Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Federal Liberals,like dodo birds and unicorns,extinct

Good morning friends, no good news today,I won`t bother with the link, I have called Ujal Dosangh`s constituency office again....I called his office last friday and his office staff said they were being inundated with phone calls urging the Federal Liberals to vote against the HST.

Last friday the girl in Dosanch`s office and I had a long talk, I mentioned that 80% of BCers are strongly opposed to the HST and I mentioned that according to the latest Holinshed poll in Ontario...76% of people in Ontario are against the HST....Last friday the girl who answered the phone said that Dosangh was going to vote against the HST...But according to the article in today`s province and Times Colonist that Iggy is Whipping the caucus....In other words the federal Liberals are voting on mass to support the HST....Which leaves only Jack Layton voting against the HST.

So there you have it........I was wrong about the federal parties, the federal Liberals are so inept in putting pressure on Stephen Harper that Stevie H can do whatever he wants without any retribution from the federal Liberals.

What does the federal Liberal party stand for? Carbon taxes for consumers....HST tax for the consumers.....Waffling on Afghanastan.....Bail-outs for big industry.....I am convinced that the federal Liberal party of Canada is cooked....The NDP will be the next official opposition in Federal politics or close to it!....The "Elitist" Ignatief, he doesn`t get it, Canadians are falling backwards, Canadians are having all taxes go up...Municipal taxes...User fees,license fees,MSP fees...Utility rates,insurance rates with wages flat or falling,pensions vanishing,jobs vanishing....

Meanwhile mining companies across Canada even in recessionary times are rolling in dough...Oil n gas companies are making money hand over fist, forestry is dead because of Cheap Chinese labour and raw logs leaving the province....The race to the bottom....And of course politicians municipal,provincial and federal politicians and civil service had gotten wage increases over and above COLA (cost of living allowance)......Maybe it`s for the best, class warfare....Liberals,conservatives....one in the same....The Bloc voting for the HST...all in an effort to collect 2.6 $ billion Dollars.....

And my friends, hello federal Liberals.....When Harper gets his majority because,........The Iggyites are so inept,so clueless,so utterly stunned that who in their right mind would vote for them! Because the federal Government is broke,because the feds can`t run deficits forever the GST (IS)going to rise back to 7%,the feds are broke....in other words with the implementation of the HST, we in BC will end up with a 14% tax rate and a 15% rate in Ontario.

Am I missing something ? Are you trying to tell me that Iggy and Ujal Dosangh can`t convince the public that HST at this time is wrong,they can`t form a party position that protects taxpayers,what a feeble excuse!...The Iggyites are that scared, the spin is...According to the spinmasters...Because the Federal Liberals harmonized the taxes in Atlantic Canada in 1997 that they surely can`t vote against it today......Are you kidding me.....The Federal Liberals are at their lowest level in over 100 years.....Iggyites are voting against 80% of the people in Ontario and BC.....What is going on here? Deliberate sabotage?

I just listened to Ujal Dosangh on cknw.....You won`t believe it...Dosangh states.."He hates the tax" and " Most of his constituents are against the tax" and "But the party system requires he vote for the HST" and " I`m opposed to the tax but the Federal Liberals won`t interfere with existing deals, the provinces want the HST and the incentives and we don`t interfere with other governments" SNIP SNIP SNIP and SNIP.

There were two callers only, but both blasted Ujal Dosangh and called him gutless #$%& , for not standing up for his constituents, the next caller said...Who`s paying your salary...The voter,and your voting for the HST because Iggy is telling you to! SNIP.

Well, so there you have,Dosangh wants his cake and eat it too...He`s against the tax but he will vote for the tax...Federal Liberal`s will never lower a tax,remove a tax, people are furious with Dosangh`s cowardice...How could anyone who ever voted for Dosangh ever vote for him or the party again,he just admitted that he...IN BC...He is powerless in voice,powerless in opinion...The party leash is controlled in Ottawa....The voter HAS NO SAY. Again I ask,what does the federal Liberal party stand for? Nothing, political suicide, Iggy and the Liberals aren`t worthy of the title "Official Opposition".

Can You imagine, a political party,the Liberals ignoring 80% of BCers and 76% of Ontarians, lets say for argument sakes, what if the opposition to the HST was at 95% and 90% in favour of scrapping the tax, if a opposition won`t stand up for a huge majority of the public, well that tells me how they would govern.....(Keith Martin.. B.C. Liberal MP)....On cknw Said that he is strongly opposed and claims he will be asking Iggy to allow a free vote, and Keith Martin claims all BC federal Liberals are against the HST and he claims many Ontario MPs are against the HST.....So this HST whip vote could be the make or break for Iggy as leader...What does Iggy do if all his BC and many more Liberal MPs vote against a whip vote? I`m going to stay tuned.....

Well, the only good thing about the HST is, it will spell the end of Gordon Campbell`s provincial party.....The Liberal Name in BC is now "nothing but a dirty word"

The Straight Goods

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Anonymous said...

Send Michael Ignatieff (Ignatieff.M@parl.gc.ca) an email NO HST. He doesn't get it.

Kim said...

I did too, bastard. Good work Grant.