC Mary said...

An outstanding piece of work, Grant ... it's worth studying and studying.

I can't help thinking what a scam the political partisans of our time are pulling off. To start with, the BC Liberals are mis-named. They're basically Reform, with old Socreds and Prog Cons added. Same with Harper - he's Reform which grew out of a nasty double-cross of Reform/Alliance vs the old Progressive Conservatives (just ask David Orchard about that).

But even if the politicians were honest enough to admit who they really are, and what they're trying to do ... it seems obvious, after Copenhagen, that political parties can't resolve the impending crises (both man-made and evolutionary).

It will take all of us working together, toward a goal which includes looking out for one another. Can people ever achieve that? Things will have to become absolutely dire, desperate, no-way-out before it will be generally considered.

Best wishes for your New Year, Grant.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Campbell has hollowed out the province, and one day (probably not that far into the future) people will wake up and see that all that is left is an empty shell of what used to be a vibrant and thriving province - economically, socially and morally.

The province will dry up and blow away. BC will cease to exist as an entity, and be subsumed by "quasi politico-market forces". All that will be left, once our assets and rights are stripped, will be a fabulous "Best Place on Earth" necklace of gated seaside communities for the ultra-rich, served by an impoverished underclass of "hospitality industry" serfs.

Policing (RCMP and municipal) has already become a private army serving only the politico-economic elite.

The autocratic health "authorities" use the most vicious tactics to ensure their power is maintained against the patient and their families.

Doctors operate without any real checks on their power, just fake window dressing. (Think I'm being extreme? The BC College of Physicians and Surgeons sent out an announcement this past year about how they found that 10 doctors in BC last year had sexually assaulted a patient or patients. Good? Nope. No-one lost their license and none of these doctors was ever charged with anything. And you can bet those 10 doctors are just a tip of the iceberg.

The Ombudsman/person issues a report in which she extols her "practicality" in that her office recommended that seniors' rights in nursing homes "be posted right where everyone can read them". Seriously, in a radio interview two days ago upon the release of her "mini-recommendations" that was the example she used when asked what concrete recommendations she was making. Yup, just put up pretty posters, that'll keep a senior safe and warm in their drug-induced stupor.

Tell that to the 86 year-old woman who, it was recently reported, was raped in a Surrey hospital. (For readers, it might be interesting to know that this elderly woman was raped six months ago and the attack was "investigated" not by the police but by the facility itself. Only now, after family got some media exposure were the police brought in.) I can tell you that my mother resides in a "flagship" seniors home where the "rights poster" is proudly displayed. And she was horrifically assaulted by their staff, and the "internal investigation" absolved the facility of any wrong-doing, without involving police, and even in the face of concrete evidence.

Don't worry, they just fill those seniors with more drugs so that they become too helpless to fight for themselves, for their rights, for any human compassion. Look out boomers, a nightmare world of antipsychotic drugs and vicious staff await you when you check in at the door of those places.

Think it won't happen to you? Think again, we boomers are in the sights of the politico-economic elite, who are rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of us being lured into the "great life" in seniors' residences, then once there will be drugged, be stripped of their rights as a person, and all the while the real estate developers (that's all Gordo ever was, and is still) and Big Pharma (assisted by their pushers, the doctors) will make a "killing".

I believe that in years to come, our practice of warehousing and drugging seniors into oblivion, and stripping them of their rights to leave them at the mercy of cranky (or worse) staff when no one is looking, will be known as our society's gas chambers. (Nazi death camps, all over again, just slightly different chemical are being used to accomplish the same thing).

Shining a Light

Anonymous said...

The above comment was not BC Mary's. I had just been reading her blog, when I linked to Grant's. Please correct this. Wouldn't want BC Mary to take any flak for my views.

Shining a Light

Anonymous said...

Sorry, cancel the "BC Mary" retraction. When my screen refreshed, it first gave BC Mary as the author of my post, rather than anonymous. Computer gremlins!

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic bunch the people have elected in all levels of government! I guess as long as things aren't affecting their households, their incomes, (YET), all is well. But their day will come and I suspect sooner than later.

I have to agree with 7:10 about the seniors facilities. Drugs are used rampantly. It controls the behaviour of the residents, and especially the ones who are more demanding of life's simple pleasures. (Food, bathing for instance). I watched in horror of a resident who was so drugged, wasn't able to do anthing, including eat. What a sad society we have become when people don't care and don't want to hear what really goes on, whether it's seniors homes or selling off our assets, taking away simple rights. As long as they're doing their thing, I guess it's all right. Unbelievably ignorant, selfish and pathetic. What a sad society we have become.


Anonymous said...

BC needs a Wildrose Alliance Party like the one surging in Alberta in order to flush the current Liberal and NDP excrement down the toilet!

Grant G said...

I am at a loss friends, our BC NDP seem so pathetic,weak,muted, yet Liberals,Cons on the federal level appear the same(To me)...I will be voting for Slippery Jack, or perhaps independent,provincially, Nicholas Simons has a good heart,he`s proven that,now time to prove he has a brain...
Global..CKNW..Media..Run by mobsters...Yesterday on CKNW with the once respected Monty Paulson and Specter...The topic was that Lenikov guy holed up in a church in Burnaby..
Mikey Smyth rattled off Lenikov`s career,what and who he had worked for in Russia...And when Michael Smyth stopped talking Specter fired off a shot across the bow..."He(refering to Lenikov)would have made a great NDPer"...

Monte Paulson didn`t say a word....The subject of the Copenhagen summit came up...the very last caller who called in said...

"I`m thrilled with how Copenhagen turned out,the lies, the ocean is loaded with wild fish,wild salmon are teeming in the ocean around fish farms,the lies about fish farms...."

Specter chimed in first but didn`t correct the caller,not about Copenhagen,but about the state of wild salmon,then Monte Paulson spoke but didn`t even say a word about salmon, nor did Michael Smyth..And the show ended on that note....
The last subject yesterday with Smyth was about all the hospital preachers in Fraser health who were fired, the callers who called in said.."Good" ..."The preachers should volunteer"...and one caller who said.."Well if your loved one is sick, you can give them a choice,do you want to see a preacher or get a MRI"
I wonder if that caller is aware that 10,000 less MRI`s are being done this year,well,as Kevin(boo hoo)Falcon siad last week...

"We haven`t cut MRI`s the extra MRI`s that were being done was part of a pilot project,that pilot project has now ended"

I wonder what Smyth,Clark,Good and the rest of the mouthpieces really think about these THINGS that call in and spew!

As for Monte Paulson...He`s sold out

As for politicians selling us out to their corporate masters,well, don`t look for the courts to help us


Kim said...

Exactly right Grant, just stay angry, don't slide into depression, we need you. Take care.

EVIL EYE said...

In the new "Global Economy", countries are just seen as nuisances and the politicians are bought off as always, money and greed trump everything!

Gordon Campbell is a flim-flam man, the great confidence trickster and is kept in power by archaic laws and corrupt bought off politicians.

Campbell's sole 'reason d'etre' is to sell BC's assets to global corporations, nothing more and he is supported by the mainstream media. A chance to be a Canadian Senator, is enough for many a MSM reporter to 'look the other way', when it comes to news stories unfavorable to the government.

It not only reporters but minor politicians, just look at the strange coincidence with Vancouver's inept mayor Larry Campbell and his elevation to the Senate after he voted for the RAV/Canada Line.

BC burgeoning casino business is nothing more than convenient money laundering centerers for the drug-trade gangsters. How many well heeled political supporters (all parties)are high level drug dealers? To many to count.

And the NDP? They are a pathetic joke, nothing more than window dressing for our so horribly corrupt and fascist autocracy we live in.

In other countries Gordo and his ilk would be tried for 'Crimes against the state', not here, not in Canada where corrupt politicians are the state and we are mere rubes who keep voting for these foot-pads.

It is too late, the entire country is corrupt, from the RCMP to Parliament and nothing short of a violent and bloody revolution will change it.

kootcoot said...

Grant, I just published a post at the House, but this post of yours is so important, that I am going to do a second (wow) post in one day, just to INSIST folks come over and read this - thanks in advance for the graphic too, cuz I won't vote for criminals either (unless I'm voting to give them the sparky chair/firing squad/needle/gas chamber or all of the above)!

Grant G said...

Have at her Kootcoot....And thanks to everyone for all the kind comments..

I will do my best to keep exposing the Straight Goods


Anonymous said...

As a healthcare worker in vancouver I can tell you first hand that there is a small minority of bad apples in the system.I've witnessed rude and aggressive behavior against very old seniors and in one case I COMMENTED ON A PATIENT WHO WAS ASKING FOR HELP AND WAS TOTALLY IGNORED.Iwas asked if Iwas a healthcare professional by a nurse who knew that i was a supply clerk.Isaid that I was not but that the man was asking for assisstance to the toilet.My input was ignored.

lynn said...

I agree with kootcoot. This is such an important story.

Thanks for all the hard work and research that went into this outstanding article, Grant G.

It really is an undeclared war - and with the help of a deeply complicit media these sly, insidious assaults against our sovereignty and against our rights as citizens of this country make it the worst kind of war to I am glad someone is sounding the alarm in hopes of awakening the slumbering.

Thanks, Shining a Light, and Curt, and others for your concern about the desperate state of senior care. They need our voices more than ever now. The privatization of senior care has been, and continues to be, a virtual cash cow for corporations and a land grab for developers. It certainly was not about improving the quality of life of seniors. It is truly the most sad and shameful thing.

As Grant's article points out, this is a massive betrayal of the Canadian people on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

I, believe Canada is being readied for the, NAU. The first thing that happens, is, they will cause chaos, and, will make the people feel unstable. Our Canadian Constitution, is null and void. Our Civil Liberties, gone. There is no longer, Democracy and Freedom. Citizens, have no voices, and our protests of, the bad things we see happening in Canada, are, totally ignored. Our government, is going full steam towards the destruction of Canada, as, we know our country now. The, NAU, of, Canada, the USA, and Mexico, being one big state, seems, this is what is happening. Everything will be, identical, such as, education, health care and the, Amero dollar, will be, the new currency. I, would like to hear, other peoples views.

Grant G said...

North American union...Fancy name, more like The Corporato desructo slavo transformation of all we hold sacred.

Bring on the pitchforks!


paisley said...

The word on the street is BC Hydro and BC Transmission Authority are to be recombined and that John Furlong is the leading liberal candidate to fill the now empty seat as the head of BC Hydro as soon as the olympics are over. What qualifications does Furlong have you may ask? Well he is Gordon Campbell's buddy and is willing to help fill the pockets of the insiders and thats about it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wake up people! As long as we go along with fractional reserve banking we will be taxed until we have absolutely nothing left. Watch Money as Debt to educate yourself.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

nineteen eighty-four

it's happening

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Stevie, Chrissy and companies - get rid of things while you can. The NDP should be standing up in the houses and stating, especially in BC, that any contracts signed from now until the election will be in jeopardy as the citizens of this province have not given Chrissy any mandate to sign such contracts. This is a sell off before the official boot.
Citizens, speak out, stand up, be heard. ENOUGH of bankrupting our futures, our kids and grandkids' futures any further.