Thursday, December 24, 2009

Canadians hate Liberal premiers,especially Gordon Campbell

Not only do BCers hate Gordon Campbell`s guts they detest all his muted Zombie cabinet ministers and despise his pathetic MLAs

A very interesting Ipsos Reid poll, everyone one of them have huge negative ratings(read the poll here)

And more interesting news, not only are people leaving Alberta but they are leaving Stelmach, the Wild Rose Alliance party is poised to toss the Conservatives out....And in another poll about Canadian premiers, guess what 4 premiers are in the doghouse? Liberal premiers..Dalton Mcguinty..Gordon Campbell...Shawn Graham...Canadians would prefer those three to vanish from their province...All three are political has-beens...And changing the leader in their party won`t help,Canadian will be voting those Liberal governments to hell, whether or not they can stop the unprecedented thefts that are occurring on their way out is another question.(read about the most despised premiers in Canada here)

As you know Dalton Mcguinty is selling money making public assets, Dalton is such a corrupt bastard, obviously Gordon Campbell schooled him in the fine art of stealing,lying, and cooking books.....There was a good letter to the editor about Mcguinty selling assets,in particular...the liquor distribution agency...The LCBO makes,last year...1.44 billion dollars, the sale price is might fetch is around 10 $billion...If all that money was applied towards debt the Ontario government might save 400 $ million in yearly interest, but it would lose a steady stable money maker...Jim Davies who teaches economics in Ontario would give his students a failing grade if they made a financial move like that...He wrote a good letter (read it here)

And another interesting story, remember Millennium development, the idiots Sam Sullivan and the NPA gave the contract to build the athletes village, as you know Millennium had no money,no support and they hopped in bed with those bastards at Fortress....Remember, The city of Vancouver had to borrow 900 $million dollars to pay off those loan sharks....Get ready for a big laugh.....Intrawest, they own Whistler and Blackcomb mountain, Fortress owns Intrawest.....Well, guess what, Intrawest had to sell 3 of their other mountain resorts around the world to raise capital for debt repayment earlier this year, and yesterday Intrawest had a payment due to creditors,a big payment, 524 million dollar payment to be exact,they don`t have the money,they could be taken over,lock,stock and barrel....LOL LOL, go to bed with dogs and you will get fleas..HA HA....Intrawest states they are working with lenders,maybe Leonard Asper and Canwest Global can spare a half billion dollars!.(read about Intrawest here)

One more thing, I don`t know how many of you are aware that Intrawest isn`t having the olympics on their mountains for free, we, the taxpayers, Vanoc are renting the mountains,that`s right,despite all the taxpayer built venues,despite the free advertising, Intrawest will be charging a pretty penny for renting the mountains,but, we don`t and won`t know how much the rental will cost until after the olympics, because, apparently the cost of the rental depends on many factors, factor 1) How well did they do during the olympics....Factor 2) How well did Whistler and Blackcomb do before the olympics,that`s right, why does that matter,well apparently host mountains do terrible business on the run-up to the games,so that will factor into the unknown rental cost.....And lastly....With Intrawest fat-ass broke and needing 1/2 a billion dollars....Well, my gut tells me that BCers just got a massive rent increase!

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